How to Develop Blockbuster Online Games | Joel Breton

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How to develop blockbuster games:  Slide Slides/Audio (74 MB) Global demand for online games is growing at breakneck speed. Development teams that create hit game franchises stand to win from this explosion of online games. This session will outline the key ways that casual game developers can prosper by creating hit games for the online game market. Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2008


Joel BRETONJoel BRETON (email) Joel Breton has produced more than 20 top-selling videogames and 50 hit online games during his game development career. Joel is currently the Director of Game Development at AddictingGames – MTV Networks largest website and the leading online game site in the US. He works with more than 150 game development teams around the world to develop and launch 15 new games each week on Addictinggames. Joels first role as a game producer was for GT interactive where he produced Duke Nukem, Unreal, Quake, & Doom, along with several other games. Joel moved to Russia in 2001 to run Bethesdas Eastern Europe Game Development Division. While stationed in Moscow, he produced Sea Dogs, Echelon, and Pirates of the Caribbean for the X-box, which was the first Western marketed console game developed within Russia or Commonwealth of Independent States.

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