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Three Elements of the Game Universe | Alexander LYSKOVSKY

When creating a long-term brand, foresight is essential. How else can you predict the trends that will dominate the industry or the direction in which developers and publishers will move? In this session, Alexander Lyskovsky will discuss the games of the future, including non-gaming factors that help to create entertaining and financially successful titles, and [...]

Branding Cool with Audio: Part II | Dmitry KUZMENKO

    With proper attention to a game’s audio atmosphere, a game’s success can greatly improve. Dmitry Kuzmenko of Strategic Music will take you through the process of understanding how to use audio to make a brand for your game and studio, helping the playability, interest, marketing and strategic planning of the game. Don’t miss [...]

Game and Soundtrack: Making the Puzzle Fit | Marta TSVETSIKH

    This session will go over what you need to know about the relationship between contractors and game developers, what kind of problems you might find on your way to developing a soundtrack and how to avoid them. Learn how to choose contractors, meet milestones and get the best results. Delivered at Casual Connect [...]

Launching a #1 Game, After Launching a #1 Game | Matt WILSON

  The marketing behind the launch of #1 mobile games. Why building a loyal fan base requires more than user acquisition dollars. Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2012. DOWNLOAD SLIDES     Matt Wilson Matthew Wilson is the rare Canadian export residing in Finland, and Rovio’s marketing manager from the launch of the Angry [...]

The Easy Way to Stop Making Unsuccessful Games | Alexander EGOSHIN

  Game developers around the world are looking for a formula to create the most amazing setting possible, the cutest character to date, or a brand new form of gameplay. The true keys to the success of a game, however, are hidden in its details, especially in the details pertaining to important aspects of its [...]

How Draw Something Absorbed 50 Million New Users in 50 Days with Zero App Downtime | AVSEYEV

  If you are planning to build and launch a web application – growth is what you should be concerned with and prepared for. Sergey Avseyev will focus specifically on the data management challenges web application developers face, and provide criteria for selecting a model that will provide the scalability and performance needed to support [...]

Global Opportunities for Social and Mobile Games | Rex NG

    Social networks and mobile devices have provided many opportunities for game developers to reach a global audience. While Facebook is the most dominant social network reaching millions of users globally, there are also several other key networks that can potentially offer attractive returns. 6waves, the largest publisher of independent social and mobile games, [...]

The Designer is the Enemy | Christopher NATSUUME

Making your engine and tools Data Driven is a great idea, but with great power comes great responsibility, and an increased ability to destroy your game. Boomzap’s been working on the same game engine for 7 years, shipping titles across PC, Mac, iOS and Wii; here are the lessons we’ve learned for what works, what [...]

Mathematical Analysis of Game Mechanics | Nick BERRY

    This presentation will walk through a selection of mathematical techniques that can be used to model games to understand how often players win, and how long average games take to ensure a balanced ecosystem. Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2012. DOWNLOAD SLIDES DOWNLOAD AUDIO IN RUSSIAN Nick Berry Nick Berry is the [...]

Social Mobile Games as a Result of Game Development Evolution | Edgars STRODS

With API integration, shows it’s developers that they continue to support them with new ways to reach millions of users. Edgars Strods, Director of Games for, will talk about the new features and opportunities for developers. Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2012. DOWNLOAD SLIDES DOWNLOAD AUDIO IN ENGLISH Edgar Strods Edgars Strods [...]