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Where’s The Weirdest Place You’ve Ever Played Angry Birds? | Ville HEIJARI

Angry Birds has become a global phenomenon with millions of fans everywhere around the world. Most of the quick growth has been attributed so far to the fast growth of smartphone platforms. But how do you create long-term engagement on mobile, where people’s attention spans are limited and attention constantly shifting towards the next big [...]

Converting Deluxe Download Customers to Social Customers | Nick BERRY

You’ve spent years building up your client base of deluxe download customers, but what do you really know about your users? Developers in the social space have it easy; with simple instrumentation they can learn rich information about the demographics of their users, and these users’ affinities for other products. How do you find similar [...]

Games as a Product vs. Games as a Service | Alexander LYSKOVSKY

The games business has changed dramatically over the last three years. With regard to product approach, it has become more service-based. Historically, the approach to downloadable PC casual games was based on a simple product-based reality: the user would download and install a game, and it would be saved on his or her computer in [...]


The future rushes at us faster than ever. PC Games move back into the browser as Facebook keeps growing and new “social” opportunities arise through new channels and platforms. Android growth forecasts are almost too good to be true. Tablet devices are the new “black”, and radical new user input devices get everyone off the [...]

Publishers: How to Survive and Thrive in the Social Games Arena | MASOLOVA, RODIONOV, NG

Some predicted that game distribution through social networking sites would bring about the end of game “Publishing”. The argument was that the tools offered by these networks for a game to “promote itself” and very low cost of Customer Acquisition eliminated two critical roles typically played by game publishers – funding & marketing. As the [...]

How Eastern European Talent can Thrive in the Social Game Ecosystem | Lloyd MELNICK

Over the past seven years, Eastern European game developers carved out and held a solid place in the North American casual games market. Any given week, between three and seven of the top ten casual PC games were developed and even published by Eastern European companies. However, this powerful constituency has faced daunting setbacks while [...]

Secrets to Social Game Success | Sebastian NUSZBAUM

Launching social games on Facebook is not an all or nothing business. Sebastian Nußbaum (Senior Product Manager at wooga) provides insight on how to grow social games on Facebook into a hit even if its not breaking records at launch. His session will include hands on examples from successful wooga titles like Monster World, Bubble [...]

Browser-based Mobile Social Gaming: Distribution Beyond the App Stores | Laurens RUTTEN

Browser-based mobile gaming is becoming an increasingly viable distribution channel beyond the app-stores. Over the last two years, BoosterMedia has gained tremendous experience providing mobile browser-games via media-brands and game companies worldwide. Click and play, no downloads required. Additionally, BoosterMedia’s Game Studio itself specializes in social game development for mobile browsers. BoosterMedia would like to [...]

Ten Social Design Tips to Level Up Your Mobile Game | Oscar CLARK

The ‘Social Graph’ has had a huge impact on the success of games. In this session we will show how it is still vital to focus on great game design techniques in order to get the most out of social mobile games. We will give 10 practical social game design tips which will help your [...]

Cross Platform – How to Hit the IP Homerun | Mikael SVENSSON

Yesterday, online advertising was sufficient to attract users to your site. Today, you need to be present in the users´ natural online environment such as Facebook. Tomorrow you need to be reachable anywhere and anytime in order to compete in the causal games market, but how do you do that? what are the challenges, learnings [...]