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While a game evolves from a concept to a shortcut on a user's desktop, it undergoes dramatic changes. Each member of the development, publishing and distribution process in the casual games industry pushes the envelope to add something unique to the product. But what do we know about our consumers? What do they like and how do they play? Tatyana Chernova, marketing, communications and public relations director of Alawar Entertainment, will host a session called "Reverse Thrust: Discover Your Consumer." She invites all casual game professionals to meet their target audience face to face and get up close and personal with them.

Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2009


Tatyana CHERNOVATatyana CHERNOVA (email)

Tatyana Chernova joined Alawar Entertainment in September 2004. In the beginning, she was responsible for game localizations and translations. Since 2006, shes served as public relations manager for the company. Today, she holds the position of Director of Marketing Communications and PR. Her responsibilities include soliciting coverage of the companys projects through the mass media and the strategic planning of PR and marketing campaigns. Additional duties include the planning and organization of Alawarís participation in exhibitions, conferences and other events. Moreover, Ms. Chernova serves as PR Advisor of the Casual Games Association (CGA). Shes also responsible for coverage of CGA activity in East European mass media and the organization of Casual Connect Kiev. Tatyana holds a Masterís Degree in Linguistics from Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University and a second Masterís Degree in Economics and Management from Novosibirsk State University. Before coming to Alawar, she worked as a TV journalist and the host of a program featuring notable stories about city life in Russia.