Social Gaming Distribution 2.0: Life in the Post-Viral Era | Jude Gomila, Albert Lai, Prita Uppal, Josh Rose, Jay Moore

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Social Gaming Distribution 2.0: Life in the Post-Viral EraAttracting and keeping players interested in social games has always been a complicated endeavor which has just been made more difficult with a number of changes which have limited the innate virality of games on social networks. Come hear how content creators are not only surviving but thriving with the changes. Delivered at Casual Connect Seattle, July 2010


Jude GOMILAJude GOMILA (email) Jude Gomila was born in London and attended the UK`s Cambridge University. He graduated with Honors in Engineering and Management. During university he started Sugar Global, an innovative digital photo frame company, making sales to top stores including Harrods, Selfridges, Amazon and After Sugar, Jude went on to found Heyzap, receiving venture capital from the prestigious YCombinator (Mountain View, CA) and Union Square Ventures. Heyzap is building the first cloud based operating system for online games which includes a games distribution network and developer tools such as social APIs, auth systems and payments. He believes the mechanics of social games can be abstracted into developer APIs and that social games/MMOs should become as portable as a casual game swf.

Albert LAIAlbert LAI (email) Albert Lai is a co-founder of Kontagent, a Facebook funded viral analytics platform venture. Albert sold his first internet company, the MyDesktop Network while in his teens to JupiterMedia (JUPM) for 7 digits in cash. Most recently he was the founder/CEO of BubbleShare, a photo-sharing company sold to Kaboose/Disney in 2007. He is now hard at work on Kontagent, his 5th internet startup based out of San Francisco and Toronto. In his spare time, Albert blogs at

Prita UPPALPrita UPPAL (email) Prita Uppal is serial entrepreneur with her latest venture, Hooked Media Group. Starting as an incubatee of USVP, Hooked Media Group has grown to engage users everywhere through partnerships with top game developers, like Oberon, MumboJumbo and Digital Chocolate, and over 200+ publisher partners. The goal is provide immediate gratification for players through tournaments across game platforms – websites, social networks and mobile devices. Having started on websites, Hooked Media Group is taking the reverse approach and established distribution and then tackling singular platforms.

Josh ROSEJosh ROSE (email) With over seventeen years in the interactive entertainment industry, Josh is equal parts CEO, producer, game designer, and professor. His resume as a designer includes Solar Eclipse, Blood Omen The Legacy of Kain, Gex 2, Akuji the Heartless, Greed, and Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone and he has worked for a number of studios, including Stormfront, Crystal Dynamics, and 3DO. As the CEO of Flying Wisdom Studios, Josh Rose is leading the development of COIN, a technology that introduces challenging and cooperative social interaction into existing casual and mobile games and helps developers monetize their games in creative, non-invasive ways. Moving beyond basic social elements provided by others like Scoreloop, OpenFeint and Apple’s Game Center, COIN represents where casual games can go next, both for the hardcore and casual gamer.

Jay MOOREJay MOORE (email) A serial / parallel entrepreneur who thrives on building successful new ventures. As co-founder of BitRaider, his current venture, he sets out to change the rules of digital distribution and create a better consumer experience for all games, especially online games. An original partner in GarageGames he hosted Indie Game Con `02-`05 and worked with a variety of studios and spoke often at Casual Connect during the early days of casual games. As a startup advisor to game entrepreneurs he is an insight merchant focused on building strong business teams and advising on brand, business and corporate development.

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