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VentureBeat | Europe 2017

ClanPlay hopes to grow the audience of an estimated 500 million people who play clan-based games, said Leonard Frankel, CEO of the Tel Aviv, Israel-based company, in a meeting at the recent Casual Connect Europe event in Berlin.

VentureBeat | Europe 2017

VR is going through its trough of disillusionment at the moment, but Everest VR could very well break even on its investment, said Thor Gunnarsson, cofounder and head of business development at Sólfar, in an interview at the Casual Connect Europe event last week in Berlin.

VentureBeat | Europe 2017

Angry Birds mobile game publisher Rovio spun out an innovative startup named Hatch in November, and now that company has collected 50 partners with 90 games for a monthly subscription service called Hatch. The service promises to come with a lot of benefits for mobile game players when it debuts later this year.

Geektime | Tel Aviv 2016

As someone attending the conference for the first time, I marveled at its high level and the opportunity to view the latest trends in the sector, get to know Israeli and international companies in depth, and see fashionable indie games I might not have experienced before.

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