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Global Opportunities for Social and Mobile Games | Rex NG

    Social networks and mobile devices have provided many opportunities for game developers to reach a global audience. While Facebook is the most dominant social network reaching millions of users globally, there are also several other key networks that can potentially offer attractive returns. 6waves, the largest publisher of independent social and mobile games, [...]

Touch Me! The Art of Making Mobile Games “Feel” Good | Matthew MAYER

Touch-screen games need a totally rethought control system. Games that use “virtual buttons” or “virtual joysticks” often frustrate the user: so what’s the secret to making control systems which users pick up immediately, and which games get it right and wrong? Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2012. DOWNLOAD SLIDES DOWNLOAD AUDIO IN RUSSIAN Matt [...]

Android App Discovery: Buried in the Landslide | Eyal RABINOVICH

As Android device installs continue to grow at astronomical rates, more app developers realize the business potential of this open platform. But how do you make sure your game gets noticed amongst thousands of apps? A different, more creative view on app promotion is required. Eyal from Mominis is an expert on identifying innovative opportunities [...]

Transitioning from a Conventional Games Publisher to Mobile | Antony DOUGLAS

    The issues Square Enix has faced, how these are being resolved and what they are looking for from products and development partners. Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2012. DOWNLOAD SLIDES DOWNLOAD AUDIO IN RUSSIAN   Antony Douglas Antony is responsible for Square Enix Europe’s mobile development and global publishing business across smartphone [...]

The New Hero in Mobile Gaming: iOS & Android Apps | Guillaume LARRIEU

Flurry Analytics is used in over 200,000 apps by over 70,000 developers. This session will draw on the very latest data and insight to show how consumers are using mobile games, what existing behavioral trends mean for mobile game usage in the future and how developers and publishers can use analytics to boost the performance [...]

The Changing Face of Mobile Gaming | Darya TRUSHKINA

    The Asian game market is traditionally considered to be entirely different from the Western gaming market, but the rapid growth of “freemium”-model game apps (games that are free to download and play immediately, and allow users to pay fees to gain optional in-app benefits) in the West has brought about a global convergence [...]

State of the Mobile Game Market in Korea | Jin HO HUR

    With 30+ million smartphones (out of 50 million people), the mobile game market in Korea has shifted quickly to the social & online games, and is now exploding to become a multi-billion dollar market in next 2-3 years, with the proliferation of free-to-play games. Now, Korean market is considered to be one of [...]

Balancing Risks in Mobile Games Development | Oleksii GONCHAROV

    Find out how to identify risks when developing your mobile game, how to monitor and control them, and how to apply risk analysis techniques to your project. All that in a fun and engaging presentation! Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2012. DOWNLOAD SLIDES DOWNLOAD AUDIO IN RUSSIAN Oleksii Goncharov Oleksii is an [...]

Building Multi-platform Games – The Proof is in the Pudding | Riccardo ZACCONI

    In 2011, there were more than 500,000 smartphones sold worldwide, and 70M tablets sold, a +260% jump from 2010. As price-points lower for devices, content becomes richer, and payment systems more integrated, a wider, more addressable audience emerges. This is particularly the case for games, the most popular mobile app category. And over [...]

It’s Always More Fun With Friends: Building Successful Social Mobile Franchises | Vijay THAKKAR

    Vijay Thakkar, CTO of Zynga With Friends, will take you through the key tools the Zynga With Friends studio uses to create games that inspire and connect their users. Covering a breadth of techniques that goes from leveling up ideas in their infancy to augmenting titles that are already live, this session will [...]