The Game Life-Cycle and Game Analytics: What Metrics Matter When? | Mark GAZECKI

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 Games Life-Cycle What are the three most important game metrics?“ is a frequently posed question. In this session we will actually bust that bubble and propose that different metrics matter at different stages during the life-cycle of a game.

Whether a game is in its early stages of a launch or whether a game is a couple of years old typically plays a role in terms of what game developers and publishers are primarily working on to make their game successful. Correspondingly, the metrics that should be tracked and analyzed vary over time. The session will include practical examples of typical analyses and analysis steps. We will also cover whether and how game-metrics vary for different games over their respective life-cycles.

Finally, we will provide pointers as to how game developers and publishers can set up a system that addresses the needs of tracking and analyzing metrics over the life-time of a game and to derive actionable insights – both very specifically in the game and also from an overall company perspective.

Delivered at Casual Connect Europe, February 2012.


Mark Gazecki is a serial entrepreneur having founded several venture capital backed companies in the online games and Internet sectors. He co-founded HoneyTracks, a company providing a game analytics solution for all types of online and mobile games. Earlier he founded MegaZebra, one of Europe’s leading social games companies, and GameGenetics, a game content & distribution service provider. Outside the games industry he started companies such as, an online wine-shop where customers can order wine.
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