Ten Lessons from Game Design for Games-As-Service | Raph KOSTER

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Ten_Lessons_Games_as_Service Designers design inside of contexts: the business model, the distribution channel, the platform, the intended audience. Sometimes, these change, and the change profoundly affects how we create games that players like to play and pay for. Few changes have been as profound as the move from games as fire-and-forget products to services played for months if not years. Raph Koster, VP of Creative Design at Playdom, has been working exclusively in games-as-services for over fifteen years, and in this talk he’ll present to you the top ten lessons you need to learn for this environment: What does “service” really mean? What mechanics always work? Why and how do you measure things differently? And what, in the end, makes the games fundamentally different?

Delivered at Casual Connect Seattle, July 2011.


Raph Koster is VP of Creative Design at Playdom, which acquired his startup METAPLACE in 2010. In past lives, Raph was the lead designer on the seminal online world ULTIMA ONLINE, which first brought online worlds to the mass market, and Chief Creative Officer for Sony Online Entertainment, makers of EVERQUEST, where he previously led the design of STAR WARS GALAXIES. Raph’s essays and writings have appeared in game design textbooks, books on legal theory, and major newspapers, and his book A THEORY OF FUN FOR GAME DESIGN is considered a classic and is widely used in universities. He is a regular speaker at game, technology, and policy conferences all over the world, and still finds time to write on his popular website, http://www.raphkoster.com. [Email Raph]


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