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Experiences in Building Gaming Studios in India | THACHERY, CHHAYA, OBEROI, ANDRADE, RAO

There are challenges in building game development studios anywhere in the world. This panel discusses the challenges that these Indian Game Industry veterans have faced and overcome in building game studios in India. Hear from an eclectic mix of panelists with experiences in building studios that make and sell games and gaming services on various [...]

More Bang for Your Buck: The New Era of User Acquisition | LEE, PANYASIRI, LEKSELL, WONACOTT

When it comes to games, particularly free-to-play online and mobile games, synchronizing supply and demand is a challenge that remains inevitable, especially as we move toward an increasingly saturated global games market. Meeting the demands of a constantly growing consumer/user pool means rising development costs and often a decline in profit margins. This uphill trend [...]


    The future is rushing at us faster than ever. PC Games move back into the browser as Facebook keeps growing, Android & iPhone blasts the smartphone market wide-open, iPad surprises everyone by being desired & useful, radical new user input devices get everyone off the couch, normal people are spending millions on “virtual [...]

Grow Revenue through Direct-Deal Advertising | BHARDWAJ, GOOLAMABBAS, ALEGRE

    Find out how new freemium ad-server technology offers a “game-changing” shift for mobile game publishers to dramatically grow revenue by leveraging their most valuable asset: the distribution power of their app. By using the chart-topping success of one of their games, publishers can cross-promote their other games or drive tens of thousands of [...]

Social Games for Smartphones; The Challenges and the Opportunities | Hong-Yee WONG

    In this talk Hong-Yee will begin in mid 2010 when IUGO decided to jump on the path of developing social games for Smartphones. Hear about the studio’s early success with its partnership on Lil’ Pirates with Capcom, the aggressive move to pump out several social titles for 2011/2012, the proprietary tech behind it [...]

Social Mobile: GREE’s New Global Platform | Noritaka KOBAYASHI

    GREE, Inc. provides the leading mobile social networking service, and is at the forefront of mobile technology. GREE, following its acquisition of OpenFeint in April 2011, is expanding globally and will soon offer a single, worldwide mobile social gaming platform. Combined, GREE reaches over 200 million players and offers over 7,500 game applications [...]

Glocal Social Gaming – The Next Big Thing | Alok KEJRIWAL

    Mobile games can be made for more interesting by leveraging the location status of their players (that players voluntarily provide) and then mashing that data with global scores of that game. A mobile game using a combination of global and local (a la glocal) scores with glocal places can become far more interesting [...]

Game Design Principles and Inspiration | John SAY

    Great innovative design is essential to any game. Raise the bar of engagement for your games by putting to use some proven principles gleaned over many years of game design efforts. During the session you will also find inspiration as we explore some great examples of innovation and originality in games both past [...]

Climbing to the Top: From Downloadable to Mobile | Tatiana CHERNOVA, Alexander DUBROVIN

   Alawar Entertainment, one of the leading international and top Western European publisher and distributor of casual gaming content, shares it’s experience in company’s development and rapid growth. This lecture unwraps the development path from low-cost porting of PC downloadable casual games to mobile platforms, switch to “smart-porting” model, introducing changes into game monetization models, [...]

Journey from the West: Lessons for the Future of Social Games in Asia | Michael KALKOWSKI

    Over the last two years, social games have exploded in North America and Europe in the same way that online games became the dominant force in Asia almost a decade ago. In the West, social games have quickly evolved, seeing high-speed rise and fall of distribution channels and platforms, entirely new business models [...]