Interview with Corey Weiner, Jun Group

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Jun Group is a leader in non-interruptive advertising and created the premier social video platform. It has advanced sharing tools that drive earned media actions. These actions are tracked and imported in real time. It was also among the first to adopt a pay-for-performance model. Corey Weiner, COO and the designer of Jun Group’s mobile social video systems, has extensive experience that provided him with keen insight into the current market and its possible destination.

Market Overview

Weiner sees an enormous, untapped social game audience ready for new things, advertising included. The emergence of the freemium model did not surprise him, as it follows a game’s component for survival: consumer reactions. There is a similar model for the social videos world, according to Weiner, called incentivized interactions, where users receive rewards for interacting with brands.

Instead of just interrupting people as often as possible for the first time, advertisers are cooperating with them. It’s a radical departure, and it’s delivering impressive results.

Advertising has become a matter of tangible and measurable metrics rather than the old way of reach and frequency, according to Weiner. He believes a good example of the new model is Tetris Online. Through its partnership with Jun Group, users can watch videos to increase various items in the game. Through this, it has amplified gameplay and retention. “From the advertiser’s perspective, Tetris is providing access to a converted, engaged audience,” said Weiner. “It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that’s replaced the old cat-and-mouse game of interruption and avoidance.” He can see the possibilities of ad revenue as well, if an audience is built.

Market Future

Weiner spots the speedy growth of the mobile market and sees its advancement into the future. “This change will have all sorts of interesting effects on the games themselves and how people interact with them,” said Weiner. “We see online games becoming significantly more sophisticated in terms of their graphics, functions, and overall concepts.” He believes games will become more mainstream.

Jun Group is continuing advancements on their social video products as well as analytics, players and share and social capabilities. Watch for the announcements later this year.

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