Playing With the Monster: How to Build a Successful Trans-media Project | Ida BRINCK-LUND

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 Playing with the Monster Art of Crime developed a total cross-media strategy from scratch AND designed the whole platform for a trans-media expansion BEFORE launch. Their test launch last year showed a unique potential, and the Scandinavian MMO launch this summer has proven it is scalable now with over 80 thousand Crimevillains and hundreds joining every day. But hey! It all sounds easy on paper. How do you really create monetizable production and distribution pipelines, artwork and 40 characters that fit all platforms? How do you make compelling gameplay, storytelling for trading cards, TV episodes that make sense and are connected to an MMO, cartoon strips, iPad, mobile ARG, board games, T-shirts, and toys all with intertwined business models? Come get a sneak peak of the black box configuration behind a transmedia IP.

Delivered at Casual Connect Europe, February 2012.


Ida Brinck-Lund is currently co-owner of Art of Crime ApS, 38 years old, married and has a ten-year old daughter. Prior to this company she’s been an entrepreneur in 2002, coming from the established media world of Children’s TV, Youth Radio and Magazines in Denmark (DR TV, TV2, Chili Media etc.). The urge to rethink business models and content for the future drove her and her partner then to create mobile games, TV animations with a twist etc. from 2002 to 2008 including consultancy, PR, marketing and creation work for Disney Channel, Oxygen Magasiner etc. The idea of a fully-branded universe has grown through many stages in her life – and latest as a mom to a tween herself. This led to the birth of the current trans-media company Art of Crime which has developed the full trans-media concept Crimeville for tweens with a team from LEGO, Nickelodeon, A-film and many others. Ida is renowned for breaking doors open with her entrepreneurship, her passion for joining forces with great talents and her hurricane-sized laugh. For more information go visit or go to

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