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Beyond Play: Gaming in the Connected Age | Robert TERCEK

    Innovation, creativity and adaptability are survival skills for a changing world – and gaming plays a major role in this evolution. Games are everywhere these days. More than just for play or leisure-time, gaming and applied game mechanics increasingly occupy a place in our lives. This new gaming landscape of the 21st century [...]

Alternative Distribution Channels – What’s Up With That? | COHN, JEPPSSON, RABE, SCOTT, RABINOVICH

One of the most widely discussed topics today is mobile cross platform development with an emphasis on which platforms should be covered and the potential revenue involved. It’s clear that there is increasing interest in bringing existing game IPs to various platforms. However, there are questions that game developers have about how to reach real [...]

Name That (Game) Tune (Game show with audience participation and prizes) | Aaron WALZ

    Win fabulous prizes! All you have to do is “Name that (Game) Tune!” Participants and audience members will have a great time guessing and remembering some great game tunes through history during this unique game show. Delivered at Casual Connect Seattle, July 2011.   DOWNLOAD SLIDES Aaron Walz, composer and sound designer primarily [...]

Emerging Trends in Gaming | Tim CHANG

As gaming continues to grow in popularity and market share – reaching into more and more sectors and industries in new and surprising ways – significant trends are emerging. Come hear Norwest Venture’s Tim Chang share his keen insights on what’s hot and what’s not in the exciting world of gaming. What does it take [...]

Brands on Facebook: Live Fast, Die Young? | CHAN, JONES, BRODIE, MIYOSHI, VORHAUS

    A panel of industry leaders having an open debate about what makes content on Facebook thrive, survive, or dive.  Discussion to address key issues such as, whether or not branded content belongs on Facebook, what can be learned from the veterans, if new social game brands can co-exist with established game brands, if [...]

Gameology: Gamer Behaviors and Engagement with Game Virtual Goods and Currencies | Robb LEWIS

    PlaySpan will present its new Virtual Goods gameology report. The report presents gamer attitudes and motivations along with engagement and usage of virtual goods and game currencies. The Gameology report demonstrates the tremendous monetization opportunities available to publishers and developers through the sale of digital goods and use of virtual currencies, such as [...]

Delivering High-End Games To Mainstream Audiences | Torsten REIL

Join Jeremy Lewis, Chief Executive of industry juggernaut Big Fish, as he introduces us to Torsten to discuss tapping the mainstream with high end games. In 2001, Torsten brought his research in biomechanics and kinetics to the movie industry revolutionizing realistic and immersive character interaction on the big screen. We are certain that you have [...]

Why Mobile Games Appeal to the Mass Market | ROY, BORTOLUZZI, LAM, BUCHANAN

Indie developers will share their insights about what makes an indie title stand out from the rest and share how their non-licensed games often appeal more to consumers than large branded ones. Delivered at Casual Connect Seattle, July 2011. When still in college, Mathieu created his first game alone, which attracted the attention of his [...]

10 Things I Hate About Casual Games | Dave ROBERTS

Dave Roberts will highlight the 10 worst things about being a casual game developer and whine about why they won’t get fixed in the next 10 years. He promises to include all forms of casual games in his rant, including social and mobile as well as the traditional download space. Delivered at Casual Connect Seattle, [...]

Casual Games on Mobile – Prosperous or Profitless? | Paul THELEN

With an over 250 million Smartphones, more than 25 million tablets, the mobile opportunity is setting the stage to surpass that of all other gaming platforms with casual games as the “killer app”. However sending your games down this golden path to prosperity is more perilous than a Sunday drive down Route Irish in Iraq. [...]