Burrito Bison Postmortem – Designing for Two Markets at Once | LANGLAIS, LEMIRE-NAULT

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 Crime CityNot all Flash games are meant to be ported to the iOS platform. Join the creators of Burrito Bison as they reflect on the challenges of synchronous game development for the Flash and iOS markets as well as the secret sauce for their burrito!

Delivered at Casual Connect Seattle,  July 2011.


Yowan Langlais was very creative as a kid and had a lot of interest in “creating things”. Then he became interested in digital creation, which led him to study Multimedia Integration in college. He always knew that he wanted to start his own business, but he only discovered his passion for video game development late during his studies. Right after graduating, he co-founded his dream company, Juicy Beast Studio, even though he had little experience on the market. It’s been 2 years now and now he is proud that Juicy Beast has been able to create multiple successful Flash titles. [Email Yowan

Dominique Lemire-Nault Ever since I was young, I’ve been dreaming of creating video games. And that’s exactly what happened on June 1st, 2009 when I co-founded Juicy Beast Studio with Yowan Langlais! I graduated in 2008 and I’ve been in the game development industry for less than three years now. I’ve learned so much during those years, and I still do through my many mistakes! Hopefully I can count on my colleagues to improve my weaknesses and strengths. Despite all the mistakes we’ve done, we’re more than proud to be able to say that Juicy Beast Studio creates fun and original casual games.[Email Dominique]


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