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Global Opportunities for Social and Mobile Games | Rex NG

    Social networks and mobile devices have provided many opportunities for game developers to reach a global audience. While Facebook is the most dominant social network reaching millions of users globally, there are also several other key networks that can potentially offer attractive returns. 6waves, the largest publisher of independent social and mobile games, [...]

Social Mobile Games as a Result of Game Development Evolution | Edgars STRODS

With API integration, shows it’s developers that they continue to support them with new ways to reach millions of users. Edgars Strods, Director of Games for, will talk about the new features and opportunities for developers. Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2012. DOWNLOAD SLIDES DOWNLOAD AUDIO IN ENGLISH Edgar Strods Edgars Strods [...]

The Ecosystem Explained: Facebook in Stats | Sebastian SUJKA

    What are the most successful game genres on Facebook? Which developers dominate which markets? Are there regional patterns in Facebook game popularity and in Facebook user behavior? In this session, Sebastian will discuss current social gaming trends based on up to date Facebook stats on active users and give some insights into user [...]

Social Casino Games: The Fastest Growing and Most Lucrative Casual Games | Brock PIERCE

    Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2012. DOWNLOAD SLIDES DOWNLOAD AUDIO IN RUSSIAN     Brock Pierce Brock Pierce (31) is an entrepreneur best known for pioneering the market for virtual goods in online games. He has founded eight companies, acquired more than 30 companies, and closed a dozen corporate finance transactions, securing [...]

Cultivating a Free-2-Play Mindset | TKACHENKO, LEBEDEV

Free-2-Play business models require team members to substantially change how they think about their roles on the team and in the company. Individual staff, accustomed to developing for a single purchase event, have substantial difficulty reorienting toward multi-purchase, evolving game services. Two founders discuss strategies for getting your teams thinking “Free-2-Play” instead of “Downloadable.” Delivered [...]

Social Games 2015 | Matt HULETT

This session will kick off with a year in review and then will focus on predicting the next several years of social games. Who will be the winners and losers? What will the market dynamics be like and how will the games themselves look? Matt will walk through the next stage of industry evolution pulling [...]

Emerging Mobile Social Games Platforms | Ethan FASSETT

    This year has marked the emergence of several new mobile social platforms, jumpstarting what we see as the beginning of a whole new social gaming experience for developers and players. With these platforms, mobile social games truly become social and achieve cost-effective acquisition, retention, and engagement rates, along with improved re-engagement possibilities. Join [...]

Social Mobile Platforms: Strategies for Developers | McBRIDE, TAKAHASHI

    The convergence of the two hottest platforms in casual games, social + mobile=opportunity! But what are the trends within the trend? Michael McBride and Dean Takahashi will expose their thoughts on this blossoming social-mobile market and offer strategies for developers aiming to leverage this phenomenon as well as other established platforms. Delivered at [...]

Social Games and Hollywood IP: How and Why Hollywood is Entering Social | Ed ZOBRIST

    Ed Zobrist, GM Publishing, RockYou, will discuss how traditional Hollywood IP is entering the social gaming genre and why companies in the entertainment business are increasingly integrating their brands into social games. RockYou’s third-party publishing arm, RockYou Studio Partners, is bringing big media companies and high value IP from popular movies and TV [...]

Winning the War: How to Build a Great Social Game Company | Lloyd MELNICK

    The good old days are over and building a great social game company is more difficult now than ever. Funding is not as easily available. Marketing is no longer just placing Facebook ads and counting the users. User acquisition overall is more costly. Game design is more complicated. Platform choice adds another risk [...]