2011 and Beyond: The Future of Games | Heiko Hubertz

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2011 and Beyond

While 2010 will be remembered as the year that Facebook established itself as a legitimate gaming platform, the future will not be beholden to one distribution channel, one business model, or one type of game. Looking ahead, game companies will adopt a global mindset – achieving success demands it. New hurdles will emerge, such as how to best navigate the exploding mobile landscape and selecting a business model that will return the strong ROI. Beyond the infrastructure challenges and business decisions, however, content is still king. We must continue to innovate, push the creative and technical barriers, and remain focused on our common objective: delivering an entertaining and engaging experience.

Delivered at Casual Connect Europe, February 2011


Heiko Hubertz is the founder and managing director of the Hamburg-based Bigpoint GmbH and San Francisco-based Bigpoint Inc. Prior to founding Bigpoint, Hubertz was the managing director of AASP GmbH, he created the first telephone payment system. Hubertz is personally committed to promoting and supporting young start-up companies. [more about Heiko...] [Email Heiko]

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