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PS Vita is designed to offer unparalleled interactive entertainment that is only possible on PlayStation’. This new system offers a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context, made possible by leveraging SCE’s experience from both PSP’ (PlayStation’Portable) and PlayStation’3 (PS3′) entertainment systems. The presentation will focus on the platforms key UI features to design unique gaming experiences, an overview of the advance development tools, Augmented Reality and the new PlayStation’Network features for PS Vita. The opportunity to distribute digital content using PlayStation’Network has generated much interest from game studios around the world. The process of how independent game studios can create and publish PS Vita downloadable games on PlayStation’Store will also be discussed.

Delivered at Casual Connect Kyiv, October 2011.


George Bain Before joining SCEE in 1997, George was highly active in the official Net Yaroze development community where he created his first PlayStation games. He held several positions within the Technology Group where he first served as Engineer supporting the PlayStation platform and later as Senior Engineer supporting PS2 launch titles while researching advance programming techniques. As Developer Support Manager in 2004, he continued to establish firm relationships with licensed developers and directed the support group during PSP and PS3 platform launches. Having joined Third Party Relations department in 2007, George maintains developer relations with studios throughout the SCEE territories as Developer Relations Account Manager. Within TPR, George managed the PlayStation Minis launch line-up and currently focussing on PlayStation Vita launch titles.
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Iain Walsh graduated from The University of Manchester earning an M.Phil with the Advanced Processor Technology group.

Since then he has been a member of SCEE R&D in the Network group, where he has worked on several projects, tools, and the SDK as well as supporting developers for all things online and PlayStation(R)Network related.
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