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AI Development Tools WorkshopAnyone who has tried to program a complex character’s behavior has faced the problem of consecutive actions realization. And what should be done if these actions last indefinitely? In this workshop, we will solve these problems and learn to program AI more effectively. Real-world examples will illustrate the development of a decision-making system for an RTS character. Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2010


Denis ROMANKO Denis ROMANKO (email) Engaged in web-development since 2002. Have tried himself in a number of professions (HTML-designer, designer, flash-animator, flash programmer, flash programmer). He was working for a company oriented to entertainment content for a long time and made over 1000 game banners. Due to the experience he took an interest in applying Flash in game development, so, now he is involved in that. In his spare time he hosts a blog about the ruses of flash games development

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