Game Design & Business Models: Exploring the Future of Online Games | Neil HARRIS

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 Business Models Business models continue to evolve and game designers are expected to keep up. There is huge potential in online games. We haven’t even begun to explore the full potential yet. There will be new business strategies and more ways where game design and business model have to play together.

Lately, there has been much talk from game designers about the challenges of game design in a world of microtransactions. Under the micro-transaction model audience maximization is even more important. Game play becomes even simpler and designers try to build engagement – easier in a hard-core player base but more challenging with a mass audience. Measurement systems and ability to adapt become crucial to success.

Using the history of game design and online business models as a starting point and to provide some perspective, we will explore what the future may hold for online games.

Delivered at Casual Connect Europe, February 2012.


Neil Harris has more than 30 years of gaming, software and technology management experience in personal computer hardware, online and gaming. He is the president of HeroEngine, and held executive and management positions with Simutronics, GE, Atari and Commodore. Neil holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Management from the University of Maryland and Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
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