Lectures at Casual Connect are programmed to focus on cutting edge topics in the casual games space. On July 24 - 26 2012, over 2700 industry professionals came to Seattle for the seventh annual Casual Connect in the United States. If you attended lectures at Casual Connect and want to see your favorite sessions again, or if you could not make it to Seattle this time and want to see what you have missed, press the Watch videoicon to watch videos and download slides (all content is FREE!).

    Conference content was programmed by a set of industry advisors.

    Taper Auditorium Lectures: General Industry, Family Entertainment and Audio

  • July 26:
    Audio in Games

    Emcee: Aaron Walz, Managing Partner, Game Audio Alliance

    Can you fondly hum the tunes to your favorite games? Have you ever felt like part of the action because of awesome sound effects? Have you thought you are watching a movie while listening to excellent voiceovers? Audio presents a major opportunity to make a good game a great one. Audio professionals, aspiring professionals, and game developers alike will learn a lot by attending sessions at the 5th Annual Casual Connect Audio Track.

  • July 25:
    Children & Family Entertainment

    Emcees: Jon Silver, Senior Producer, Scientific Learning
    Alison BRYANT, Founder & President, PlayScience

  • July 24:
    Future of Games

    Emcee: Chris Early, VP Digital Publishing, Ubisoft

    It’s easy to get lost in hype of “what’s new” in the casual gaming world, because NEW is FUN! But if you’re going to make a living at it as well, then there are some important things you need to stay abreast of. What are the trends and where are the more traditional models headed? You’ll need a strategy if you’re planning to ride the wave, not get buried in it. Veterans of the space will analyze the current market and provide key information on surviving and thriving in an ever-evolving industry.

  • 9:00 - 9:15

  • Welcome to Casual Connect
    Jessica TAMS, Managing Director,
    Casual Games Association
    David NIXON, Content Director,
    Casual Connect
    Neeraj ROY, Managing Director and CEO, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Ahmad AHMADI, Director, Iran Computer/Video Games Foundation
    Alex DONN, AT&T Developer Program

  • 9:15 - 9:50

  • Watch videoCasual, Social, & iOS Games, & the Audio that Makes them Successful | 9:30 - 10:20 AM
    Nick THOMAS, Founder, SomaTone Interactive Inc.
    Nick Thomas began his professional career in the music industry as an Engineer/Mixer for a long list of platinum artists such as Destiny's Child, Celine Dion, Carlos Santana, Jessica Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Ricky Martin to name a few. As the music industry began to decline, Nick transitioned out of the main stream music industry and launched SomaTone Interactive Inc., with partner and colleague, Kane Minkus. In the initial years, SomaTone serviced all media including games, films, and advertising, including a number of feature films and national ad campaigns.

    Over the last 6+ years Nick transitioned SomaTone to exclusively provide game audio services, and has released over 1000 game soundtracks to date. As founder and CEO, Nick is responsible for Business Development, as well as Executive Creative Direction, and oversight of the production of music, SFX, VO, as well as integration expertise, with a focus on casual and family friendly games.

    Currently Nick operates studios in Los Angeles, Emeryville,CA (headquarters), and Vancouver Canada, and oversees soundtracks on over 150 games annually. [Email Nick]

    Join Nick Thomas, co-founder of SomaTone Interactive Inc., for an in-depth look at the transforming casual games industry, and what make these games sound great. Casual games continue to be the largest growing segment of the gaming industry, with tens of millions of gamers logging on daily to play social, mobile, and downloadable games. Understanding the requirements, limitations, and creative needs of today's casual and social games is paramount to successfully providing Music, SFX, and Voice-Over for these abundant games.

  • Watch videoMoore's Law and the Rate of Change in the Games Industry
    Paul THELEN, Founder & CEO,
    Big Fish Games
    Big Fish Games’ Founder and CEO, has an MBA from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington. Big Fish Games develops, publishes and distributes the industry’s leading games and BigFishGames.com is the world’s largest game distribution portal, delivering more than 1 million downloads daily. Prior to founding Big Fish Games, Paul wrote the business plan that launched RealArcade, the casual games industry’s first large scale distribution service. [Email Paul]

    Join Big Fish Founder and CEO, Paul Thelen, for a revealing look at the rapidly changing games industry and the profound implications for everyone involved. Technology disruptions, platform proliferation and changing consumer expectations present both a threat and an opportunity today, and presage an "adapt or fade-away to obscurity" ultimatum. What does a purely mobile world do to your current business strategy or to what the definition of a game is? How does a Games-as-a-Service paradigm that cloud gaming enables, expand consumer options and change their expectations for how games are discovered and played? Can marketing be effective in an increasingly "ADHD world" of exploding consumer options, where lifetime value is measured in days not years? Cutting through the noise, Paul will lay out the current state of the industry and his vision of how this market plays out in the coming years.

  • 10:00 - 10:20

  • Watch videoReaching Today’s Teens: Adapting Your Games to the Right Platforms
    Paul LaFONTAINE, CEO, Sulake
    Mr. Paul LaFontaine was appointed CEO of Sulake in September 2011. Prior to joining Sulake, Paul was the Vice President of Global Distribution at Disney's social gaming company Playdom. He distributed Playdom's social and mobile games on the diverse global gaming networks. Before Playdom, Paul led international market development at eSolar, a utility-scale energy company. Paul also drove strategic growth for Ticketmaster from the UK and Los Angeles, and served as CEO of Antiron, a wireless technology startup. Paul holds a BS in engineering from West Point. [Email Paul]

    Habbo Hotel’s parent company Sulake is a master in reaching a teenage audience, and 10 million unique users currently visit the service each month. Sulake recently opened the online platform to 3rd party developers. CEO Paul LaFontaine talks about the critical lessons learned from moving the teen audience across different platforms and working with 3rd party developers.

  • Watch videoGo Mobile or Stay Home
    Alex SEROPIAN, Founder & CEO, Industrial Toys
    Alexander Seropian began his career in games in 1991 as the founder of Bungie Studios. Under his guidance, Bungie created some of the most celebrated game franchises in the industry, including Marathon, Myth, Oni, and the blockbuster Halo series. Building on the success of Bungie, he founded Wideload Games, an independent game developer that utilized an external development model similar to the film industry and produced award-winning titles such as Stubbs the Zombie and Guilty Party. In 2009, the studio was acquired by Disney Interactive Media Group, and Alex became Senior Vice President and General Manager of Core Video Games for The Walt Disney Company where he built interactive franchises with major brands such as Mickey Mouse, Pixar and Marvel. In 2012, Alex founded Industrial Toys, a studio focused on building mobile games for core gamers.[Email Alexander]

    It’s a great time to be making games, it’s a great time to be a game player, and the hottest sector of the game business mobile. Why? Phones have small screens, no direct hardware access and are generally snubbed by serious game players. The answer is that smart phones are the first truly mass market device that is captivated by games. Soon mobiles will surpass PC’s and TVs as the most prolific device on the planet. Game makers will have unprecedented and almost unimaginable reach to billions of people. Everywhere. All the time. That is a true game changer. Understanding why and how it will happen will inform us all about using that power to elevate our craft and shape the future of gaming.

  • 10:30 - 10:50

  • Watch videoBranding 'Cool' with Audio | 10:30 - 11:20 AM
    Dmitry KUZMENKO, Owner,
    Strategic Music
    William BUCKNUM, Producer & Voice-over Director, Strategic Music
    Dmitry Kuzmenko graduated from the University of Humanities and Social Sciences in Saint Petersburg, Russia with a degree in Sound Direction. He founded Strategic Music in 2003, and has since been working on music and sound design for computer games. Now, Strategic Music has more than 200 projects in its portfolio, and delivers a wide variety of services which include the creation of music, crafting sound design, voice-over recordings and the recording of music with symphonic orchestras and other ensembles. [Email Dmitry]

    William Bucknum began receiving awards in competitions for his music performance during high school at the age of 15. As a saxophonist trained in classical and jazz performance, he took on many musical endeavors such as composing, performing and recording rock and electronic music. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a master's degree in Educational Leadership, he taught World Music and other philosophical courses related to music and arts in a globalized world. He now is working with Strategic Music as a music producer and voice-over director. [Email Will]

    Audio has a special place in the gaming world. With proper attention to audio atmosphere, a game's success can greatly improve. This session by Dmitry Kuzmenko and William Bucknum of Strategic Music, a leading studio responsible for making audio atmospheres for over 350 games, will take you through the process of understanding how to use audio to make a brand ffor your game and studio. Using this process will not only help the playability and interest of the game, but the marketing and strategic planning of the game as well. The gaming industry is too competitive to ignore anything which can give your game a competitive edge (esp. considering how relatively cheap audio is); so don't miss this chance to learn about best practices for using audio to make your game 'Cool' and stand out from the crowd. Music, voice-overs and sound design will be discussed.

  • Watch videoWhy Tweens Aren't Playing Your Games
    Peter HOFSTEDE, Game Development Director, Spil Games
    Peter Hofstede is Game Director at Spil Games. He is responsible for all of Spil Games' game licensing and game development and oversees the firm’s Dutch, German and Chinese game studios. He has over 10 years of experience in the gaming world and previously worked at Lost Boys Games, where he was involved in the launch of the first Dutch PlayStation game. Additionally he owned his own gaming company and worked for Submarine on a diverse range of online gaming projects.

    In addition to his responsibilities at Spil Games, Peter also lectures in game design and development at the school of Arts and Technology in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has been with Spil Games since 2007. [Email Peter]

    More than half of tween girls in the U.S. are playing online games. So, why aren't they playing yours? Developers need to take the time understand this lucrative demographic, what makes them tick and the unique set of challenges they face online (hello age restrictions, content that simply isn’t designed for them and parental monitoring!). The stakes - and the payoff - are high, and in this session Spil Games’ Game Development Director, Peter Hofstede, will expose the secret world of tween girl gaming. He'll explore best practices and share insights on:
    Do’s and dont's for girl game designers
    Assessing popular gameplay genres and mechanics, pulling from real examples from platforms and developers that have successfully reached the tween girl demographic
    Looking to the future, understanding the necessary steps to reach the next level in this market

  • Watch videoSocial Games 2015
    Matt HULETT, SVP and President, GameHouse
    Matt Hulett is the chief gamer of GameHouse, the games division of RealNetworks. He is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built profitable companies from scratch and has a proven track record of growing businesses throughout a variety of stages, including startups and turnarounds from travel, e-commerce, advertising, and gaming sectors. [Email Matt]

    This session will kick off with a year in review and then will focus on predicting the next several years of social games. Who will be the winners and losers? What will the market dynamics be like and how will the games themselves look? Matt will walk through the next stage of industry evolution pulling from historical examples such as the game console industry and many more.

  • 11:00 - 11:20

  • Watch videoTurning Your Players into Collectors
    Derrick MORTON, CEO, FlowPlay
    Derrick Morton began his career in casual games in 1994 as VP Development of Graphix Zone – publisher of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune PC games among others. In 1999 he joined iWin as VP, Executive Producer. After iWin was purchased by Uproar for $80 million and Uproar was purchased by Vivendi for $140 million, he became VP, Product over all of Vivendi’s casual games websites – Uproar, iWin, Virtual Vegas and Flipside – which in 2002 had a combined audience of over 20 million monthly uniques. He left Vivendi to join GameHouse in January 2003 with the chief responsibility of running GameHouse.com. GameHouse was acquired by RealNetworks a year later. At RealNetworks, Derrick was GM of Mobile Games, a division he founded. His team developed and distributed over 20 titles during his tenure. He left to form FlowPlay in September 2006. Derrick attended USC School of CinemaTelevision on a full scholarship and received a BA with magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors. He received an MBA from UCLAs Anderson School. [Email Derrick]

    Digital goods and virtual currencies are now the defacto business model for most of the worlds most successful games. FlowPlay has taken this a step further by creating the concept of digital collectibles -- virtual items that are one part cosmetic, one part game play advantage and one part financial investment for the player. Derrick Morton, FlowPlay's CEO, will take you through their business to demonstrate what drives the sales of these items and how they created a multimillion dollar business around them.

  • Watch videoUnlock New Frontiers of Growth with Facebook
    Sara BROOKS, Strategic Partnerships, Games, Facebook
    Sara Brooks is a Strategic Partner Manager on the Games Partnerships team at Facebook. She works with developers of all sizes and experience developing for Facebook, from emerging to established social gaming companies. Sara is a voracious board game player and graces the top of many leader boards in the casual gaming space.

    Prior to Facebook, Sara worked in the travel industry. She holds a BA in International Studies from American University. [Email Sara]

    Hundreds of millions of people play social games with their friends cross-platform and on the go. Facebook has become a next-generation games platform and connects people across devices and around the world. Join Sara Brooks, Facebook Partnership Manager, to discuss how the most successful game developers use Facebook to build web and mobile games. In this presentation, Sara will also share which new game categories are taking off, and how you can build and discover the next big genres.

  • 11:30 - 11:50

  • Watch videoProfessional Game Music Creation Tips & Avoiding Common Mistakes | 11:30 - 12:00
    Aaron WALZ, Composer & Sound Designer, Walz Music & Sound
    Aaron M. Walz, composer and sound designer for casual, social and mobile games, graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Music from Sonoma State University. He wrote the theme song for the top-ranking Facebook adventure, Ravenwood Fair, which enjoyed 25 million plays per month at its peak, and produces audio for Shanda and Cherry Credits’ regional releases of Dragon Nest and SD Gundam Capsule Fighter. Aaron has received several awards for his work including “Best Game” at Microsoft’s Independent Games Festival and Game Tunnel’s “Best Sound.” Ravenwood Fair was also nominated for Best Audio at the GDC Online Awards.

    Aaron sings and records with several projects and performs with the Golden Gate Men’s Chorus, where he serves on the Board of Directors as the Marketing Chair. Aaron strives to create music for media that stands alone as a worthy contribution to art. He runs Walz Music & Sound and is a co-founder and managing partner of the Game Audio Alliance, based in Seattle, WA. He is the audio speaker content adviser of the Casual Connect game conference held at Benaroya Hall each year. His biggest influences are the great Japanese game composers. [Email Aaron]

    This session is structured to be useful for game audio pros, amateurs, and everyone in between. Work experience and the success, discovery and errors it brings are informative and useful tools. After writing and producing music since 1997 for close to 100 mobile, social and casual games, game composer and sound designer, Aaron Walz, has learned a few lessons and would like to share some of them. Perhaps some of them will make you nod and smile, or serve as reminders, or perhaps you will have an “aha” moment or two. Upon receiving a lot of emails with subjects like “how do I get into the field” and “please listen to my demos and provide feedback,” more insights have been gleaned and will be shared. Production and Composition will also be covered.

  • Watch video2-Way TV: How Playful Learning in the living room can Reshape the Relationship between Entertainment and Education
    Alex GAMES, Ph.D., Education Design Director, Microsoft Studios
    Alex Games is the Education Design Director at Microsoft Studios, where he oversees the integration of game mechanics and curriculum within the Playful Learning titles for Kinect. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Information Technology Empowerment Center and Assistant Professor in Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media at Michigan State University. [Email Alex]

    What happens when learning is approached through the lens of play? Microsoft's 2 way TV technology harnesses uses the power of Kinect to make learning with games and TV more accessible, immersive, and truly interactive. These experiences are changing the dimensions between TV and viewer – and possibly between entertainment and education. See how informal learning is being reshaped as this technology redefines the relationships children have with media such as TV shows, books, and games.

  • Watch videoWhy Half of your Revenues Should Come from Advertising
    Mike PERONTO, CEO, WildTangent
    Mike Peronto joined WildTangent in January 2002 and serves as WildTangent's President and Chief Executive Officer.

    Peronto has more than 20 years of experience managing technology companies. Prior to WildTangent, Peronto was Vice President of Publishing Products at Adobe Systems and the Chief Operating Officer at WatchGuard Technologies, Inc., an Internet security firm.

    He also held the Chief Executive Officer positions at Endura Software Corp., a provider of supply chain management software, and at Viathan Corp., a provider of data storage software. He started his career as a Marketing Representative for IBM.

    Peronto received his M.B.A. degree in Marketing from the University of Washington and his B.A. degree from UCLA.
    [Email Mike]

    You’re missing your games’ true earnings potential by a long-shot if you have no advertising strategy or are relying on ordinary banner ads. Premium advertising that engages players will reap you greater brand loyalty and revenues because your players are more likely to get involved with relevant, quality advertising. Why settle for ineffectual in-game advertising “tonnage?” Bump up your earnings, engage your customers and make sure a full half of your overall dollars are coming from advertising.

  • 12:00 - 12:50

  • Lunch served in Triple Door and Founders Room
  • Lunch served in Triple Door and Founders Room
  • Lunch served in Triple Door and Founders Room

  • 1:00 - 1:20

  • Watch videoThe Game Developer and Audio Designer Handshake: What’s Needed To Successfully Complete The Job | 1:00 - 1:50 PM
    Aaron WALZ, Composer & Sound Designer, Walz Music & Sound
    Stan LEPARD, Composer, Interactive Music Designer & Music Producer
    Ken BOYNTON, Writer & Communication Consultant, Message Glue
    Nick THOMAS,Founder, SomaTone Interactive Inc.
    discussion led by Barry DOWSETT, Co-founder/Composer/Sound Designer,Soundrangers
    Kevin TONE, Co-founder/Composer/Sound Designer, Soundrangers
    Aaron M. Walz, composer and sound designer for casual, social and mobile games, graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Music from Sonoma State University. He wrote the theme song for the top-ranking Facebook adventure, Ravenwood Fair, which enjoyed 25 million plays per month at its peak, and produces audio for Shanda and Cherry Credits’ regional releases of Dragon Nest and SD Gundam Capsule Fighter. Aaron has received several awards for his work including “Best Game” at Microsoft’s Independent Games Festival and Game Tunnel’s “Best Sound.” Ravenwood Fair was also nominated for Best Audio at the GDC Online Awards.

    Aaron sings and records with several projects and performs with the Golden Gate Men’s Chorus, where he serves on the Board of Directors as the Marketing Chair. Aaron strives to create music for media that stands alone as a worthy contribution to art. He runs Walz Music & Sound and is a co-founder and managing partner of the Game Audio Alliance, based in Seattle, WA. He is the audio speaker content adviser of the Casual Connect game conference held at Benaroya Hall each year. His biggest influences are the great Japanese game composers. [Email Aaron]

    Stan LePard is a freelance composer, orchestrator and music producer based in Seattle. Game clients include Microsoft, PopCap, Zynga, Bungie and many others. See www.stanlepardmusic.com for more info. [Email Stan]

    Ken Boynton has voiced more characters in the HALO series than any other Earthling, and in FOX's “No One Lives Forever” he voiced 305 characters. His imdb page is long but not complete, and many of the zillion other games he’s voiced have been lost to the ages. When not voicing games, he is a partner in Message Glue, a strategic business advisory and communications company that helps companies grow while making their messages stick. [Email Ken]

    Nick Thomas began his professional career in the music industry as an Engineer/Mixer for a long list of platinum artists such as Destiny's Child, Celine Dion, Carlos Santana, Jessica Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Ricky Martin to name a few. As the music industry began to decline, Nick transitioned out of the main stream music industry and launched SomaTone Interactive Inc., with partner and colleague, Kane Minkus. In the initial years, SomaTone serviced all media including games, films, and advertising, including a number of feature films and national ad campaigns.

    Over the last 6+ years Nick transitioned SomaTone to exclusively provide game audio services, and has released over 1000 game soundtracks to date. As founder and CEO, Nick is responsible for Business Development, as well as Executive Creative Direction, and oversight of the production of music, SFX, VO, as well as integration expertise, with a focus on casual and family friendly games.

    Currently Nick operates studios in Los Angeles, Emeryville,CA (headquarters), and Vancouver Canada, and oversees soundtracks on over 150 games annually. [Email Nick]

    Barry Dowsett, co-founder of Soundrangers, is a composer and sound designer for video games, and an original pioneer in the online delivery of production sound effects and music built for interactive media. Barry co-founded the Game Audio Alliance.

    As a composer and sound design veteran of the video game industry, Barry actively provides original music, sound design, voice-over and integration services for many console and social games, with recent titles completed for THQ/Dreamworks, iWin, Activision, Playdom, Google, Koko Digital, Eidos, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft Game Studios.
    [Email Barry]

    Kevin Tone, co-founder of Soundrangers, is a pioneer in online delivery of original production music and sound effects built for video games and interactive media. When he’s not composing music or creating sounds for the Soundrangers.com library, he’s doing custom work for one of their many clients or enjoying long walks on the beach with kittens and/or puppy dogs. Kevin is also a co-founder of the Game Audio Alliance, a group of professionals dedicated to high quality custom game audio. [Email Kevin]

    Communication between developer and external audio team has never been more important. This discussion will highlight the materials needed to properly execute a project, our process as audio designers, why it’s important for the developer to understand this, and how we can improve the audio experience. The panel features a cross-section of audio designers, all with a unique perspective on interfacing with the developer.

  • Watch videoTechnology, Kids & Learning: The Future and the Opportunities
    Scott TRAYLOR, 360 Kid
    Scott Traylor defines the vision behind the Boston-based digital development and youth-focused consulting firm known as 360KID. Now in its 21st year, Scott's company specializes in product ideation, market testing, and product development as a service to companies interested in engaging kids through a variety of different consumer and classroom-based media platforms. Scott is actively involved in research, writing, and speaking about user engagement through new technologies, gaming and social media. Scott is also a Board of Director and Trustee member to two youth-focused educational organizations and advises a small number of venture backed eLearning startups and virtual worlds for kids. [Email Scott]

    The opportunity to engage children with technology-based learning content has changed more in the last two years than possibly the previous twenty. Not only have mobile and tablets become a big part of how kids consume content, there's also been an explosion in learning games, virtual worlds, and edtech startups. What are the new opportunities for the techno entrepreneur? Where is the helpful data to guide us? In this presentation, edtech prognosticator Scott Traylor will share thoughts and trends about this new and fast moving space.

  • Watch videoFrom Hard Core to "Omni" Games – The Game Industry's Journey from Niche to Mainstream
    Jim VEEVAERT, GM, Zynga Seattle
    Jim Veevaert is the general manager of the Zynga Seattle Studio where he oversees the entire Pioneer Square office. Prior to joining Zynga in 2011, he was the President of Production at Jerry Bruckheimer Games, which he co-founded in May of 2009. An 18 year veteran in the interactive industry, he spent eight years at Microsoft as an executive overseeing the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system's biggest franchises. As the Executive Producer for Halo 3, Veevaert was responsible for the production and franchise management for the Halo Xbox 360 game series, and he oversaw Microsoft's relationship with Bungie Studios. Prior to his work on the Halo series, Veevaert brought the Epic Games relationship to Microsoft, along with the Gears of War franchise, and led his team to collaborate with the creative leads of Rare Ltd in the United Kingdom to expand the Viva Pinata franchise with an original TV production and series of companion games. Previous to his work at Microsoft, he held a VP position within Vivendi games and oversaw the Half-Life franchise. [Email Jim]

    For the past 30 years video games have been making steady progress from a relatively niche medium to a broadly-appealing, mainstream entertainment pastime. It seemed an impossible journey, but for Jim Veevaert, GM of Zynga Seattle, it was never a question of "if" but rather "when". Jim shares his thoughts on how our industry can solidify our role as entertainers in the daily lives of people across the globe.

  • 1:30 - 1:50

  • Watch videoGaming in the Classroom: What Do Teachers Really Think?
    Allisyn LEVY, Sr. Director, Educators Experience, BrainPOP
    With a strong focus on supporting teachers as they brought technology into their classrooms, Allisyn grew BrainPOP Educators into a rich community with more than 185,000 members. Currently, as Senior Director of Educator Experience, she leads the outreach efforts for BrainPOP’s newest feature, GameUp™, a collection of top online game titles that tie right into curriculum. A National Board Certified Teacher, Allisyn spent more than 11 years as an elementary education teacher, coaching an award-winning Lego Robotics team and working with students on a number of documentaries, animations, and public service announcements. She has been published in THE Journal as well as on TeachersNetwork.org, and received grants from Donors Choose and Nike.[Email Allisyn]

    Educational games can be powerful learning tools. Based on new research conducted by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and BrainPOP, this presentation will highlight teachers’ candid attitudes and beliefs about the future of games in the classroom and what types of games are on their wishlist of educational tools.

  • Watch videoNew Players in the Ad Game: The Profound Effect of Social Games on Madison Avenue
    Corey WEINER, COO, Jun Group
    At the age of 17, Corey was a consultant for SONY and for the Federal Government. He helped co-found Jun Group while he was in high school, and he worked for the company throughout college, frequently missing tests or classes to attend meetings around the country. By the time Corey was 23, he had designed the mobile social video systems that form the core of Jun Group’s offering.

    Today, Corey serves as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the company’s internal systems and ensuring that Jun Group consistently innovates and evolves. In his spare time, Corey is working on his MBA at Wharton.
    [Email Corey]

    For generations, the advertising business has been about two things: reach and frequency. In other words, How many people can I interrupt how many times? But all that is changing. Social game developers intuitively understand something that Madison Avenue has yet to learn: the power has shifted, and users will no longer tolerate incessant interruptions.

    Opt-in advertising programs on social games reward users for their participation with virtual goods and currency. This has resulted in a new advertising model that generates millions of opt-in ad interactions, astronomical completion rates, engagement rates, and earned media actions. The model is so powerful that it is now expanding out of social games and into music sites, newspaper sites, and other platforms.

    Jun Group co-founder Corey Weiner, a veteran of hundreds of social video campaigns for Fortune 500 brands, will explain the finer points of social advertising. He'll break down the financial models, for publishers and for advertisers, and he'll provide real-world examples of major brands who are successfully using social games to reach their customers.

  • 2:00 - 2:20

  • Watch videoBridging The Gap Between Audio & Games: Managing Your Music In The Game Space | 2:00 - 2:50 PM
    Mona IBRAHIM, Principal Attorney, Law Offices of Mona A. Ibrahim
    Mona is an Entertainment lawyer in Seattle, WA. She is the principal attorney of the Law Offices of Mona A. Ibrahim, where her practice emphasizes video game, music, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, name and likeness, general entertainment and employment law. Mona has worked with prominent players in the entertainment industry including Lionsgate Films and The Firm, a talent management company in Los Angeles. While in LA, she was a frequent guest lecturer at the Musicians' Institute in Hollywood, CA. She received her J.D. from West Virginia University College of Law and her LL.M. in Entertainment and Media Law from Southwestern College of Law in Los Angeles, CA. She received a B.A. in Sociology and Social Psychology from Marlboro College in Marlboro, Vermont, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. [Email Mona]

    This session will dig into the nuts and bolts of audio and music licensing for independent and AAA titles as well as mobile applications. The discussion will include insights on licensing for composers, independent contractors, and other musicians and audio providers in the game space as to licensing options in the digital marketplace. This will include a run-down of traditional licensing models for sync licenses, work for hire agreements, and music distribution in the digital and retail marketplaces after a game's launch. We'll cover best practices in music licensing in the digital age with a focus on independent developers.

  • Watch videoGuidelines for Successful Mobile Interactive Apps for Children
    Carla FISHER, President & Founder, No Crusts Interactive
    Carla Engelbrecht Fisher, Ed.D., is a game designer with a research obsession and the founder of No Crusts Interactive. Having spent more than a decade making children’s digital goods, she’s designed, produced, researched, and consulted on a wide variety of commercial and educational products, from Web to mobile to gaming consoles. Prior to starting No Crusts Interactive, she worked for Sesame Workshop, PBS KIDS, and Highlights for Children. [Email Carla]

    The top children’s apps are dominated by eBooks with embedded games and activities, including big names like Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book (Disney), What Was I Scared Of (Dr. Seuss), The Monster at the End of This Book (Sesame Street). In order to compete with all these apps and classic characters, developers need to create rock-solid apps that are easy to use, cognitively, physically, and educationally.

    Attendees will experience a primer in children’s interactive story development and game design so they understand how to address children’s unique set of cognitive and physical challenges presented on smartphones and tablets. Attendees will be equipped with a foundation of knowledge and resources that can be easily incorporated into their own interactive development projects.

  • Watch videoBuilding Multi-platform Games – The Proof is in the Pudding
    Riccardo ZACCONI, CEO and Co-founder, King.com
    Prior to forming King.com, Zacconi was vice president of sales and marketing for the successful dating service, Udate.com, which was bought by InterActive Corporation (IAC) for $150M; he was entrepreneur in residence at Benchmark Capital; and CEO for online portal, Spray Network, whose parent company sold to Lycos for $760M. Zacconi also worked in strategy consulting for over eight years, primarily for the Boston Consulting Group in Germany.
    [Email Riccardo]

    In 2011, there were more than 500,000 smartphones sold worldwide, and 70M tablets sold, a +260% jump from 2010. As price-points lower for devices, content becomes richer, and payment systems more integrated, a wider, more addressable audience emerges. This is particularly the case for games, the most popular mobile app category. And over 50 percent of smartphone app users are connected to Facebook on their mobiles, a neon sign for social games companies to see the potential for multi-platform development.

  • 2:30 - 2:50

  • Watch videoApp Discovery by Kids in Brick & Mortar Establishments
    John REGAL, CMO, Ziosk
    John has a 20-year history of providing the visionary thinking and strategic leadership to create profitable businesses. Throughout his career, John has demonstrated he can market almost anything, from cereal to cell phones to pharmaceuticals.

    Some of the brands John has launched include Prozac, POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice and Kajeet Cell Phones for Kids. He’s also managed multi‐million dollar campaigns for established brands like Microsoft Windows and Post Grape‐Nuts Cereal. John’s secret to his success is identifying market trends ahead of the curve. He then develops products to fulfill these trends and brings them to market using an integrated marketing campaign with social media, PR, and experiential programs.

    John obtained his MBA from the Wharton School of Business and has worked at Kraft, Microsoft, Eli Lily, POM Wonderful and a number of start‐ups.[Email John]

    The marketing tactics you use to promote your games to adults, teens and kids need to be different. Most companies rely on the web for people to discover their games, but this is not the best way to reach kids. Learn how you can tap into an audience of millions of kids through brick & mortar establishments.


    3:00 - 3:20

  • Watch videoFinding The Right Voices For Your Games Is Easier Than You Think. Or At Least It Should Be! | 3:00 - 3:50 PM
    Ken BOYNTON, Actor, Director, Writer, & Communication Consultant, Message Glue
    Ken Boynton has voiced more characters in the HALO series than any other Earthling, and in FOX's “No One Lives Forever” he voiced 305 characters. His imdb page is long but not complete, and many of the zillion other games he’s voiced have been lost to the ages. When not voicing games, he is a partner in Message Glue, a strategic business advisory and communications company that helps companies grow while making their messages stick. [Email Ken]

    Casting voices for your game should be easy. And it can be. Ken Boynton has been a voice talent on games going back to earliest days of Microsoft Golf through the popular HALO series. He'll share a few stories of voicing in the trenches and some ideas to make it easier on you to find the right voice at the right price.

  • Watch videoCreating Casual Games for Families
    Alison BRYANT, Founder & President, PlayScience
    Dr. J. Alison Bryant is Founder and President of PlayScience, a research, consulting, design, and innovation firm on a mission to break down the walls between industry innovators, academics, and consumers. Alison has spent her adult life moving seamlessly between the academic and industry worlds (and usually sitting in both concurrently). She spent several years as Senior Research Director of Digital Research and Brand & Consumer Insights for the Nickelodeon/MTV Networks Kids & Family Group; and was Chief Strategy Officer for Smarty Pants, a research and consulting firm focused on kids and families. She was also an assistant professor of communication at Indiana University. [Email Alison]

    Games have always had a history in family fun, we but often think about parents and kids as different audiences in the casual gaming space. The reality, however, is that parents and kids want to play together, and family-engaging games provide higher perceived value for the purse-string holders (and therefore greater potential profit) . In this session, we will discuss the latest research on family gaming and the potential casual marketplace across platforms; provide core design principles of developing with both kids and parents (and grandparents) in mind; and discuss key areas that are ripe for development in the family casual gaming space.

  • Watch videoAttracting and Retaining Talent in a Competitive Industry
    Colleen McCREARY, CPO, Zynga
    From the beginning, Colleen wanted to build a large-scale company and community inside Zynga, where each employee could build a real career.

    Colleen brings more than a decade of experience to her role as Chief People Office of Zynga, where she is responsible for recruiting, retaining and managing talent and for fostering a culture of creativity. She took the company from 130 to 3000 people in just three years – the fastest growing technology company in the Silicon Valley. Colleen built a deep culture rooted in core values including: Be CEO own outcomes, meritocracy level-up, innovate and build games you and your friends love to play.

    Prior to Zynga, Colleen spent five years at Electronic Arts where she was the global corporate human resources director and built Electronic Arts’ first company-wide diversity initiative and university relations program. Before that, Colleen spent seven years at Microsoft as a senior technical recruiter and technical support manager. Colleen earned a bachelors’ degree in mass communication and public relations at Boston University and an Master of Arts in higher education administration at Columbia University.[Email Colleen]

    Zynga’s Chief People Officer Colleen McCreary will speak about the importance of attracting and retaining talent. Topics include building a company where people can build a real career, uniting the employee base through core values and connecting the world through games.

  • 3:30 - 3:50

  • Watch videoAnimal Jam: Why Chocolate Covered Broccoli Sucks but Zucchini Bread Doesn’t
    Clark STACEY, President & CEO, Smart Bomb Interactive
    Clark Stacey is the President and CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive, a game development company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. In October 2010, Smart Bomb launched National Geographic Animal Jam, the online virtual world for kids who love animals and the natural world. Smart Bomb is also known for the forthcoming Sky Legends, a radical browser-based flight combat MMO.

    Clark abandoned an academic career when his passion for blowing things up drew him to videogames in 1995. He began his career in interactive entertainment with Beyond Games, where he contributed to the design and development of successful titles across a variety of platforms -- all of which centered around blowing things up.

    Before co-founding Smart Bomb in 2003, Clark was the CEO of Cobalt Interactive, a pioneering studio in interactive marketing and advergaming, whose clients included St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Quaker Oats.
    Clark graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in English literature and philosophy, and is now evidently doing what one does with those qualifications. [Email Clark]

    National Geographic Animal Jam burst on the children's media scene last year as the result of a unique partnership between a videogame studio recovering from console addiction and one of the world's most venerable and respected media brands. Now in its second year of operation, and with over 5 million kids engaged worldwide, the online playground for animal avatars continues to grow at an accelerating rate and is expanding into other media. Hear how the creators of Animal Jam crossed the ocean of funding perils, traversed towering barriers to entry, and battled their nemesis Captain Toothpaste... as they strove to create an online community that kids and parents would both accept as "entertainment with substance."

  • Watch videoE Pluribus Unum: How Mobile and Social Gaming are Driving Cross-platform Convergence
    Giordano CONTESTABILE, Business Director – “Bejeweled” Franchise, PopCap Games
    Since October of 2011 Giordano has served as the Franchise Director for Bejeweled, PopCap's flagship franchise. In this role he oversees all aspects of Bejeweled related to publishing, business development, game operations and brand development. Previously serving as Senior Director of Product and Business Strategy for PopCap's mobile games, Giordano was responsible for defining business and product strategy for mobile, and aligning and integrating it with the broader company strategy. This included overseeing go-to-market strategies for PopCap's award-winning mobile games, as well as defining the company's approach to strategic efforts such as mobile social gaming and cross-platform integration of mobile. Prior to that, Giordano was Senior Director of Business Development in PopCap's Asia Pacific headquarters, in charge of business development, marketing and sales in the APAC region and involved in shaping the company's strategy in Asia Pacific. In particular, he oversaw the development, licensing and operations of online and multiplayer and social products across APAC markets. Prior to that, Giordano worked in the mobile content space, holding positions as Director - Asia Pacific and Country Manager - Brazil for ARENAmobile, and Business Development Manager for Zero9 Group. In a previous life, Giordano worked as a DJ, VJ and video game journalist in his native Italy.
    [Email Giordano]

    Mobile devices and social networks are now the dominant platforms for casual gaming. However, there are several important differences in the way players interact with them, influencing game design and business considerations. And while games that successfully address both platforms, such as PopCap's Bejeweled Blitz, have emerged, cross-platform mobile/social convergence is still in its infancy and has the potential to dramatically change the games industry. This talk will provide an overview of the key differences between mobile and social games, touch on some lessons learned through the operations of Bejeweled Blitz, and paint a view of how cross-platform games could expand and redefine the boundaries of gaming.

  • 4:00 - 4:20

  • Watch videoFrom the Classroom to the Game Company: What You Need to Know to Land the Audio Job! | 4:00 - 4:50 PM
    Greg RAHN, Audio Director, Kabam
    Jesse HOLT, Co-founder,In-house Audio Designer, DoubleDown Interactive
    Tim LARKIN, Composer & Sound Designer, Valve Software
    Shiloh HOBEL, Sr. Director Industry and Career Services, Ex’pression College
    Fernando LABARTHE
    Greg Rahn has been creating sound and music for games since 1994. He is currently the Audio Director at Kabam in San Francisco where he heads up the audio department sonifying titles such as Kingdoms of Camelot, The Godfather: Five Families, and Edgeworld. He is a co-founder of the Game Audio Alliance and an international speaker on the subject of game audio.[Email Greg]

    Jesse Holt is a prolific sound designer, music producer and composer who has been creating one-of-a-kind audio for casual games since 1999. He is also a proud co-founder of the Game Audio Alliance. He has produced a wide variety of music heard not only by tens of millions in video games, but also on radio and television and recently in the short film SHUFFLE which premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2010.[Email Jesse]

    If you’ve ever turned on a TV, watched a movie or played a video game, then you’ve probably heard the music and performance of Tim Larkin.

    Tim began playing piano at age five and trumpet when he was nine. He was traveling with various groups across the United States right out of high school and again after college. After returning from several years of touring Tim became an accomplished studio musician playing on commercials, films and documentaries while honing his composition and production skills. It wasn’t long before the video game industry began to blossom. With the techniques learned from years of working in studios and live performance, Tim began composing for one of the biggest video game companies in the business, Broderbund Software. Fifteen years later and over 50 video games to his credit, Tim’s video game scores have massed numerous awards, been featured with the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl, and featured in trailers for films such as Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award winning film Munich. No stranger to the Academy, Tim was also part of an Oscar nod for his sound design work in the best animated short category for the Sony Imageworks film, The Chubbchubbs.

    Tim is currently composing and creating sound design for AAA game titles at Valve software as well as continuing his career as a much sought after trumpet player. He keeps a studio and resides in the scenic mountains just north of Spokane, Washington while working with producers, composers and game companies across the country.[Email Tim]

    Since 1999, Shiloh has held the position of Senior Director of Industry and Career Services at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. Through decades of industry experience she has developed a unique approach to help prepare students and alumni for their transition from academia into the workplace, while supporting the industry with the next generation of talent. [Email Shiloh]

    Fernando Labarthe is a young sound designer/composer in the greater Seattle area. He has worked on a few titles - Trade Nations, Metal Storm, Battle Nations, BioLogic, Fracture - for Z2Live and The Center for Games and Science (University of Washington). When he's not field recording or mixing he's playing indoor soccer in north Seattle or hosting Fifa tournaments. You can visit him at www.fernandolabarthe.com.[Email Fernando]

    You’ve studied hard and now you’ve got the skills as an audio designer, but how do you get your foot in the door of a game studio? What are game developers looking for and what might they be trying to avoid? Are passion and great audio chops enough in the ever-changing world of game development? Our panel will discuss these questions and more. The panel includes Audio Directors from DoubleDown Interactive and Kabam, as well as educators from the Art Institute of Seattle and International Academy of Design and Technology of Orlando, Florida.

    Aspiring audio designers will learn about how actual in-house audio designers interact with the development team on a daily basis and as a result, gain a clearer picture of what attributes will increase their odds of getting hired.

  • Watch videoToo Cool for Old Skool?: How Card Games are Keeping Up with the Digital Era | 4:00 - 4:50 PM
    Creative Director, To Be Continued/5th Planet Games
    Dylan COLLINS,
    CEO, Fight My Monster
    Robert WINKLER, CEO,
    5th Planet Games
    Eiji ARAKI, SVP of Social Games, GREE International
    Joost VAN DREUNEN,
    CEO and co-founder, SuperData
    Brian David-Marshall is Creative Director at 5th Planet Games. Previously, he was principal and founder At To Be Continued, consulted on the design for Chaotic, 4Kids’ successful online and offline trading card game brand. [Email Brian]

    Dylan Collins is Executive Chairman of Fight My Monster (www.FightMyMonster.com), the fastest-growing online game for boys in Europe. [Email Dylan]

    Robert Winkler is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of 5th Planet Games, a leading independent game development studio that combines hardcore gaming experiences with deep social interactions to create a new genre of social games. [Email Robert]

    Joey MacArthur is Executive Producer at Pokémon. Previously he worked as a producer at LucasArts and NCSoft.[Email Joey]

    Eiji Araki joined GREE, Japan in August 2005 during its initial start-up stage. As VP of Product at GREE, Eiji led the development of PC based social networking services, mobile social networking services, and several social game titles including "Clinoppe" and "Haconiwa" which are some of the most successful mobile social games in Japan. Currently he is SVP of Social Games at GREE International, GREE's first subsidiary located in San Francisco, where he oversees the social games studio.[Email Eiji]

    Joost van Dreunen is CEO and co-founder of SuperData, and a professor at New York University where he teaches a class on the video games industry. He's living the dream. [Email Joost]

    Forecasted to total $2.6 billion in 2012, a growing part of the overall card game market’s revenues are earned on mobile, in browsers, and on consoles. Monthly spending of over $50 a month on collectible card games are almost absurd compared to other social and digital game genres. We will learn more about this old skool category’s brave new adventures in digital, and explore questions including “What’s the secret sauce?” and “How well do collectible card game mechanics translate to a digital environment?” Leading designers will shed some light on how they are formulating a digital strategy for iOS, browser, Facebook and consoles.

  • Watch videoBuilding Your $100 Million Company (or your $500 million one!)
    Glenn WALCOTT, President, DoubleDown Interactive
    Glenn is the President of DoubleDown Interactive. He has led the growth of the company from 7 to 100 employees while growing profitability the entire distance, and led the sale of the company to IGT for up to $500 million. He was previously the CFO of Big Fish Games.
    [Email Glenn]

    DoubleDown Casino, rated 4th best game on Facebook by the guys that run Facebook, built a company (not a studio) and in two years converted it into a $500 million sale. How you view your team—as developers, a studio or a company, will drive who you hire, who you partner with and your potential liquidity event someday. Join Glenn Walcott, President of DoubleDown Interactive, to hear how they were able to stand out in a now super-crowded field of virtual social casinos to become a powerhouse and how they reflect upon their key successes and challenges of entering a new game genre and succeeding.

  • 4:30 - 4:50

  • Watch videoTransitioning from Games-as Products to Games-as-Services: Ten Common Mistakes to Avoid
    Haden BLACKMAN, General Manager, Kabam
    Haden Blackman is a General Manager at Kabam, leading development on two unannounced games at the company's San Francisco studio. An award-winning writer and producer with a track record for telling compelling stories, Blackman was most recently Co-President and Chief Creative Officer of Fearless Studios. Prior to founding Fearless, Blackman spent over a decade at LucasArts, where he worked on a number of major releases as a writer, creative director, and executive producer. While at LucasArts, he led the development of The Force Unleashed, which won awards from the Writer's Guild of America and Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and has become one of LucasArts' best-selling games of all time. Blackman is also an accomplished writer who has penned more than 100 comic books for Dark Horse and DC Comics.
    [Email Haden]

    Games are no longer simply consumer packaged goods, they’re live services. With games constantly growing, evolving and reacting to player behavior and feedback, player’s expectations have been forever changed. And the stakes have never been higher, as designers look to engage gamers for years, not hours. But radical change demands radical change - and developers need to keep pace. Kabam General Manager Haden Blackman will explore this brave new world of development and design, from team structure and technology to community management and monetization.

  • Recital Hall Lectures: Free-to-Play & Social Games

  • July 26:
    Social Games

    Emcee: Jill Schneiderman, VP, Business Development & Game Production, SGN

    If ever there was a buzz word...social is IT! It seems that everyone and everything is “going social” these days. But the days of acting without thinking are past us. This gaming platform is maturing, and with that comes establishing best-practices, creating higher production values, and expanding opportunities on mobile and alternative social networks. Join us for sessions covering all these topics and more.

  • July 25:
    Social Games

    Emcee: Jamil Moledina

    If ever there was a buzz word...social is IT! It seems that everyone and everything is “going social” these days. But the days of acting without thinking are past us. This gaming platform is maturing, and with that comes establishing best-practices, creating higher production values, and expanding opportunities on mobile and alternative social networks. Join us for sessions covering all these topics and more.

  • July 24:
    F2P Game Design

    Emcee: Dave Rohrl, VP of Game Production, Goko

  • 10:00 - 10:20

  • Josh WILLIAMS, President & CSO, Kontagent
    Josh Williams is president and CSO of Kontagent, where he is responsible for driving Kontagent's world class proprietary data processing, analysis platform and algorithms into new verticals and markets. A serial entrepreneur, Josh has led two successful start-ups to two large exits: first, as CTO at an early big data firm in automated real-time financial securities analysis which was acquired in 2003; second, as CEO and CTO at a leading game technology company which was acquired in early 2007. Josh is an investor and loves helping other entrepreneurs however he can.[Email Josh]

    Whether you're developing a game on Facebook, or a mobile platform such as iOS or Android, the ARM funnel—Acquisition, Retention and Monetization—is the right analytics framework for measuring and optimizing user behavior and monetization. In this session, we'll explore the metrics that make up each of the phases in the ARM funnel and how they apply to your players' life cycles. We'll also look at how successful social and mobile companies have used this framework to create data-driven organizations at each level and across all facets of their businesses.

  • Matt WYNDOWE, Product Manager, Facebook
    Matt Wyndowe is the Product Manager for Facebook Apps & Games, where he oversees the Facebook Platform games ecosystem. Prior to this role, Matt worked as Director of Business Development, focusing on product and platform partnerships. Before Facebook, he founded KoboCafe, a Facebook app company, and worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. Matt holds a bachelor's degree in economics with a minor in computer science from McGill University, and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.[Email Matt]

    Developers building for any screen size or device can grow with Facebook Platform. Facebook has become a primary growth channel for game developers building on web and mobile by offering mobile developers the same tools and channels that have driven installs to web developers for years. In this talk, Matt Wyndowe, Facebook Games & Apps Product Manager, will discuss the Facebook games roadmap and how developers can use Facebook Platform to drive discovery, distribution and monetization of social web & mobile games.

  • Watch videoDesigning Original Games
    Daniel COOK, CCO, Spry Fox
    Daniel Cook is a 16-year veteran game designer with stints at Epic and Microsoft. He is currently the Chief Creative Officer at Spry Fox where he has designed such hits as Steambirds and Triple Town. With a degree in Physics and an MBA, Daniel is passionate about thinking broadly and pushing game design into new markets. He regularly shares cutting edge thoughts on the techniques, theory and business of game design at his site Lostgarden.com. His first game, Tyrian, was made in his bedroom.[Email Dan]

    To become a master designer, you need to break past a slavish devotion of past forms and create vibrant, new experiences. This design talk covers practical techniques for reinventing game genres. The goal is the invention of a unique and highly differentiated customer value proposition that makes both strong business sense and is also deeply creatively fulfilling. We cover designing from the root, reducing design risk, and igniting original franchises. We also cover the pitfalls of design innovation and how to thrive in a highly competitive market.

  • 10:30 - 10:50

  • Randall LLOYD, Managing Director North America, Brighter Option
    Randall Lloyd is the Managing Director of North America for Brighter Option, overseeing all North American operations, based out of Palo Alto, California. Prior to Brighter Option, Randall was the Senior Vice President of Sales for RockYou, a venture-backed social gaming company. At RockYou, he oversaw worldwide advertising sales including brand advertising, indirect/channel advertising, and performance marketing. Prior to joining RockYou, Randall worked for Google, where he focused on YouTube monetization strategy, and eBay, where he held various positions in sales and sales management. He has spent the majority of his career building and scaling highly successful inside, direct, and channel sales teams in the digital media space. Lloyd holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor's from the University of Utah in Speech and Communication.[Email Randall]

    With over 54 million players in the US and 17.5 million players in the UK, there is no doubt that social gaming is big business. How do games companies tap into this market? What is the best way to engage their audience and keep them interested? This session will focus on using Facebook to launch and grow social games using a combination of performance advertising, sponsored stories and Facebook pages.

  • Michael WITZ, Founder & CEO, Mob Science
    David KAYE, Founder, Gaming Insiders
    Michael Witz is the founder and CEO of Mob Science, an early Zynga Platform partner and one of the top game developers on Facebook, with more than 50 million users having installed its popular applications such as inFamous Anarchy, Coffee Bar, Snowball Fight, Willy’s Sweet Shop, Sea Garden, Christmas Cheer, Halloween Haunting, Drinks On Me and many others. [Email Michael]

    David has been building games since high school. He started his career as a game designer and co-founder at Iron Realms Entertainment. In 1997, Iron Realms became the world's first company to sell virtual goods in games, building a successful business model around the practice. He has since played founding roles at companies across the online, mobile and social gaming sectors.

    Today, David runs Gaming Insiders, a private community for the entrepreneurs and executives who are building the new games industry. Prior to Gaming Insiders, he was the co-founder of social gaming studio Summerlight (acquired by Sojo Studios in 2011). Before starting Summerlight, David led business development at social gaming pioneer Meteor Games where he played a critical role in the creation of hit title Island Paradise. [Email David]

    With the launch of the Facebook platform in 2007, there were no other platforms to consider and publishing meant doing it yourself or raising venture capital. By 2012, the landscape has radically shifted, with many new platforms offering compelling opportunities for the emerging developer. In addition, there has also been an emergence of a whole new group of publishers and a myriad of options for funding, building and distributing your social game. Witz has been developing games on the Facebook platform since early 2008 and through his company's experience working with large publishers like Sony, Zynga, and Microsoft, will share his current view of the landscape and where things might be headed.

  • Watch videoHow to Put Actual Strategy in Social Games
    Dan CHAO, Lead Game Designer, Funzio
    Dan Chao was the lead game designer and producer on Kingdom Age. He currently works at Funzio and has worked in the game industry for 13 years as an engineer, designer, and producer. He has worked in the console/PC, casual download, and social game space.[Email Dan]

    Making social games that actually have strategy has been a challenging problem. What can be used from traditional games and what has to be morphed to work for social games? How can you make a game where the strategy isn't just "more is better" but is still compatible with social play patterns? How do you balance monetization, retention, virality, fun, and strategy? By using examples from the social and mobile space, this talk will go over a few core design concepts that Dan has formulated as he made his transition from traditional to social games.

  • 11:00 - 11:20

  • Tomer BEN EZRA, CEO, maudau
    Tomer Ben Ezra (Tom Ben), founded maudau in 2010 with two friends after investigating the cross-promotion industry. Prior to maudau, Tom played professional basketball and worked in the software industry. Today, he manages a company of near 20 amazing people, maintaining a happy, comfortable and positive environment for everybody as "stress" is not a word in his vocabulary.[Email Tomer]

    Cross-promotion has developed a mixed reputation in social and mobile games over the past few years. When managed well, it is one of the few 'win-win' scenarios - bringing qualified growth, improved retention, and strong, loyal, paying customers to everyone involved. Unfortunately, when managed poorly it means poor quality, stale traffic and lost opportunity. Join Tomer Ben Ezra to talk about what 'doing cross-promotion right' means, and how we can all benefit from sharing high-quality, high-retention, high-vitality gamers in any social environment.

  • Hans YANG, Director of Product, Zynga
    Amer AJAMI, Executive Producer, Zynga
    Building on 10 years of product expertise, Hans Yang is a Director of Product at Zynga. He leads Zynga’s Los Angeles Studio which includes the team that created Empires & Allies. Prior to joining Zynga, Hans was at Yahoo where he was a product manager on the No. 1 sports site, Yahoo! Sports as well as led the Custom Brand Experiences product team in creating sites for large-scale advertisers. Hans started his product career as a marketing manager at Taco Bell. Hans graduated with an engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Business.[Email Hans]

    Amer Ajami has over a dozen years of experience in the games industry. He is currently an executive producer at Zynga's Los Angeles studio, where he most recently led development on Empires & Allies. Before Zynga, Amer spent seven years at Electronic Arts working on the Command & Conquer and Lord of the Rings franchises as a member of EA Los Angeles’ production team. Amer began his career covering the video game industry for four years at CBS Interactive's GameSpot.com, where he wrote hundreds of stories, interviews, and game reviews as the publication's senior editor. Amer graduated from the University of California, Irvine.[Email Amer]

    A common perception is that reaching a large audience requires "simpler" genres like farming or arcade games, and more "hardcore" genres are limited to niche audiences. At this talk, the creators of Zynga’s Empires and Allies will challenge that perception and discuss how they adapted their experiences on real-time strategy games into a combat game that reached more than 6.5 million players every day.

  • Watch videoIt's the Content, Silly: How to Make Game Content Casual Players Covet | 11:00 - 11:50
    Margaret FOLEY-MAUVAIS, Franchise Art Director, Zynga
    Cara ELY, Creative Director, Zynga
    Lana McCARTHY, Creative Director, Zynga
    Jenny MARTIN, Executive Producer, Zynga
    discussion led by Chris TROTTIER, Principal Game Designer, Zynga
    Margaret Foley-Mauvais is a Franchise Art Director with the zCasual group at Zynga, focusing on hidden object games. She has been in the games industry for more than twenty years, working sixteen of those years at Electronic Arts where she directed art on titles such as The Lord of The Rings and Godfather I. Before joining Zynga, Margaret spent the last five years art directing mobile social games and applications.[Email Margaret]

    Cara Ely is a Creative Director at Zynga Inc. based in both Seattle and San Francisco. She led the creative team for the launch of Zynga’s first social hidden object game, Hidden Chronicles, and is now working on several new titles.

    Cara has been making casual games since 2000, and has shipped more than 60 titles as a Creative Director, Designer, or Producer. Prior to joining Zynga, she was a Creative Director at I-play Games; she launched a variety of puzzle and arcade titles, and created the Dream Day hidden object series, which generated more than 60 million downloads. Cara also worked on the best-selling You Don’t Know Jack and Hoyle Games series at Sierra Online.

    Cara was previously named as one of the 100 top women in Seattle tech, and has appeared in USA Today, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Inside Social Games, Gamezebo, The Seattle Times, and Seattle Magazine. When she’s not playing hidden object or puzzle games, she is always up for a round of Yahtzee.[Email Cara]

    Lana McCarthy is a Creative Director at Zynga. She joined the company in 2008 and has held several roles including as a Production Assistant, Executive Producer and Designer. Prior to Zynga, Lana worked at Lucas Arts in their Quality Assurance (QA) department where she worked on several games including Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Ultimate Sixth Edition), Fracture, and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Before joining Lucas Arts, Lana worked at Vivendi Universal where she was a QA tester and eventually worked in their Technical Requirements Group to focus on Microsoft standards in their games.[Email Lana]

    As Executive Producer for Zynga's FarmVille, Jenny Martin works with design, art and community to ensure that FarmVille fulfills its promise to some 4+ million players a day. Jenny began her career as an artist and animator working on C64 games and later served as Art Director for both Maxis and Sega of America. Jenny credits her longevity in the industry to a magical painting in her attic.[Email Jenny]

    Chris Trottier is a principal game designer at Zynga, focusing on new game development. Chris joined Zynga in 2008 as one of the first game designers at the company and has since brought her strong passion for simplicity, fictional charm, and player expression to franchises like Zynga Poker, FarmVille, YoVille and a host of new IP. Chris began at Zynga by bringing social design elements to Zynga Poker, a game that stands as one of Facebook’s most popular today.

    Prior to Zynga, Chris served as Lead Designer at Maxis, where she worked hand-in-hand with founder, Will Wright, to launch The Sims. She also served as lead designer on The Sims Online and The Sims: Livin’ Large. Following The Sims, Chris served as a lead designer on Spore.

    Chris started her career as part of the “new wave” of game developers that came through the children’s educational software market in the 90’s. As such, she brings a mass-market perspective to teams who had historically been making games for hardcore gamers. Chris loves game design as a career that exercises both analytics and creativity. As a former math and physics major, Chris is prone to geek out on the algorithms, mechanics and tuning of the games; but she takes her biggest inspiration from players who are wildly expressive. [Email Chris]

    If not guns, trolls, and kidnapped princesses, then what? A pink land of smiles and rainbows? (Spoiler: No!) As more and more people are playing games, the CONTENT of games—the style; the world; the deco sets; and, yes, even the hairstyles—is more important than ever before. This panel will pull from developers with backgrounds making AAA, traditional, casual, and social games to talk about what they’ve discovered designing games.

  • 11:30 - 11:50

  • Stephanie KAISER, Product Lead, wooga
    Timo DRIES, Product Manager, wooga
    Stephanie's passion for bridges led her to initially consider a career as a bridge builder. Whilst she has secretly still not given up on this goal, Stephanie became Product Lead at wooga in the meantime. She is today addicted to building games for non-gamers. wooga is the second biggest developer of social games worldwide.

    Stephanie designed the Facebook title Monster World, and developed a method of strictly metrics-driven design and weekly iterations. Since its launch in April 2010, the team has organically grown the game to now 2.3 million daily active users, making it the biggest monster game on Facebook. While Stephanie still cares a lot about her monsters, she is currently working on top-secret unannounced games.[Email Stephanie]

    As a kid Timo always wanted to work for Disney. At age 10 he discovered the electric guitar and stopped developing his drawing skills. Today he is a Product Manager at Wooga, responsible for the look and feel of a top-secret unreleased game. He is leading a team of four graphic artists and a sound engineer, driving them crazy with his weird stickman mock-ups and home recorded humming choirs.

    Previously, Timo designed virtual goods for the Facebook game Monster World, a top 15 social game on Facebook with 2.3m daily active users and over 8m monthly active users.

    Timo attended the University Of Paderborn (Popular Music & Media). He loves music, comics and disco-dancing. He also beat Jurassic Park on the SuperNintendo in less than one week.[Email Timo]

    There is a lot of buzz around metrics driven design, conversion funnels and a/b testing. You have certainly heard of it. But Numbers do not substitute a good design in the first place, and making the right decisions in the evolution of a game is still not a trivial task. Knowing which numbers to measure and how to improve them is a beautiful challenge.

    Drawing from the learnings across all wooga games, Stephanie and Timo will show that certain magic numbers have a dramatic impact on their games - and that you shouldn't bother to 'measure everything'. By showing a set of feature examples they will share how wooga manages to retain their users over very long periods of time.

    Besides metrics driven design, they will speak about the wooga way of adding a little love to their products, how their company culture influences their decision making, and by that the quality of their products. wooga's most important metric: the DSU - the Daily Smiling User.

  • Michael KALKOWSKI, Co-Founder & Managing and Creative Director, GameDuell
    Michael Kalkowski is co-founder, Managing and Creative Director of GameDuell and is responsible for the company's games, websites, and player communities. He has a passion for creating great teams and products that people love. Michael Kalkowski started his ventures as a serial entrepreneur 12 years ago as a founder of dooyoo.com. In his previous life he worked as an international product and marketing consultant. He holds several business degrees from Germany and an MBA from Eastern Illinois University (USA).[Email Michael]

    Congratulations, you’re ready to level up from four coders in a garage to become a 50/100/500 person team. How do you make sure that your team is growing not just larger, but smarter? Hiring great people is hard and keeping them is even more challenging. Over the last 8 years, GameDuell has evolved with the times, from its roots as a casual web developer with three people to a cross-platform, international game company with over 200 people in several countries. Michael Kalkowski, co-founder and Creative Director of GameDuell will talk about the steps and processes that GameDuell took in order to maintain creativity, innovation and culture while facing the twin challenges of corporate growth and high speed technology changes.


    12:00 - 12:50

  • Lunch served in Triple Door and Founders Room

  • 1:00 - 1:20

  • Tyson DAUGHERTY, SVP Strategic Partnerships, adtivity by appssavvy
    Jose BROTONS, COO & Co-founder, Product Madness
    Tyson Daugherty is senior vice president, strategic partnerships, adtivity by appssavvy, an activity advertising technology company. He leads strategic partnerships integrating the adtivity by appssavvy activity-based advertising platform, which enables web, social and mobile publishers, including CrowdStar, Disney, OMGPOP, TheBroth and Ubisoft, to name a few, to unlock and create new, display advertising opportunities reaching people as they perform activities.

    Daugherty arrived at appssavvy from Future US, where he was vice president, Internet development. At Future US, he steered online strategy and execution, and managed a team of more than 30 employees responsible for building and operating online products in video games, technology, sports, entertainment and music sectors. Through a combination of building, buying, partnering and marketing, Daugherty drove growth of the online product portfolio from seven million to 20 million monthly unique users.[Email Tyson]

    Jose Brotons and Lior Shiff co-founded Product Madness straight out of Stanford Business School in 2007. Dedicated since its inception to building products on Social Networks, Product Madness has been focused on the Social Gaming (Casino) space since early 2010. Over the years Product Madness has developed cutting edge technology in Application Creation and Application Life Cycle Management. Its technology and experience allows Product Madness to effectively leverage third party non-social content and quickly apply onto it social mechanics and elements not commonly found in standard casino games. Its proprietary technology and know-how then allow it to market, manage, analyze, optimize and monetize these games within the Facebook eco-system. Product Madness is currently leveraging all of this technology across different platforms as it expands into Mobile and other Social Networks.[Email Jose]

    Current game ad monetization models have stagnated. But with major game publishers including Zynga, EA and Disney Playdom committed to creating material advertising businesses based on their game audiences, we are entering an age of game ad innovation. What ad models are paving the way?

  • Anil DHARNI, SVP Studio Operations, GREE International
    Anil is the SVP of Studio Operations for GREE International. Prior to GREE, Anil was the President & COO of Funzio, the co-founder of mobile game company Storm8, and the VP of Products and UED at hi5 Networks, Inc. [Email Anil]

    As the mobile game industry and consumer preferences shift from arcade games to social games, many studios are also undergoing transition in order to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. While there are many challenges and differences associated with running a social game studio, there are also many skills, processes, and learnings that a traditional studio can take from their experience, and then apply to a social game studio business model. Join GREE International as we discuss challenges we’ve faced along the way, and how we apply these key learnings to our growing studios.

  • Watch videoMahjongg Dimensions Case Study
    Neal SINNO, SVP, Business Development, Arkadium
    Neal Sinno brings 15 years experience in market opportunity assessment, product development, and sales management. Prior to joining Arkadium, Neal was Vice President of Business Development at Game Trust. There he managed key relationships with partners to develop network, channel, search and advertising opportunities, and was a member of the executive team responsible for the company's acquisition by Real Networks. Prior to his role at Game Trust, Neal worked at Mellon Financial Corp, where he was the Director of E‐Commerce Product Development. Within his role there, he led a global team of developers, designers and actuaries to create state of the art web‐based financial applications. A seasoned sales and e‐business product specialist, Neal has also held key leadership roles at The New York Times and Lucent Technologies. Neal sits on the board of advisors for the Casual Games Association and frequently speaks at key industry events.[Email Neal]

    Investing in your most popular IP in an effort to reach as many people by leveraging as many platforms as possible is critical to the long term success of the franchise. Join Neal Sinno, Vice President of Business Development at Arkadium, to hear some of the successes and failures Arkadium experienced when bringing Mahjongg Dimensions franchise from a web playable to the download, social and mobile distribution routes.

  • 1:30 - 1:50

  • Jim YING, SVP Publishing, 6waves
    Jim Ying is Senior Vice President, Publishing for 6waves, a leading publisher of independent games on social networks and mobile devices. In this position, he oversees developer outreach, product management and growing 6waves' network of 20+ million monthly active users. Prior to joining 6waves, he served as Director of Product at GameHouse, the casual games division of RealNetworks. He has also spent time on the core gaming side of the industry, having managed titles in the Halo and Age of Empires franchises at Microsoft Xbox. Jim holds a BA from Williams College and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. [Email Jim]

    One of the most powerful assets any company in the social (Online or Mobile) arena can have is a portfolio of fun and compelling games. One game alone is afloat in a sea of competitors and threats, without allies or assistance when they start to sink. A portfolio of games, however, can work together to cross-pollenate, retain, re-engage, and support each other to quickly build loyal, engaged, and active player communities. Constructed correctly, that portfolio creates a safe harbor no matter how hard the storms of change rage in the open ocean. Join Jim Ying, SVP of Publishing from 6waves as he shares data and anecdotes about how to build and evolve a strategically viable portfolio of games, and how you can leverage even 2 or 3 games into a competitive advantage on and across social & mobile platforms.

  • Emily GREER, COO, Kongregate
    Emily co-founded Kongregate in 2006 with brother Jim and as COO oversees most day-to-day operations including product development, marketing, community, and monetization. Prior to Kongregate, Emily worked in marketing/e-commerce for various catalogers & retailers building statistical and financial models predicting customer behavior as well as doing product analysis, customer research, strategic planning and website development. [Email Emily]

    No one enters a free-to-play game with the intention of spending money. The process of converting players to buyers can be difficult, especially when a hard sell may label you "pay 2 win." Using stats and case studies from hundreds of games on Kongregate, Emily will break down the psychology and economics of the player lifecycle so that you can optimize both retention and conversion.

  • Watch videoDesigning Core Loops
    Suleman ALI, Co-Founder and CEO, TinyCo

    Suli is cofounder of TinyCo, which he founded with former high-school classmate Ian Spivey in early 2009. Previously, Suli founded social applications start-up Esgut in 2007, which was acquired by Social Gaming Network in 2008. Esgut created hit social apps like Superlatives and Entourage. Prior to founding Esgut, Suli worked at Microsoft as an engineer in the Windows division and as a PM on the Windows Home Server product for 3.5 years. Suli studied Computer Science at Georgia Tech, graduating in 2003.[Email Suleman]

    Core loops make or break social games. Learn from our years of mistakes and successes in designing core loops. Learn how to design core loops, what makes a great core loop, and how to iterate on your core loop.

  • 2:00 - 2:20

  • Jesse HULL, Executive Director of Technology, Social Games,GSN Digital
    Jesse Hull is Executive Director of Technology, Social Games for GSN Digital. He has been involved in technology start-ups for 16 years in the web, mobile and social gaming spaces. Jesse is a co-founder of Mesmo which became the largest gaming portal on the Facebook platform serving 1.8 million users daily. Mesmo was acquired by GSN in 2010. Prior to Mesmo, Jesse held technology leadership roles at various start-ups and industry leaders including: Firefly, Pocketthis, Snapfish, HP and Microsoft.[Email Jesse]

    Most social game developers claim to a/b test these days, but to succeed, testing must be part of your culture. How can you foster this across the organization and avoid common pitfalls? At GSN, every developer, designer and marketer thinks about a/b testing. This is how the company has managed to sustain growth on the Facebook platform for over 3 years. What are common mistakes people make when designing tests? What shouldn't you test? How long should your let your tests run? Attendees will get answers to all of these questions and more as they learn how to properly use a/b testing to grow and sustain their games.

  • Edgars STRODS, Head of Games, Odnoklassniki.ru
    Edgars Strods is the head of gaming department Odnoklassniki.ru. Fully responsible for many aspects of most successful game platform in Russia, he participated in the creation and development of games catalog, rules and moderation system. Loves all social games on earth. Before joining Odnoklassniki.ru, Edgars worked for Swedbank, where he was part of team, which created best internet bank in Europe.[Email Edgars]

    The social games market in Eastern Europe is quite young. Usage growth remains very impressive and Facebook is basically irrelevant here. Can social games compete with upcoming mobile competition? What future awaits Eastern European social gamers, and who can stay on top for the coming years? Join Edgars Strods, head of games for Odnoklassniki.ru, the largest social game network in Eastern Europe, to learn about opportunities, threats, and audience convergence in this recently emerged and growing market, as well as similarities and differences from social games elsewhere in the world.

  • Watch videoLearnings from Shadow Cities: What is the Successful Recipe for Location Based Games?
    Ville VESTERINEN, CEO & Co-Founder, Grey Area
    Ville is the CEO and co-founder of Grey Area, the maker of Shadow Cities. Shadow Cities – a location based MMORPG for iOS – has become a category-defining game title since it was released globally in 2011. New York Times' Seth Schiesel called Shadow Cities “the future of mobile gaming.” Before Grey Area, Ville co-founded ArcticStartup, the leading Nordic and Baltic tech media.[Email Ville]

    This session will focus on the design challenges in making great controls for a specific platform and taking existing titles and redesigning their controls to meet new platform needs. As a case study, the session will look at how we took the hit iOS title Fruit Ninja to other platforms such as PC (Facebook) and Console (Kinect).

  • 2:30 - 2:50

  • David EDERY, Co-founder, Spry Fox
    David Edery is the CEO of Spry Fox, a game development studio focused on making the world a happier place. Spry Fox has developed several hit games including Steambirds, Triple Town, and Realm of the Mad God. Prior to going his own way, David was the Worldwide Games Portfolio Manager for Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service.

    David is also the co-author of Changing the Game: How Video Games are Transforming the Future of Business – a review of the ways that games are helping companies to connect with customers, to attract, train, and motivate employees, and to boost their productivity. David is also presently a regular business columnist for Game Developer Magazine, the only print publication focused on game development.

    David received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he concentrated on marketing and entrepreneurship, and his BA in English and American Literature at Brandeis University.[Email David]

    Developing a good game is hard. Developing a good f2p game is very hard. If you're working on your first f2p game, you're probably going to learn the hard way how difficult it can be to retain users effectively, how to monetize your game effectively, and how time-consuming it can be to support your game and to deal with the many distribution channels that you will ultimately depend on... among other challenges. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from some of the lumps that Spry Fox has already taken and spare yourself a few headaches.

  • Leonardo RUBINSTEIN, Chief Revenue Officer, Vostu
    Leonardo is responsible for Vostu's monetization, marketing and business development efforts. He has a passion for games, and brought his previous experience as a Chicago futures trader with analytics and pattern recognition techniques into building great games for Vostu. In his previous life he worked as a strategic consultant for BCG and at Latin America private equity fund. He holds an industrial engineer degree from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA).[Email Leonardo]

    Two years ago, conventional wisdom pegged Latin America, and more particularly Brazil, as a potentially interesting market with a large population of motivated players, a measurable (if low) ARPU, good connectivity and a strong local social network called "Orkut". Still, most of the large social game publishers at the time had their hands full. The ballistic-missle-like growth of Facebook in North America and Western Europe and radically changing service economics kept most everyone too busy to seriously consider LatAm.

    Enter Vostu, the leading local publisher. Vostu brought an innate understanding of local content preferences and the peculiarities of regional e-commerce. They held great respect for both the incumbent regional social network as well as Facebook, the international giant. This mix of regional knowledge and international sensibility led to great success in a region publishers in more established markets labeled "hard to monetize."

    Join Leonardo Rubinstein, Chief Revenue Officer for Vostu, to hear all about his ups, downs, and lessons learned while turning the Latin American social scene into a successful games business.

  • Watch videoWhat Sells in Big MMORPGs and Why
    John YOUNG, VP of Business Development, Perfect World Entertainment
    John is Perfect World Entertainment’s VP of Business Development and Corporate Communications. He works with great game developers who are looking to create top-tier, online games to add to PWE’s roster of nine online free-to-play games, including Star Trek Online, Perfect World International, War of the Immortals, and Forsaken World.

    John previously ran Gazillion Entertainment's Publishing and Revenue Design functions, where he built the platform to launch Gazillion games, designed the revenue models and design systems for microtransaction games, and led platform engineering, website creation, administrative tools, customer service, billing, anti-fraud, safety, community, data analytics, and publishing production for online games. Gazillion games include Marvel Super Hero Squad. [Email John]

    Charts, analysis, and theory of what is happening under the hood with F2P massively multiplayer online games. Come check out this breakdown of virtual economies and what sells when you can assume that players are online together for multi-hour sessions with robust economies and rich, synchronous interaction.

  • 3:00 - 3:20

  • Lex BAYER, General Manager, PlaySpan, a Visa Company
    Lex Bayer is the General Manager of PlaySpan, a global monetization platform for online games, social networks, and digital media. PlaySpan, which was acquired by Visa Inc. in 2011, is the trusted partner for payment and subscription services for many of the top digital content companies in the world. Lex is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Prior to joining PlaySpan, Lex was the CEO and co-founder of Spare Change Payments, a payment platform designed specifically for the social networks. Spare Change Payments processed millions of transactions across hundreds of games and apps and pioneered the microtransaction model for the sale of virtual goods. Lex received both an MS and BS degrees in engineering from Stanford University. [Email Lex]

    The ever increasing number of virtual goods being purchased by gamers represents exciting new monetization opportunities for developers.

    How can game developers best capitalize on this global trend towards in-app purchases? How should you price your virtual goods and virtual currencies? What payment methods should you offer and when? How can you optimize your conversion funnel?

    These and other topics will be explored in this lecture, which will draw upon examples from leading companies in the gaming space that have successfully monetized their game properties. Game genres will include casual, social, mobile, and online MMO games. The intended goal is to provide deep insight to developers on what steps to take in order to turn those small ‘snackable’ bites of content into large ARPU-generating games.

  • Robert UNSWORTH, Director Business Development, Peak Games
    Robert recently joined Peak Games as Director of Business Development to support their continued expansion as one of the Top 3 social gaming companies in the world. Previously he led Global Business Development at Digital Chocolate.[Email Robert]

    At a time when many analysts are questioning the long-term sustainability of the social gaming industry, how can game developers ensure that their products and services reach the largest number of players possible? Learn how a local approach and cultural understanding can provide global growth and how your gaming services can tap into similar success.

  • Watch videoLeveraging Community for Game Design
    Joey KLEIN, Senior Producer, Playdom
    Joey Klein, Senior Producer at Playdom. Started at Playdom as a Community Manager after holding the same position at a small startup in Palo Alto. Been working as a Producer since early 2010 on multiple live games, including Sorority Life and Blackwood & Bell Mysteries. Graduated from Stanford in 2009 with a BA and MA in Psychology.[Email Joey]

    Discussion of how Sorority Life, one of Playdom/Disney Interactive's longest-lasting and most popular games on Facebook, tried and sometimes succeeded to use a robust player community to influence game design decisions.

  • 3:30 - 3:50

  • Michael VOS, Head of Sales-West, kiip
    Michael Vos is focused on building exemplary mobile programs for leading marketers. By integrating branded rewards at the moment of achievement, he offers his clients the most effective way to meet their objectives and delight their customers. An array of leading brands have benefited from the impressive results that such brand activation programs deliver.

    Prior to joining kiip, Michael cultivated his experience in digital media through his work at appssavvy, an activity advertising technology company, Specific Media, a top behavioral ad network, Spot Runner, a digital agency for targeted media and ROI-based methodology, and Business.com, the leading B2B search engine.[Email Michael]

    In the past, there were two ways to monetize users with brands: annoying banner ads and interstitials. Neither was directly related to the user and both detracted from the game experience. Three new methods have appeared in recent years that positively leverage players’ affinity to brands: in-game brand sponsorships, incentivized brand offers and branded virtual items for sale. Done well, leveraging brands increases user satisfaction, ARPUs and engagement. As always, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this and the devil is in the details. In this presentation, Michael Vos, Head of Sales-West at kiip will cover the do’s and don’ts of working with brands so you can increase ARPU, keep your gamers happy, leverage brands for exposure and revenue and increase player engagement.

  • Kiruba ESWARAN, Head of Business Development at Mobile Money TIMWE
    Kiruba is currently responsible for the growth & development of the mobile payments business in TIMWE. He has been instrumental in the development of TIMWE's Mobile Money area and growing it into a global carrier billing provider with a large number of direct connections to the Mobile Carriers around the world. Prior to TIMWE, he has worked for large IT Services provider in India and USA. As a leader for various initiatives and applications, he has helped save costs and increase productivity by resolving the bottlenecks in various processes & systems for some Fortune 500 companies.

    Kiruba holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with specialization in Electronics and Communication and an MBA with specialization in Marketing and Strategy. [Email Kiruba]

    The world of gaming monetization is changing rapidly and companies need to constantly update their methods to answer demands of the growing public, of shifting markets and the always evolving technology. In large part, Latin America has remained an un-tapped market and virtual goods sales are expected to increase strongly by 2014.

    With a vast amount of experience in emerging markets, TIMWE aims to share its knowledge of what makes the monetizing world go round in LatAm and discuss the importance of localization and carrier billing as a way to get ahead, focusing on the Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Peru markets.

  • Watch videoSelfish Creativity: Can Making the Game You Want to Play Lead to Success?
    David THOMSON, Founder, Ludometrics
    David Thomson, founder of Ludometrics, has been at the forefront of the Scottish games industry for the last 13 years, firstly as founder of The Games Kitchen and then in senior positions with Slam and Denki. He has worked across all aspects of game creation on a broad range of platforms and genres. Recognized as a pioneer of the mobile games industry since 1999, he has worked on projects with companies such as Disney, Valve, SEGA, Panasonic, Hasbro, Big Fish Games and Microsoft. [Email David]

    Oxo Good Grips Can Opener. Post-it bookmarks. Toy Story. Gmail. The complete works of Mark Twain.

    What do all these things have in common? They are all products their inventors and creators wanted to use, to see, to read.

    Software has had a long tradition in the same vein, with programmers scratching their own itch to create influential products such as Linux and the Apache web server, but can successful games really be created from the same impulse?

    David Thomson, founder of Ludometrics, refers to this process as “selfish creativity”, and will provide examples of games that have followed this principle and how it can be applied to your company.

  • 4:00 - 4:20

  • Alan AVIDAN, MBA, PhD, Executive Director, Bees & Pollen
    Yaron COHEN, Co-Founder & CEO, Bees and Pollen
    Dr. Alan Avidan brings a broad experience base to Bees and Pollen, from online games optimization technologies to software systems analysis and business development. Alan has been instrumental in developing the HoneyLizer real-time best-fit optimization products for brand and social apps and for the games industry, building its future generation of products and markets. Alan is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and led a high-tech company in the wireless and mobile communications space and established it as a world leader in its field, bringing it to high growth and consistent profitability, to be followed by a successful exit. Alan holds a PhD in Engineering and an Executive MBA.[Email Alan]

    Yaron is a business brainiac, and an experienced director and investor. Yaron comes from a strong hi-tech industry background, and has served in executive position in several internet companies. He is considered a world-class Q/A maven. As a computer games champ himself, Yaron understands the needs of games developers and publishers worldwide, and has steered Bees and Pollen to develop innovative products that drive demanding performance improvements and yet are practical for the small and mid-size developers to use.[Email Yaron]

    Learn how to turn “trash into gold” by extracting deep-buried knowledge of user conversion behavior into money-making actionable predictions of personalized in-game actions - Review of current and advanced Industry practices

  • Lloyd MELNICK, CEO, FiveOneNine Games
    Lloyd co-founded his first company, Merscom, in 1993 and eventually sold it to Playdom in 2010. At Playdom, and then Disney, Lloyd led the efforts to bring their social game portfolio to Europe, Latin America, Russia and India, growing the international business from virtually nothing to over twenty five percent of the company's traffic. Lloyd left Disney in August, 2011, to run FiveOneNine Games, a social gaming joint venture of two major US media companies.[Email Melnick]

    The good old days are over and building a great social game company is more difficult now than ever. Funding is not as easily available. Marketing is no longer just placing Facebook ads and counting the users. User acquisition overall is more costly. Game design is more complicated. Platform choice adds another risk factor. Exits are not easy to come by.

    In this session, we will discuss how to navigate the social gaming terrain to create a successful company (and also help define success). We will start by looking at what is attractive to investors and alternatives to traditional investment. We will then analyze how to create an engaging and monetizing social game and how to choose a target platform(s). Then we will review how you can get users for your games. Finally, we will discuss the key issues in sustaining and growing your company so you reach your goals.

  • Watch video2012: Social Games Year in Review | 4:00 - 5:00
    Dave ROHRL, VP of Game Production, Goko
    Steve MERETZKY, VP of Game Design, Playdom
    If you've played casual games on the Internet this century, odds are decent that you've played a game that Dave Rohrl touched. After beginning his career in edutainment, Dave moved to Pogo in 2000 where he created many of Pogo's best-loved franchises, including Word Whomp and Tumble Bees. He also co-founded Pogo To Go, Pogo's downloadable game service. Dave was the founder and GM of PopCap's original San Francisco studio which created Plants vs. Zombies. Since 2000, Dave has been working in gaming at Zynga, Playdom, PopCap, and Pogo where he has worked on popular titles like Zynga Poker, Scramble, Wild Ones, Mobsters 2, and Sorority Life. Dave now serves as VP of Game Production at Goko, where he oversees design and development on the company's premier game titles. Dave lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his two children and approximately 500 board games.[Email Dave]

    It's hard to have a serious conversation about gaming without mention of Steve. It's also hard to have a humorous conversation about gaming without mention of him. Steve's contributions to the industry began in 1981 at the legendary adventure game company Infocom, where his titles included Planetfall, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (a collaboration with Douglas Adams), Leather Goddesses of Phobos and Zork Zero. Prior to joining Playdom, Steve co-founded Boffo Games and held senior creative posts at Blue Fang Games, Floodgate Entertainment and WorldWinner.com. Over his prolific career, Steve also consulted with teams at Activision, Blizzard, Disney, EA, Harmonix, Hasbro and Legend, to name a few. A former board member of IGDA, Steve is co-organizer of the Social and Online Games Summit at the GDC as well as the annual Game Designers Workshop. Steve holds a BS in construction project management from MIT, but otherwise assures us that he did not waste his four years there.[Email Steve]

    The social games market is maturing, but still undergoing large and fascinating upheavals. Over the past year, we've seen the rise of new competitors in the space, the demise of a few others, the meteoric growth of new genres of games, and declines in some older genres. What’s hot and what’s not? What should you expect to see in the coming year? Join two of social gaming’s grizzled veterans, Dave Rohrl (VP of Game Production at Goko) and Steve Meretzky (VP of Game Design at Playdom) as they dive deeply into the most notable social games from the past year (both high profile and hidden gems), the lessons these games teach us, and the trends that they portend.

  • 4:30 - 4:50

  • Gerard CUNNINGHAM, Founder & CEO, Koolbit / WinCity
    Gerard Cunningham is Founder & CEO of Koolbit / WinCity a venture-backed, mobile, social, casino company. Previously Gerard founded Betfair USA, the US division of one of the largest real money betting companies in the world. In that role, he led the largest legal online betting business in USA, and after leading Kabam's Series B, joined the Board. Throughout his career Gerard has been on the cutting edge of new platforms and new technologies. He is a Scot who made San Francisco his home nearly 20 years ago, after living and working all over Europe and Asia.[Email Gerard]

    Gerard Cunningham is a well known iGaming leader and speaker, and now leads one of the largest mobile-first, social casino companies. Gerard will share his perspective on 3 huge trends

    - the tsunami of mobile gaming
    - the continued growth of social gaming
    - the opening up of legal online gambling in USA
    And why these 3 trends are making social casino games, and in particular mobile, social casino games one of the hottest genres, and biggest opportunities in gaming today.

  • Ed ZOBRIST, GM Publishing, RockYou
    Ed Zobrist has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, general manager, consumer marketing executive and game designer/producer. Zobrist is currently the General Manager for Publishing within RockYou. Among his group’s projects is AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game.[Email Ed]

    Ed Zobrist, GM Publishing at RockYou, discusses how traditional Hollywood IP is entering the social gaming genre and why companies in the entertainment business are increasingly integrating their brands into social games. RockYou’s third-party publishing arm, RockYou Studio Partners, is bringing big media companies and high value IP from popular movies and TV shows into the social game realm, and has partnered with Sony and AMC. Ed discusses how the benefit to big media includes extending the IP touch points with fans on a new platform, as well as launching into social with a massive distribution head start. RockYou can provide examples of how Hollywood benefits from integrating in social games and also provide tips for developers on how to create games that resonate with fans of popular TV shows and movies.


    Triple Door Lectures: Mobile and Indie Games

  • July 26:
    Indie Developers, Game Design and Storytelling

    Emcees: Joseph Lieberman, Founder, VGSmart Marketing
    Robert Adams, Sr. Director – Content Management, Oberon Media/I-play

  • July 25:
    Mobile: Platforms, Monetization, Metrics & Appstores

    Emcee: Nick Berry, President, DataGenetics

    The land of opportunity…the mobile gaming world is blossoming. Smartphone gaming is hot and tablet gaming may be even hotter. Our mobile sessions will sort it all out with an impressive group of industry professionals discussing the trends, the challenges and how to get your game in the hands of millions!

  • July 24:
    Mobile Games: Design, Production & Beyond

    Emcee: David Nixon, Founder & CEO, Gemini Hive Inc.

    The land of opportunity…the mobile gaming world is blossoming. Smartphone gaming is hot and tablet gaming may be even hotter. Our mobile sessions will sort it all out with an impressive group of industry professionals discussing the trends, the challenges and how to get your game in the hands of millions!

  • 9:00 - 9:20

  • Watch videoBlackBerry 10, If You Are Serious About Gaming!
    Anders JEPPSSON, Global Head of Gaming, Research In Motion
    Anders was founder and CEO of game development company SouthEnd Interactive between 1998-2010 and is credited as Lead Game Designer and Senior Producer and have worked on games such as Deathrow (Xbox), R-Type Dimensions (XBLA), Lode Runner (XBLA) and Ilomilo (XBLA/WP7) on Xbox/360, PS3, Android, Windows Mobile, WP7 and other platforms.

    Anders also worked as Head of Innovation and Chief Visionary Officer in telecom with a specific mission of expanding into the major Asian telecom companies before joining The Astonishing Tribe in October 2010. TAT was acquired by RIM a month later and Anders is now focusing on the global gaming strategy for RIM. [Email Anders]

    Get ready for Research In Motion®'s (RIM®) next generation mobile computing platform that started with the release of the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet last year. In just a few months the first BB10 phones will launch to the excitement of our existing 78M passionate BlackBerry users!

    Come and listen to why many developers already consider BB10 the best platform to develop on when going cross platform.

    The presentation will also briefly cover: BB10, the opportunity to develop for BlackBerry, what's new on the platform and opportunities to best monetize your games.


    9:30 - 9:50

  • Watch videoBuild Fast or Build to Last?
    Scott LANTZ, Sr. Technical Project Manager, PopCap
    Scott Lantz is a Sr. Technical Project Manager in PopCap’s Platform Services group. There he works on centralized technology initiatives including PopCap’s metrics platform and other data-related services. Before that, he worked in PopCap’s studio on such titles as Bejeweled Blitz, Zuma’s Revenge, and Peggle Nights.[Email Scott]

    Building something fast is, of course, important to get your product or feature to market, but so is investing in well-built technology that stands the test of time. Unfortunately, those two are often mutually exclusive.

    This session investigates the trade-offs between the two extremes and the area in between, along with some great real-world examples of how these decisions were made (and their consequences.)

  • Watch videoThe Secret to Longevity: How to Build a Gaming Company for the Long-Haul
    William SIU, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Storm8
    William Siu is a co-founder and lead software engineer at Storm8, the leading social mobile gaming company in the US. In 2009, William helped co-found Storm8, and lead the development and implementation of what is now the company’s in-game purchasing system.

    Prior to co-founding Storm8, William was a software engineer at Facebook, where he worked on the team that developed Facebook Credits, the platform’s virtual currency that players use to buy virtual goods in games and applications. Prior to joining Facebook, William worked as a software engineer at Google, where he was charged with the task of assisting in the creation and launch of Google Checkout.

    William holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo. [Email William]

    Mobile game developers face fierce competition, both from the industry’s giants, and the robust startups that are emerging. Although there’s room for many companies to succeed, it takes more than one popular game and monetization is key. Co-founder and Chief Product Officer for Storm8, William Siu, will share best practice tips in building a profitable mobile gaming business that can multiply one hit into many.


    10:00 - 10:20

  • Watch videoManaging A Casual Indie Studio: History of HipSoft
    Brian GOBLE, Co-founder, HipSoft
    Bryan BOUWMAN, Co-founder, HipSoft
    Brian programmed games for profit while earning a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science at the University of Washington. After graduating in 1991, Brian worked as a senior software engineer at Edmark developing award-winning children’s educational software. In 1994, Brian left Edmark and co-founded Monolith Productions to develop games for the retail market. In 2002, Brian left Monolith and co-founded HipSoft to develop casual games for the growing downloadable market. At HipSoft, Brian wears multiple hats including business development, game designer and programmer. [Email Brian]

    Bryan has been designing and programming games for over 20 years. He has co-founded two successful game companies, the current one being HipSoft, which he helped start in 2002. HipSoft has made over 20 casual games including the Build-a-lot series, Flip Words and Puzzle Express. [Email Bryan]

    HipSoft, a leading developer of casual games, was founded in 2002 and has continued to remain small but profitable while still allowing for a family friendly work schedule. This session will give you a brief history of the company, what challenges and benefits were encountered along the way and tips on how to stay independent.

  • Watch videoMonetization Trends for Mobile Games
    Aaron RUBENSON, Director, Amazon Appstore for Android
    As the business leader for the Amazon Appstore on Kindle Fire and other Android tablets and phones, Aaron is responsible for strategy, business development, developer account management, marketing, and business operations for the store. Kindle Fire and the Amazon Appstore enable developers to reach millions of Amazon.com customers – including millions of Kindle Fire owners - and the Amazon In-App Purchasing API provides a powerful and simple means for developers to monetize their app downloads. [Email Aaron]

    After launching Kindle Fire late last year, Amazon is in a unique position to have a 10,000 foot view of mobile game monetization trajectories and trends. Zooming way out, above the individual and even genre levels, Amazon can see changes and evolutions in player monetization behavior that may be difficult to see when immersed in operation details of a single game or game portfolio. Join Aaron Rubenson, Director of Amazon Appstore for Android, as he shares a broad-spectrum view of game monetization to help developers as they make game design and operation decisions.

  • Watch videoIt’s Always More Fun With Friends: Building Successful Social Mobile Franchises
    Vijay THAKKAR, CTO and Toy Maker,
    Zynga With Friends
    Vijay Thakkar began his industry experience at Sony Online Entertainment while working on his Computer Science degree at The University of Texas. From there, he established a strong foundation with PC MMO development, and has since gained broader experience in console games (Halo Wars) as well as casual and mobile games (Words with Friends, We Rule, Hanging With Friends). He is an avid gamer and proud of the breadth of his experience. He currently works at Zynga With Friends as Chief Technology Officer and Toy Maker and hopes to grow and use his experience to do what he can to help empower developers and the industry as a whole. [Email Vijay]

    Vijay Thakkar, CTO of Zynga With Friends, will take you through the key tools the Zynga With Friends studio uses to create games that inspire and connect their users. Covering a breadth of techniques that goes from leveling up ideas in their infancy to augmenting titles that are already live, this session will provide inspiration and information to anyone creating mobile or social games.

  • 10:30 - 10:50

  • Watch videoMarketing by Design: Building IP with Reach
    Charley PRICE, CCO, Hidden Variable Studios
    Charley Price is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Hidden Variable Studios. He draws upon over eight years of development experience in design, production, and creative management – spearheading conceptualization and development of a diverse and innovative assortment of successful products spanning many platforms. Prior to co-founding Hidden Variable, he served as Lead Designer at Liquid Entertainment for over seven years working on games that spanned the PC RTS, casual Adventure, console Action/RPG, and social game genres, and IP as varied as Dungeons & Dragons and Desperate Housewives. [Email Charley]

    A cutting-edge viral marketing strategy is great, but it will do you no good if your core experience doesn’t have legs to begin with. Using Hidden Variable’s hit grocery-bagging puzzle game Bag It! as a basis, this presentation will discuss techniques you can use on your project today to best create (or leverage) your IP in a fashion that is unique, relatable, and intriguing to both press and customers alike.

  • Watch videoMaximizing Mobile ROI
    Nick BOGOVICH, Executive Director, Mobile, GSN
    Nick Bogovich is Executive Director, Mobile for GSN Digital. In this role, he oversees business and product development for GSN's mobile initiatives, including the recently launched GSN Casino app on iOS and Android.

    Prior to GSN, he was Director of Engineering at HiveFire where he led the company's product development efforts. Previously, Nick co-founded and served as president of mStyle, a mobile marketing boutique. Nick's track record includes client wins from Obama For America, Nokia, Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, and Playboy.

    Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [Email Nick]

    As the mobile landscape gets more crowded, getting ROI from your app is increasingly challenging. With limited development and marketing budgets, as well as pressure to deliver products on time, companies need to be smart from product inception through launch and beyond to maximize their ROI. During this session, Nick will address a variety of challenges game publishers face in bringing their apps to market. Topics covered include:
    - Lowering development and maintenance costs
    - Minimizing costs of user acquisition and retention
    - Maximizing user LTV
    - Differentiating yourself from the competition
    - Evolving efficiently over time

  • Watch videoFlying on Bullets, Rainbows and Cash – the story of Jetpack Joyride
    Phil LARSEN, CMO, Halfbrick
    Phil Larsen is CMO at Halfbrick in Brisbane, Australia. He is in charge of all marketing initiatives and has brought Halfbrick’s games to over 150 million players around the world. He is a stakeholder in all projects at the studio and works with all teams on creative design, brand positioning and intuitive monetization strategies for each game in development. Phil values an intelligent, creative studio culture and above all, making incredibly fun games! [Email Phil]

    Phil Larsen, CMO at Halfbrick will take you on a journey all the way back to 2009, starting with his very own creation – Barry Steakfries. With humble beginnings, steady growth and creative vision, the Steakfries brand has taken off and is now soaring in Jetpack Joyride, one of the biggest games on the App Store. Phil will discuss the evolution of the franchise, a post-mortem of development, marketing and success, and the ultimate test for Halfbrick – following up Fruit Ninja.

  • 11:00 - 11:20

  • Watch video1 Million Downloads in a Month – How Indies Can Make It Happen
    Simon NEWSTEAD, CEO, Frenzoo
    Simon Newstead is the CEO and Co-Founder of Frenzoo, creator of 3d lifestyle games for mobile and the web. Prior to starting Frenzoo he led the Emerging Technology group of Juniper Networks in Asia Pacific based out of Hong Kong, helping to bring new products and services to market. Simon has a personal interest in bringing together the best of East and West to make even better gaming experiences for players globally. [Email Simon]

    Today, making a great game is only half of the battle. The other half is getting it heard above the noise of all the other games out there. For the big players with millions of dollars in advertising budget the path is clear, but what about the small to mid-size players? This talk will examine tips for executing a strong launch and gaining downloads as efficiently and quickly as possible. It will draw on some real-life examples including the speaker’s experience launching his game, Style Me Girl, and cover topics including press, smart-launch marketing, choosing categories and keywords, optimizing for physical and online word of mouth, and a/b testing collateral. It will also contrast experiences on various app stores.

  • Watch videoHow To Make It Big: Monetization Strategies of Top Mobile Game Developers
    Barry DORF, Director, 3rd Party, ngmoco
    Lou FASULO, COO, Z2Live
    Jason GRUBER, VP of Business Development, WildTangent
    discussion led by Jeff TENNERY, SVP – Global Monetization Solutions, Millennial Media
    During his time at ngmoco, Barry has facilitated the launch of over 50 3rd party titles and directed the launch of the Mobage gaming platform in the West. He also produced the critically acclaimed Adventure Bay social mobile game for ngmoco 1st Party studios and supervised development of the Mobage Developer portal.

    Previously in his career, Barry co-founded social gaming network, GameStrata, after spending 12 years at Electronic Arts working on the Madden franchise and the Pogo platform. [Email Barry]

    Lou is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Z2Live including production, marketing, operations and business development. Z2Live is a leading developer of next generation, free-to-play social games for mobile. Founded in 2009, Z2Live has created hit titles such as Battle Nations, Trade Nations, and Metal Storm.

    Prior to Z2Live, Lou lead the Publishing Team at NY based Sonic Boom Games including portfolio planning, sales, business development and marketing for the leading mobile games and UGC applications publisher. Lou’s team inked highly strategic licensing deals in the casual games space with PlayFirst and Big Fish Games, and launched the company’s first original IP that achieved Top Seller status and “Best of 2009” on Verizon Wireless’ storefront in 2009. [Email Lou]

    After several years of heading various departments at AOL and Microsoft, Jason joined WildTangent, where he is leading a team of business development and partner managers. [Email Jason]

    As Senior Vice President, Global Monetization Solutions - Acquisition, Jeff is responsible for new publisher and developer business acquisition and the adoption of Millennial Media’s best in class monetization tool sets. Over the past four years, Jeff has led business development and publisher services efforts to help build the company’s industry-leading mobile advertising application portfolio.

    Jeff brings more than 23 years of sales and marketing experience in the wireless telecommunications industry, including executive roles at Verizon Wireless, SunCom (Telecorp PCS), nTelos and AT&T Wireless. In 2001, as the vice president of sales and marketing for Telecorp PCS, Jeff was a key member of the executive team that facilitated AT&T Wireless’ acquisition of the company. In addition, Jeff served as vice president of wireless sales and operations at nTelos where he played a pivotal role in the company’s IPO in 2006. [Email Jeff]

    Ready to learn how to succeed in the mobile app economy? Learn how leading mobile game developers have cracked the code and made it big. From one time downloads to micro payments and mobile advertising, discover the essentials of an effective monetization and marketing strategy and understand the tactics that help them make more money and succeed in today’s app economy.

  • Watch videoFrom Social to Mobile: The Game has Changed but So Can You
    Mike SEGO, CEO, Gaia Interactive
    A pioneer in social gaming, Mike Sego is the CEO at Gaia Interactive (makers of Gaia Online) and has led the company's expansion into social and mobile games, including the successful Monster Galaxy titles for Facebook and iOS. Prior to Gaia, Mike was the creator and sole developer of (fluff)Friends, the first Facebook game to monetize with virtual currency, which was acquired by SGN in 2008. Previously, Mike served as a Technical Lead for Gmail, and prior to Google, Mike was a software engineer at EA on The Sims Online. Mike studied at Stanford University, where he earned a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science, with a focus on HCI. Mike has spoken at over a dozen industry conferences, including GDC, SXSW, Web 2.0 Expo, PAX, and Casual Connect, where he continually aims to make the business case for making games that people love. [Email Mike]

    The past three years saw a huge surge of interest in social game development, but as the opportunity in mobile gaming continues to grow, social game developers are faced with a difficult decision: Stick with increasingly challenging Facebook platform, or take the plunge into mobile. In this talk, Mike will cover how Gaia Interactive has handled expansion from social to mobile, taking its Facebook title Monster Galaxy and re-imagining it as a mobile game that proved to be more successful than its predecessor. Mike will review which lessons learned proved to be applicable, and what motivates user engagement, retention, and monetization between the two seemingly different, but ultimately very related gaming platforms.

  • 11:30 - 11:50

  • Watch videoTelling a Deep Story in a Casual Game
    Chris SKAGGS, CTO & Founder,
    Soma Games
    Chris Skaggs is founder and CTO of Soma Games and Code-Monkeys, an application and web development company specializing in custom mobile solutions that improve the way you work, learn and play. Founded in 1999, Soma Games & Code-Monkeys have been building solutions for leading organizations like Intel, Four Seasons, Comcast, Mashable, Fandango and Aruba Networks, as well as non-profit organizations, school districts and universities. Chris is an Intel Blackbelt recipient and frequent speaker at mobile and game developer conferences. [Email Chris]

    The rise of social networks, social games and MMOs, and the advancements in mobile technology and multiplatform development has created the casual games industry virtually overnight. In some ways, gamers have evolved but in other ways they are the same as they’ve always been – yearning for deeper meaning and purpose in everything we do, including the games we play. We want more than puzzles, more than shallow interaction. We want games that stimulate our senses to explore, test and refine our intellect and psyche. Above all, we want to be entertained. For today’s discerning casual games audience, developing a rich storyline and deep narrative that invites mental exploration is critical. In this session, Chris Skaggs of Soma Games will discuss the factors influencing new trends toward games with purpose, and share examples and tips on how to create an interactive narrative framework for casual games that engage and entertain.

  • Watch videoMobile Game Monetization: Separating Myth from Reality
    Marco DeMIROZ, CEO & President, PlayFirst
    Marco DeMiroz is president and CEO of PlayFirst, Inc. PlayFirst's mission is to deliver delightful play to everybody, every day. Over 550 million people have played PlayFirst's hit franchise, Diner Dash.

    DeMiroz has over 20 years of experience in executive roles with leading technology companies and in global investments.

    Prior, DeMiroz was president and CEO of Racktivity, a leading cloud platform provider. Before Racktivity, DeMiroz was with Trinity Ventures, focusing on early-stage media, entertainment and energy investments. He was also a Managing Director at Selby Ventures, and led its investments in digital media and Internet sectors. Selby was one of the founding investors of Pandora. DeMiroz has worked at leading technology companies including Oracle, Sun, Silicon Graphics and General Magic, and his executive roles have encompassed CEO, President, CFO, SVP Business Development and VP Operations. [Email DeMiroz]

    In today’s mobile gaming environment, monetization is the Holy Grail. With the growing popularity of the freemium business model, it’s imperative that game developers understand the nuances of how to monetize within the game and, at the same time, maximize entertainment and enjoyment for the players. Increasingly driven by metrics, monetization is becoming more of a numbers game. But, is it all science and no art? Has the pendulum swung too far in one direction or the other? This talk, delivered by technology industry veteran and PlayFirst CEO Marco DeMiroz, will explore the myths and realities of monetization in today’s ultra-competitive world of mobile gaming. For instance, using real life learnings from Diner Dash, the PlayFirst mobile mega-hit, DeMiroz will debunk the common myth of “you only have three months to reach profitability and make your game a hit,” and others. Session participants will walk away with a new understanding of monetization and tips and techniques that they can apply to their mobile game businesses.

  • Watch videoOregon Trail: American Settler - Navigating Gameloft's trek to Free-to-Play
    Samir EL AGILI, VP of Production for North and South America, Gameloft
    As the VP of Production for US and South America, Samir El Agili oversees the management of Gameloft’s studios in both the American and Latin American markets while maintaining responsibility for a production staff of over 800 employees.

    Prior to joining Gameloft, Samir worked as a project manager for Schneider, a global specialist in energy management, where he helped to save over 15 Million euros for the company by optimizing the efficiency of the France sales team consisting of over 580 employees.

    At the early age of eighteen, Samir was named co-founder and technical director of PC STAR, a company that custom built, designed and sold personal computers based on customer needs.

    Samir holds a Masters in Management with a focus on marketing from the HEC School of Management, in addition to a BS in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on Aerodynamics from Queen Mary, University of London.

    In 2001 Samir was also awarded with the Royal Aeronautical Society Prize, a prestigious award granted annually to the best aeronautical engineering graduate of the academic year. [Email Samir]

    In the early 1970’s the widely popular computer game The Oregon Trail was produced to teach school children about the life of the 19th century pioneer as they made their way from Independence, MI, to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. In 2008, Gameloft launched a refreshing remake of the acclaimed classic using updated visuals and gameplay for mobile and smartphone platforms, while maintaining its nostalgic luster. Now, three years later Gameloft is propelling its revenue growth and audience by introducing more casual and/or "freemium" games. In doing so, they have also released the second installment to the popular franchise, the freemium title Oregon Trail: American Settler, which ventures into the story beyond the 5-month 2,000 mile trek across the nation and into the establishment and construction of a new town.

  • 12:00 - 12:50

  • Watch videoLunch Session: The New Look of Game Publishing: How Games Get Published in Today’s Dynamic Market
    Jamil MOLEDINA
    Anthony JACOBSON, SVP Business Development, Atari
    Adam BOYES, VP, Publisher Relations, Sony Computer Entertainment America
    Michael RITTER, VP of Licensing & Distribution, SGN
    discussion led by Rob CARROLL, Director of Publishing, Tapjoy
    Jamil was the VP BD for Funzio, managing platform and partner strategy. Funzio was acquired by GREE, where he briefly performed a similar role. Jamil now contemplates the future. [Email Jamil]

    Anthony Jacobson is the Senior Vice President Business Development at Atari where he has been instrumental in shifting the organization from a physical goods to digital publisher. Prior to Atari, Jacobson served as Senior Vice President of Game Studios at PlaydayTV, the Softbank funded, branded, free to play, ad-supported interactive television channel featuring casual game play. At PlaydayTV he was responsible for the creation and implementation of content programming and acquisition strategy. Previously, Jacobson was the CEO and Founder of the Shanghai based AAA game development company, Spicy Horse Games, as well as The Mauretania Import Export Company, the first game-centric transmedia production company. While there, Jacobson led all aspects of business development, finance, legal, partnerships as well as strategic planning. Jacobson sold his first internet venture, Goodstory.com, to Creative Planet and has previously held positions at The William Morris Agency and Sony Pictures Classics. [Email Anthony]

    Adam Boyes is VP of Publisher Relations at Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). In this role, Boyes leads publisher relations, developer relations and content acquisition, and is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with SCEA’s external development and publishing partners in North America. In addition, Boyes oversees SCEA’s Pub Fund program, working to bring unique, independent games to PlayStation platforms.

    A 17-year industry veteran, Boyes began his career in production at EA Canada, later served as the Director of Production at Capcom USA and most recently held the position of President at Beefy Media, a videogame production house which he founded. [Email Adam]

    Michael Ritter is SVP of Licensing & Distribution and oversees licensing, distribution, publishing and partnerships for SGN. At SGN, Ritter facilitated the acquisitions of SGN and Hallpass Media and is responsible for developing the mobile publishing business and strategy. Ritter oversees the development and distribution of mobile titles such as Ion Racer, Warp Dash, Bird's the Word, Night of the Living Dead Defense and Jigsaw Mansion 2. [Email Michael]

    Rob Carroll is the Director of Publishing for Tapjoy, where he runs their Android porting fund and manages the publishing activities for the company. In his role with Tapjoy, Rob advises game developers of all sizes in the best practices of monetization, game mechanics and viral distribution for their mobile and social games.

    Prior to joining the Tapjoy team, Rob worked in the real world as a designer and producer for Zynga and Hive7 on their social games and as a console game producer at LucasArts. Odds are you have played one of his titles, such as Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, Street Racer, Pirates, YoVille, Knighthood, The Sindicate, Youtopia, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Star Wars: Elite Squadron and many others. [Email Rob]

    You have a talented team, you have a great idea and some incredible concept art, but how do you find the funding you need to make the game and the distribution to make it a hit?

    The members of our panel have an eye for finding a hit. They have had apps at the top of the charts and have given out millions of dollars to developers for the creation of mobile and social games. During the panel we will share the good, the bad and the ugly from the pitches they have seen and more importantly they will share the things that catch their eye, to help you get a publishing deal.

  • Watch videoLunch Session: Congratulations, You Died! Humorous Writing for Dungeons of Dredmor
    Nicholas VINING, CTO, Gaslamp Games
    Nicholas Vining is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Gaslamp Games, an independent game development studio based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. In his day-to-day role at Gaslamp, he is responsible for overseeing the technical direction of the studio, as well as contributing to the programming, writing and design of Gaslamp Games' projects. He served as the lead programmer and co-designer of the critically acclaimed roguelike Dungeons of Dredmor, voted PC Gamer's "Indie Game of the Year" for 2011, and the 48th best PC Game of All Time by the same publication. (IGN nominated Dredmor for Best PC RPG of 2011, but it lost - narrowly! - to something called Skyrim.)

    Nicholas has been involved with the game industry since 2000, when he got a job working for Loki Software Inc., the original Linux porting company, at the age of sixteen. Ever since then, he has worked on everything from the Unreal Engine’s OpenGL Renderer to a series of games made by the notorious Derek Smart – and a game so bad that it inspired the first ever appearance of the “Fruit F*cker 2000″ in the comic strip Penny Arcade. He has written for Game Developer Magazine, and has contributed to the specifications for OpenGL, the industry-leading graphics API, having co-authored three extensions that were approved by the Architectural Review Board. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with Honors, both from the University of Victoria. If found at a conference, please offer him coffee. [Email Nicholas]

    In this very serious lecture, the process behind the Gaslamp writing approach, our influences, and our day-to-day creative process will be displayed to a horrified public. We'll look at why Gaslamp made a funny game, how we use our writing to distinguish ourselves in the indie market, and why writing is the cheapest thing you can do to improve your title (this worked out well for us; we ran out of money and our animator left to go to work for Blizzard.) We will show how many "funny" games fail to actually be funny, and how to avoid common pitfalls encountered in the pursuit of comedy. We will illustrate how Dredmor uses multiple forms of humour, ranging from parody and satire, to deadly earnest seriousness, to ensure that the game remains fresh and funny across multiple gameplay sessions, including a behind-the-scenes look at our procedural humor generator. We will also examine how Dredmor's humor serves as a bridging mechanism that helps ease the immersion of the player into Dredmor's roguelike, permadeath-based hardcore gameplay mechanics.

    Attendees will leave the lecture unable to laugh at anything ever again.

  • Watch videoLunch Session: Current State of Mobile App Discovery
    Paul CHEN, VP of Developer Relations, PapayaMobile
    Chris AKHAVAN, VP and GM, Partnerships & Strategic Operations, Tapjoy
    Kim CARLSON, Head of Performance Sales, InMobi North America
    Andrej NABERGOJ, CEO, Iddiction Inc.
    Charles YIM, Head of Mobile Games Partnerships, Google
    discussion led by Charles HUDSON, Venture Partner, SoftTech VC
    As Vice President of Developer Relations at Papaya Mobile, Paul Chen is responsible for building the ecosystem of game and application developers that support the Papaya social network for Android devices. Prior to joining Papaya Mobile, Paul served as Product Manager for NVIDIA’s line of Tegra application processors. Paul has also held various engineering roles at Advanced Micro Devices and covered the technology sector as an investment banking analyst for Salomon Smith Barney. Paul received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and his M.B.A. from Columbia University. [Email Paul]

    Prior to joining Tapjoy, Chris developed and managed publisher networks for RockYou Ads, the largest display ad network on Facebook, and VideoEgg (now SayMedia), pioneers of brand cost-per-engagement advertising. He also spent a number of years at Yahoo! producing content for Yahoo! Video. Chris received his BA in Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. [Email Chris]

    Kim is currently Head of Performance Sales, North America for InMobi. InMobi is the largest independent mobile ad network reaching 100mm+ uniques in North America and 600mm unique users globally. Kim has extensive background in digital media and is currently leading a sales team focused on game and non-game advertisers wishing to grow user acquisition around the world. [Email Kim]

    Born in Slovenia, Andrej Nabergoj co-founded and led internet start-ups in the U.S., Europe and Japan, including Httpool, a leading emerging markets online advertising network, and Noovo Games, a developer of social games.

    Based in Palo Alto, Andrej was the founding CEO of Outfit7, best known as the creator of Talking Tom from the best selling Talking Friends Series. Outfit7 is one of the world’s leading and fastest growing mobile entertainment companies with over 400 million downloads on iOS and Android devices.

    Andrej recently started of Iddiction Inc., a stealth mobile application start-up based in Silicon Valley. Iddiction raised $3.5 million in seed capital to solve the challenges of mobile app distribution. Iddiction investors include Comcast, Highland Capital, IDG Ventures and others. [Email Andrej]

    Charles Yim leads mobile application partnerships for Google’s mobile display advertising business. In this role, Charles works with both traditional and emerging game developers in building their smartphone businesses. Charles has extensive experience in the online and mobile games eco-system as a venture capital investor and startup entrepreneur. Prior to Google, Charles was on the business development team at AdMob; he also helped launch Boomerang Networks, a virtual currency monetization startup catering to Facebook game developers; and was an associate with TriplePoint Capital, where he was involved with gaming investments such as Acclaim Games (acquired by Playdom/Disney), TwoFish (acquired by LiveGamer) and QuickHit Sports. [Email Charles]

    Charles Hudson is a Venture Partner with SoftTech VC, one of the most active seed stage investors in Web 2.0 startups. He is focusing on mobile and gaming investments, and supporting SoftTech portfolio companies on business/corporate development matters. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Bionic Panda Games, a mobile games startup based in San Francisco, CA.

    Prior to joining SoftTech VC and co-founding Bionic Panda Games, Charles Hudson was the VP of Business Development for Serious Business until the company was acquired by Zynga in February 2010. Prior to Serious Business, he was the Sr. Director for Business Development at Gaia Interactive, an online hangout and virtual world for teens. Prior to Gaia, Charles worked in New Business Development at Google and focused on new partnership opportunities for early-stage products in the advertising, mobile, and e-commerce markets. Prior to joining Google, he was a Product Manager for IronPort Systems, a leading provider of anti-spam hardware appliances that was acquired by Cisco Systems for $830 million in 2007. [Email Charles]

    With over a million apps in the App Store and Google Play, it has become increasingly challenging for developers to distribute and users to find the next game. AAA developers have also begun ramping up marketing spend, making it more difficult for indie developers to succeed on these stores. This panel session will cover some of the obstacles developers will face for app discovery in 2012 and what solutions have been proven to work. Perspectives from social networks, traditional advertising platforms, incentivized advertising platforms, and game studios will be shared.

  • 1:00 - 1:20

  • Watch videoInfinity Blade 2 ClashMob: Hacking the Social Graph
    Joe GRAF, Sr. Online Architect,
    Epic Games, Inc.
    Joe joined Scion Studios in 2003 later becoming the Lead Programmer for Unreal Championship 2 which shipped on the original Xbox. Scion later merged with Epic Games, where Joe was the Lead Engine Programmer and later the Lead Gameplay Programmer for Gears of War 3. Joe currently is the Sr. Online Architect working on crafting Epic's online and social features. [Email Joe]

    This talk covers Infinity Blade 2's social feature, ClashMob. The talk describes how the feature integrates social networks in a way that affects the outcome of social challenges. These challenges are large scale gameplay events that require thousands of people to participate in order to achieve the goal. This talk describes in detail how the server and mobile game client interact with the social graph APIs in order to accomplish the goals of the feature.

  • Watch videoAvadon: A Case Study In Storytelling
    Jeff VOGEL, Founder, Spiderweb Software
    Jeff Vogel is the founder of Spiderweb Software. Since 1994, he has designed indie fantasy role-playing games for Windows, Macintosh, and, more recently, the iPad. He has written the award-winning Exile, Avernum, Geneforge, Nethergate, and Avadon series. He has also written about gaming issues for many publications, including Computer Games Magazine and IGN. He also writes about gaming on his blog The Bottom Feeder. [Email Jeff]

    Adding a story to your game is a great way to, with relatively little expense and difficulty, make the user's play experience far more involved and addicting. However, video games are a unique storytelling medium, with its own advantages and pitfalls. Also, storytelling is art, and art is hard. This talk examines the process of creating the storyline for the indie hit Avadon: The Black Fortress. This game's intricate and involving storyline helped it to build a passionate following despite its low-budget graphics and sound. The talk will cover the steps of going from an idea to a finished tale, with attention paid to the importance of aiming your story to a specific audience and integrating it into gameplay to create a more immersive experience.

  • Watch videoSocial Mobile Platforms: Strategies for Developers
    Michael McBRIDE, Vice President, Platform, ngmoco
    discussion led by Dean TAKAHASHI, Lead Writer, GamesBeat
    Michael McBride is Vice President, Platform at ngmoco (DeNA). He is responsible for all aspects of the platform including product, engineering, analytics, developer services, and partnerships. Prior to ngmoco, he was a co-founding executive at social game maker Lionside and built licensed social games on the Facebook platform. He ran worldwide sales at cloud-managed networking provider Meraki, helping to grow it from market entrance as a consumer hardware product to an enterprise business with over 10,000 networks in 143 countries. He also held various leadership roles in enterprise mobile at Good Technology including product management and sales. Michael holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. [Email Michael]

    Dean Takahashi is lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. He covers video games, security, chips and a variety of other subjects. He previously worked at the San Jose Mercury News, the Wall Street Journal, the Red Herring, the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register and the Dallas Times Herald. He is the author of two books, Opening the Xbox and the Xbox 360 Uncloaked. [Email Dean]

    The convergence of the two hottest platforms in casual games, social + mobile=opportunity! But what are the trends within the trend? Michael McBride and Dean Takahashi will expose their thoughts on this blossoming social-mobile market and offer strategies for developers aiming to leverage this phenomenon as well as other established platforms.

  • 1:30 - 1:50

  • Watch videoDeveloping for Tablet First
    Greg HARPER, General Manager, North America, Supercell
    Greg Harper, general manager, North America at Supercell, is a games industry veteran with more than 15 years of executive leadership experience in the space. In his newly created role, Harper is responsible for driving Supercell’s Tablet-First strategy, which puts game development for the tablet front and center as it emerges as the platform of choice for the next generation of gamers. As Supercell continues to ready its robust catalogue of games, Harper is charged with establishing and strengthening the Finnish company’s foothold in North America.

    Before joining Supercell, Harper served as Interim President of California-based Electrified Games. Previously, he co-founded VOO!, a social media start-up providing users with collaborative entertainment experiences. Prior to VOO!, Harper served for several years as president of iWin, the developer, publisher and distributor of mass-market, cross-platform games. Harper managed the transformation of the company while growing revenue, maintaining profitability and expanding the business to new channels and international territories. [Email Greg]

    With 665 million media tablets expected to be in use worldwide by the end of 2016, Supercell sees the tablet emerging as the platform of choice for the next generation of gamers. Anticipating this growth, Supercell recently announced its ‘tablet first’ strategy, which puts game development for the tablet front and center to meet the demand for engaging game experiences on the platform. In this lecture Greg Harper, general manger, North America at Supercell, will discuss this strategy and leave attendees with a deeper understanding of designing for the tablet from the ground up. Specific talking points would include: iPad vs. Android development, tablet vs. Smartphone, the tablet audience, designing for tablet-specific features, monetization on the tablet, social element integration for tablet, and more.

  • Watch videoKeeping It Personal – Bringing Human Stories to Games
    Kan GAO, Director/Composer, Freebird Games
    Kan (a.k.a. Reives) is the director and composer at Freebird Games, and is the hooligan behind story-driven titles including To the Moon and The Mirror Lied. He enjoys writing, composing, basking in his own pretention, and singing in the shower – usually all at the same time. He spends the remainder of his spare time meditating beneath a waterfall in Canada, which fuels his insatiable thirst for players’ delicious tears. He is currently working on the 2nd episode of To the Moon’s series. [Email Kan]

    Sometimes, the simplest story about one single person makes all the difference.

    Taking references from an indie hit that found success largely around its storytelling (To the Moon), this presentation focuses on the construction of relatable human tales and vital methods of non-verbal execution, highlighting ways for even the smallest of studios to create the lasting impact that triple-A titles aim to achieve.

    In addition to avoiding wardrobe malfunctions, the humble presenter strives to demonstrate story-driven methods to create a unified and memorable identity, save development cost, and make an honest living by ticking people off – personally.

  • Watch videoMathematical Analysis of Game Mechanics
    Nick BERRY, President, DataGenetics
    Nick Berry is the President of DataGenetics, a consultancy firm specializing in data mining and privacy. Although educated as a rocket scientist and aircraft designer, Nick has worked in the casual games industry for over a dozen years, including over ten years at Microsoft, and more recently, as the GM for Analytics at GameHouse. [Email Nick]

    An increasingly larger number of games are being developed using the freemium payment model. These games use in-app currency to unlock features in the game, and this currency can either be earned or purchased with hard currency.

    A well balanced game controls the sources and sinks of in-app currency helping keep the game stable. If, however, a game is release that is too 'loose', the resultant devaluation of the currency could cause rampant inflation, eliminating the need for external currency and damaging profitability.

    Game modeling is essential to balance the mechanics of a game (and to make it fun to play).

    This presentation will walk through a selection of mathematical techniques that can be used to model games to understand how often players win, and how long average games take.

    The presentation will feature walk-through examples of the application of these techniques on half a dozen classic card and board games.

  • 2:00 - 2:20

  • Watch videoRunning F2P Mobile Games As A Service
    Matthew DAVIE, CEO, Breaktime Studios
    Matthew Davie is CEO of Breaktime Studios, a leading mobile gaming company based in San Francisco. Since opening in 2011, Breaktime has launched four iOS/Android titles including Pocket Potions, Sweet Shop, Dream Dresses, and Monster Mouth. Before Breaktime, Matthew was an Executive Producer and General Manager at Playdom-Disney. [Email Matthew]

    Breaktime Studios, a leading developer of casual free-to-play mobile games, has successfully launched and sustained four iOS/Android titles in the past year, including Pocket Potions, Sweet Shop, and Dream Dresses. This session will focus on how to successfully operate free-to-play mobile games as a service, and especially how to incorporate real-time user feedback into the game experience.

  • Watch videoImmersive Narrative Gameplay Experiences and Why the SoundNovel Series Works
    Mitsuhiko AUTO, Producer of the New Business, Spike Chunsoft
    Zul ARIFIN, Media Specialist, Agetec
    Mitsuhiko Auto is producer of the new business at Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd. Spike Chunsoft is a game development, sales and distribution company formed by the merger of Spike Co. Ltd. and Chunsoft Co. Ltd. in April 2012. At Chunsoft, he was responsible for development management, later taking on responsibility for new business development and business development for the Asia-Pacific region as head of the management strategy office from 2011. [Email Mitsuhiko]

    Zul Arifin wrote his first video game when he was 12 years old. Ever since then he has immersed himself in the worlds of gaming, arts, and new media technology . He has helped produced countless number of titles on early,emerging, computing and console platforms and provided cross cultural and technical editorial services for various computer publications. He also helped businesses establish Internet presence and define media solutions. Zul is Agetec's Media Specialist. Agetec is a publishing partner of Spike-Chun Soft for North America. [Email Zul]

    What do you do when you want to enjoy a deeply immersive story? From watching TV, going to the movies or reading a book, there are many ways to do it, depending on your tastes and the occasion.

    Chunsoft (now called Spike-Chunsoft) is a company that has been making the SoundNovel games for more than 20 years, and is considered the No. 1 company in the world at combining novels and games.

    The SoundNovel game series established by Chunsoft boasts strong popularity in Japan as a part of the genre that brings a strong sense of immersion to the narrative experience. The company will now release an interactive mystery novel game called Kamaitachi no Yoru in order to create a new experience for consumers who enjoy e-books.

    Come learn about novels and games and other similar immersion experiences, how and why to publish an interactive novel now, and the tips and tricks behind such a venture.

  • Watch videoApp Store Economics
    Bertrand SCHMITT, CEO, App Annie
    Bertrand leads the charge at App Annie, the industry leader in app store analytics and market intelligence. He is a technology entrepreneur with 14 years of executive experience in the mobile, Internet and analytics space. Previously, he was VP Mobile for Gomez (web analytics) acquired in 2009 by Compuware for $295M, and before that he was COO and VP Marketing at Zandan (mobile analytics) acquired by Keynote. Bertrand holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a Master in Computer Science from ISEP, France. [Email Bertrand]

    Utilizing App Annie Intelligence, an advanced market data product, we take the audience through the macroeconomic trends in today's app stores to explore the important themes of distribution and monetization for international mobile apps. Casual Connect attendees will learn about:
    - top countries by revenue, ARPU and downloads
    - fastest growing apps in the USA, Asia and Europe
    - top/fastest-growing gaming and non-gaming categories
    - top countries/categories
    - % of the US revenue and downloads by made by the US publishers

  • 2:30 - 2:50

  • Watch videoLIVE Enable Your Mobile Game: WORDAMENT Case Study
    Alex TARRAND, Sr. Product Planner, Microsoft
    Alex Tarrand is a mobile advertising specialist. He has worked within the Disney Interactive Media Group, Electronic Arts, and Xbox on major casual, free-to-play, and freemium game titles. [Email Alex]

    To observe the exact impact of LIVE enabling we will examine the newly launched mobile game WORDAMENT. After releasing as a non-LIVE title WORDAMENT quickly began accruing a loyal following and an active user base. However, after switching to LIVE the title’s trajectory flourished exponentially, seeing results that outweighed those of a traditional mobile marketing spends and were organically more sustainable. After joining this session attendees will know the benefits of integrating their ad funded title with a large social gaming platform, be able to quantify the investment, and be given instructions on how to LIVE enable on the Xbox platform.

  • Watch videoGuns of Icarus Online Kickstarter Case Study
    Howard TSAO, CEO, Muse Games
    Howard Tsao is CEO of Muse Games, an indie studio located in New York City. Their most recent release is CreaVures, a cute action platformer for PC, Mac, and iOS. CreaVures won the Independent Propeller Award for Best Mobile Game as well as a nomination for the same award from the IMGA. Their new project is Guns of Icarus Online, a team-based, first-person multiplayer airship combat game set in a post-apocalyptic, steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired world . It successfully completed Kickstarter funding in February and is scheduled to release in early fall of 2012. [Email Howard]

    The attendees will find out how Kickstarter can help a small studio with a big project beyond funding. Additionally, Howard will expand on lessons learnt, dos-and-don'ts throughout the campaign and fulfillment steps.

  • Watch videoThe New Hero in Gaming: iOS and Android Apps
    Patrick MINOTTI, General Manager, Games Publishing, Flurry
    At Flurry, Patrick is responsible for the company’s Game Acceleration Program, partnered with Activision, that helps independent developers turn their mobile titles into hits. Over his career, Patrick has led production across several platforms including next-gen consoles, PC, browser-based MMOs, Facebook and mobile. His teams have shipped hit casual titles including Lemonade Tycoon, Sim City Societies, Skate Mobile, Kasparov Chessmate, Hard Rock Casino and Jamdat Bowling 3D. Patrick joined Flurry from Electronic Arts, where he was Worldwide Head of Production for Pogo.com, a leading online subscription-based gaming site. Prior to this, Patrick served as GM of EA Mobile Montreal, Executive VP at Jamdat Mobile Montreal and GM of Hexacto Games. Patrick holds a philosophy degree from the University of Montreal and is an avid cyclist, rock climber and photographer. [Email Patrick]

    Based on data gathered from more than 190,000 apps running on more than 500 million iOS and Android devices per month, Flurry shares the latest trends in iOS and Android games. Topics covered will include insights in consumer behavior, acquisition and engagement strategies, and monetization.

  • 3:00 - 3:20

  • Watch videoMobile Downloadable to Mobile Social
    Vlad SUGLOBOV, CEO, G5 Entertainment
    Born in 1977, Vlad Suglobov possesses 14 years of industry experience. Before co-founding G5 in 2001 and serving for 8 years as CEO of the group, Vlad graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with M.Sc. in Computer Science, and worked in a number of Russian and US companies in the games and IT industries. Growing with G5, Vlad was active in many essential roles, establishing the company’s strategy, client relations, product development and sales. Today, Vlad is concentrating on expanding G5’s business internationally. [Email Vlad]

    In only a few months, G5 brought its most popular downloadable franchise Virtual City to mobile social with the new product – Virtual City Playground. After millions of downloads and millions of dollars made in a few months after the release, G5 is sharing the experience of taking a popular casual downloadable game to mobile social on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac App Store and other platforms.

  • Watch videoRapid game development for the mobile web: The story of Happy Tree Friends - Strandead
    Rakesh RAJU, Co-Founder and CTO, Tresensa, Founder, Codewalla
    Rakesh is the CTO and a co-founder of Tresensa, a game development platform for building and monetizing cross-platform mobile and social games.

    Prior to Tresensa he was the founder of Codewalla a game dev studio. Rakesh has been developing games, simulations, consumer software and animation tools since 1993. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and University of Illinois at Chicago and has worked at RealNetworks and Walt Disney Feature Animation.

    Rakesh is based in NYC. [Email Rakesh]

    The mobile web is emerging as a viable opportunity for Indie game developers. With no gatekeeper, the mobile web offers a frictionless path to promotion and distribution of gaming content to any device with a browser. Come and hear the story of Strandead, an HTML5 game developed in one month through a partnership between an indie studio - Mondo studios, a new game development framework – TreSensa, and YouTube’s most viewed animated series - Happy Tree Friends.

    Attendees will learn about the development process, costs, stats, ad-revenue numbers and distribution strategy for Strandead.

  • Watch videoHow In-Game Metrics Assist Publishers And Developers Reach a Wide User Base
    Eyal RABINOVICH, Co-founder, MoMinis
    An entrepreneur, software engineer and user-experience evangelist, Eyal Rabinovich particularly specializes in developing and delivering products and ideas.

    He has proven experience in developing consumer facing products while understanding and adapting to customer needs. In the past years Eyal has been commercially involved in a variety of different industries, and has strong experience in leading development from inception to a complete product. Eyal was previously employed as a Senior Software Engineer at Hedge-Tech Financial Engineering, Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd. and as an officer at an elite unit of the IDF’s Navy. [Email Eyal]

    Android users are presented with a multitude of choices in Google Play. This presents developers and publishers with the big challenge of discovery which has a direct effect on monetization and ensuring increasing ROI. With the assistance of in-game analytics, MoMinis has succeeded in reaching 15 million users in three months.

    Monitoring users’ behavior is crucial for ensuring a positive and rewarding experience, maintaining user retention in games. Eyal will share Momini’s experience of monitoring users’ behavior within the games and how reacting to this (tweaking the level design, modifying the UI, improving the tutorial) helps developers and publishers reach the mass market.

  • 3:30 - 3:50

  • Watch videoDon’t Stop Polishing: The Need to Stand Out in Mobile/Social
    Nick BHARDWAJ, VP of Monetization, NaturalMotion
    Nick Bhardwaj is the VP of Monetization and User Acquisition at NaturalMotion. NaturalMotion is a leading game technology and development company based in Oxford and San Francisco that is developing highly differentiated next-gen console and iPhone games. Bringing extensive experience from the advertising industry, Nick served as a Business Development Executive for W3i, a mobile advertising network. He has worked directly with top gaming studios to develop user acquisition strategies and new revenue models while providing insight on mobile game development, mechanics and heuristics. Nick is also an advisor and angel investor to mobile gaming and tech startups in the Silicon Valley. [Email Nick]

    A session from Nick Bhardwaj, where he discusses F2P design lessons learned from My Horse and Natural Motion's upcoming game, CSR Racing. Nick Bhardwaj will cover user acquisition, monetization, and overall launch strategy to provide the audience a cohesive view of NaturalMotion's design process.

  • Watch videoMoving Beyond Traditional Appstores: Carrier Appstores Ready to Impact Mobile Ecosystem
    Anders EVJU, SVP & General Manager, PlayPhone
    As SVP & General Manager of PlayPhone, Anders Evju heads up the mobile social gaming initiatives at the company. Anders has more than 20 years of experience in the wireless industry and has been involved in the creation of mobile entertainment services since its inception in the mid 1990’s.

    Anders joined the PlayPhone team after 10 years on the management teams of I-play and Oberon Media. Anders was responsible for co-founding and leading I-play US in 2000, where he as SVP and General Manager was an integral part of the success leading to the sale to Oberon Media in 2007. Following the acquisition, Anders later took over the responsibility as SVP of Oberon Media where he managed the global operations of the leading casual games company. [Email Anders]

    In today’s landscape, mobile game developers know that the only way to get real traction within traditional Appstores (e.g. iTunes and Google Play) is to have a game in the Top 25, which is extremely competitive and expensive. The bar required to make the Top 25 continues to rise, and most independent developers can’t afford to offer the same level of marketing support as larger developers. But there is another powerful channel, and opportunity, that is evolving, and PlayPhone has deemed this trend the re-birth of the carrier Appstore. Carriers had solid revenue streams selling digital content on feature phones and they want to replicate that success with 100's of millions of smartphone subscribers.

  • Founders Room: Growth & Exit Strategies, Emerging Trends & Audio in Games

  • July 26:
    Tools & Platforms

    Emcee: Drew Johnston, VP Technology, En Masse Entertainment

  • July 25:
    Emerging Trends

    Emcees: David Nixon, Founder & CEO, Gemini Hive Inc.
    Dean Takahashi, Writer, VentureBeat

    Changes, changes! Everywhere we look there is newness (aka "change") in the casual games business. New game platforms, new global markets, new techniques for enageing, recruiting, and monetizing players, new kinds of players, even new ways to be hacked, defrauded, and DOS'd. It would be unforgivable hyperbole to say that this change is "worse/better than ever," but sorting out what to do now, what to do tomorrow, next quarter, and next year remains a daunting task. Not to mention charting a path that connects them... Embrace the newness! Listen to experts discuss and explore what constitutes "state of the art" business and operations in casual games today.

  • July 24:
    Growth & Exit Strategies

    Emcee: Jim Perkins, Digital Media Specialist The Corum Group

    The Pros from Dover - Buyers, Sellers, Advisors - give you the essential tools you will need to successfully sell your game company in today’s fast-paced M&A market. Hear from some of the biggest names in the industry on their recent experience in the trenches and attend the 1-hour bootcamp on what it takes to earn a fair price for your company, a comfortable outcome for your employees, and positive future for your technologies and products.

  • 9:30 - 9:50

  • Watch videoUnity: One Engine to Rule Them All
    Carl CALLEWAERT, Evangelist, Unity
    With 10 years production and evangelism experiences in game industry Carl likes to share his experiences with the Unity community. Prior to Unity, Carl worked on AAA and indie game and as contract worker for Autodesk Education. He shared his knowledge with workshops hosted around the world and at Gaming at Animation Institute of Fredericton. [Email Carl]

    A trend in gaming that's only recently begun to take shape is true multiplatform. True multiplatform is when a player can start a game on one platform and seamlessly pick up the game later on another, like playing Words with Friends on your iPhone during the day and then picking up the same game on Facebook in the evening.

    Though multiplatform development is fraught with technical, design, and publishing challenges - all of which increase development costs -- huge payoffs exist via increased potential for distribution and engagement. This session will review the current trends in multiplatform development: the challenges, the upsides, and why the Unity3D game engine is the best choice for true multiplatform game development, no matter on which platforms you choose to publish.

  • Watch videoWelcome and Overview of Emerging Trends
    Eric GOLDBERG, Managing Director, Crossover Technologies
    Eric Goldberg Managing Director, Crossover Technologies Program Advisor, General Industry USA Eric is a 30-year veteran of the game, mobile, and consumer Internet industries, serving in capacities ranging from game designer to executive. Since 2002, Eric is or has been a board member of, advisor or consultant to AOL, AT&T Wireless, Centerscore, Digital Chocolate, Electronic Arts, Exponential, Gaia Online, Goldman Sachs, HipLogic, In-Fusio, Juice Wireless, Kayak (dba Blaze), Lifetime, LimeLife, Meredith, Mforma (dba Hands-On Mobile), Moloon, Namco Bandai, Oberon, Openwave, PaymentOne, PickTeams (fka GoCrossCampus), Playdom (fka YouPlus), PlaySpan, Reaxion, rmbr, RocketOn, Square Enix, StoryToys, Thumbplay, Unplugged, Vindigo, Warner Music, Wireless Generation, and three US venture capital firms. Eric was most recently the President and Co-Founder of Unplugged, for which he secured distribution with four of the five largest North American carriers. Previously, he served as President and Founder of Crossover Technologies, one of the first consumer online companies, for which he secured AOL, BMG, Discovery Channel,Intel, Microsoft, Prodigy (IBM/Sears/CBS joint venture), Random House, Sony, Time Warner, and Viacom as clients and distribution partners; and, prior to that, as President of West End Games, the adventure game company for which he published, among 40+ titles, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and Junta. His award-winning games include Paranoia, Tales of the Arabian Nights, The Tom Peters Business School in a Box, and MadMaze, the first online game to draw one million players. He is a three-time winner of the Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Game and a two-time winner of the Game Designers Guild Select Award. Eric is a regular speaker at the major North American games, wireless and online conferences, including CTIA, MECCA, Internet World, The Conference Board, DMW, GDC, GDC Mobile, MES, AGC, MGC, Casual Connect, LA Games Conference, and E3, and has served as a programs advisor or advisory board member for the latter seven conferences. He was previously a board member for the New York New Media Association and New York University`s Center for Advanced Digital Applications. [Email Eric]


    10:00 - 10:20

  • Watch videoThe Future of Flash
    Lee BRIMELOW, Developer Evangelist, Adobe
    Lee Brimelow is a developer evangelist at Adobe who is currently focusing on Flash gaming. He has worked in the past for companies like AOL, Netscape, frog design, and eBay. Lee runs the highly popular video tutorial site at gotoandlearn.com and writes a blog at leebrimelow.com. You can find him on Twitter at @leebrimelow. [Email Lee]

    In this session, gaming evangelist Lee Brimelow will reveal the latest Flash technologies being worked on by Adobe that will allow developers to build amazing casual 2D games as well as console-quality 3D games. Lee will then spend some time laying out the roadmap for the Flash Player, and discuss the direction in which the player will evolve.

  • Watch videoAre You Dead and Don’t Know It?
    Matt SHEA, EVP, WildTangent
    Matt Shea has been with WildTangent since April 2002 and is responsible for the company's technology and product development. He is the co-creator of WildTangent's WildCoins digital currency and the WildTangent ORB game console.

    Prior to WildTangent, Shea was the Games Group Engineering Manager at InfoSpace, Inc. where he led development across various platforms and devices. Prior to InfoSpace, Shea held the position of Engineering Director for Games at Go2Net, Inc. In that role, he oversaw large-scale online game sites including PlaySite, Lycos Games and Hasbro's Games.com.

    Matt got his start in the games industry at Sony Interactive Studios working on 3D graphics and massively multiplayer games while he received his B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of California at San Diego. [Email Matt]

    The demise of many game development companies is on the horizon, but many don’t seem to understand what is happening to their business. Platforms are vertically integrating and reducing your games to just lottery tickets. The top games in each platform are squatting on the only effective marketing slots preventing others from being discovered. App Stores are creating and updating policy to protect their interests only and hurting game developers. We’ll discuss what is happening as you need to understand that this reality has changed how a successful games company needs to be run.

  • Watch videoSetting Your Company Up for Success | 10:00 - 10:50
    Matt WILSON, CEO & Founder,
    Detonator Games
    Todd HOOPER, Founder and CEO, Zipline Games
    Daniel BERNSTEIN, Founder & CEO, Sandlot Games
    Bob CHAMBERLAIN, Former CFO, PopCap Games
    Discussion led by Kristina HUDSON, Executive Director, Washington Interactive Network
    Matt brings immense creativity, business knowledge, and a pyrotechnic attitude to Detonator Games. He is a game-industry veteran with over 15 years in the online gaming space. In his 10 years at Microsoft, he was part of the original DirectX team and was a key Lead on Microsoft’s Internet Gaming Zone. He managed and delivered all of Microsoft’s shipped MMO titles and delivered titles for the original Xbox launch. He left Microsoft to start up Fire Ant Games, a studio dedicated to building AAA massively multiplayer games. That company was acquired by Sony and has become Sony Online Entertainment’s Seattle division. Over his 5 years at Sony, Matt was the Executive Director of Development for SOE Seattle. He has since founded his latest startup Detonator Games, and for the past 3 years has created games for hi5, facebook, and iPhone. He current passion is client server gaming with a freemium business model across multiple social platforms. [Email Matt]

    Todd is a twenty year veteran of high tech companies including Apple Computer and WatchGuard. Since moving to Seattle in 1998 he has founded two companies in the media and enterprise markets. Todd was first bitten by the entrepreneur bug in high school when he developed a number of video games for Commodore computers, and Zipline represents a welcome return to his gaming roots. [Email Todd]

    Daniel Bernstein founded Sandlot Games in 2002 and served as its CEO until he sold it to Digital Chocolate in 2011. Sandlot Games was a premier publisher and developer of entertaining casual games across a variety of platforms. Daniel is a veteran of the gaming industry and has over sixteen years of executive management, game, publishing and business development experience having successfully launched hundreds of games with Sandlot, Kesmai Studios, Monolith Productions and WildTangent. Prior to starting Sandlot Games, Daniel held the position of director of product strategy at WildTangent, where he devised and executed its downloadable try before you buy games business. An accomplished composer, Daniel also wrote music for most of the games developed and published by Sandlot Games. Daniel holds a BS in Computer Science and an MA in Music Composition from the University of Virginia. He looks forward to his next adventure. [Email Daniel]

    Bob Chamberlain served as Chief Financial Officer of PopCap Games, Inc., from August 2009 through September 2011. During his tenure he worked closely with senior management and others to prepare the company for an initial public offering or other liquidity event with company ultimately selling for up to $1.3billion to Electronic Arts in August 2011. Mr. Chamberlain is a 20-year technology sector veteran and has 30-year finance executive experience. He has served as the Chief Financial Officer of various technology companies including F5 Networks, Onyx Software Corp., WatchGuard Corporation, PayScale Inc., Photodisc, Midcom Communications and ElseWare Corporation. Prior to his industry leadership roles, Mr. Chamberlain was an Audit Partner in the technology practice of KPMG LLP working out of the Seattle office. In total he was at KPMG LLP for more than eleven years. Mr. Chamberlain has been active in organizations representing the Seattle area technology community. Mr. Chamberlain holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Accounting from California State University, Northridge. [Email Bob]

    Are you looking for exit strategies for your company? Or hoping to get acquired some time down the line? If so, this panel discussion is for you! Come listen to the war stories of our panel of industry experts who have all been through their own successful exits. Listen to them talk about options for success. How do you value your company? How do you get your company primed for acquisition? What are the myths and legends about selling your business and what is the real story? Find out the answers to these questions and more. This is a session not to be missed!

  • 10:30 - 10:50

  • Watch videoThe Problems and Potential of HTML5 for Games
    Grant GOODALE, CEO, Massively Fun
    David ROHRL, VP of Game Production, Goko
    Grant is the founder and CEO of Massively Fun (http://massivelyfun.com). He founded the company in 2010 with a goal of building massively multiplayer social games using open web technologies. Grant has spoken at numerous technical and game conferences, including GDC Online and Pax Dev. He organizes and is an active participant in the Seattle JavaScript Game Development group.

    Before founding Massively Fun, Grant was a successful entrepreneur and a veteran of multiple successful consumer web startups. His roots lie in engineering, with a focus on back-end server technologies. Most recently, he served as the CTO of Zendorse, a social commerce platform for media and entertainment companies, where he was also a co-founder. [Email Grant]

    If you've played casual games on the Internet this century, odds are decent that you've played a game that Dave Rohrl touched. After beginning his career in edutainment, Dave moved to Pogo in 2000 where he created many of Pogo's best-loved franchises, including Word Whomp and Tumble Bees. He also co-founded Pogo To Go, Pogo's downloadable game service. Dave was the founder and GM of PopCap's original San Francisco studio which created Plants vs. Zombies. Since 2000, Dave has been working in gaming at Zynga, Playdom, PopCap, and Pogo, where he has worked on popular titles like Zynga Poker, Scramble, Wild Ones, Mobsters 2, and Sorority Life. Dave now serves as VP of Game Production at Goko, where he oversees design and development on the company's premier game titles. Dave lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his two children and approximately 500 board games. [Email Dave]

    HTML5 proposes a new "standard" for rich-media development for browser games that combines the standards-driven cross-browser compatibility of HTML, write-once cross-platform function, and none of the hassles of a plug in! Utopian promises have folks in the industry salivating and skeptical in equal measures. A few brave souls are diving in to HTML5 game development headfirst, and Goko is one of those pioneers. Join Dave Rohrl, VP of Game Production at Goko and Grant Goodale, CEO of Massively Fun, a development studio working with Goko, to discuss the practical advantages and limitations of HTML5 as a game development platform through personal anecdotes, practical advice, and case studies of existing and in-development products.

  • Watch videoSmart TV? More like, Above Average TV
    Vikas GUPTA, CEO, TransGaming
    Prior to joining TransGaming, Vikas was the founder and President of InterLogic Systems, a telephony consulting and systems integration firm dedicated to delivering innovative and creative enterprise solutions to Fortune 1000 clients in the areas of Computer Telephony Integration, Interactive Voice Response Systems, and fax processing systems. Under his leadership InterLogic grew to include offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal with a prestigious North American wide client base. In 1998, InterLogic was acquired by Prima Telematic and Vikas served as President of Prima Canada and Executive Vice President of Prima Telematic. During Vikas' tenure, he expanded the client base and doubled company revenues.

    Vikas is a frequent speaker and lecturer at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Business and Ryerson University's Business and Technology program and also advises a number of start-up enterprises. He has served as Chairperson of a not-for-profit corporation where he advised on educational policies and youth program development. Vikas is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, Ontario. [Email Vikas]

    Smart TVs have been all the rage in the past couple of years at every major trade-show and event. What many developers have not realized is that Smart TV is about bringing together content and technology to change the television experience; it's not just about distribution. Smart TV will be set apart by the ability of the user to engage with the content and features like multi-screen support and customized user interfaces. Having worked closely with Dish Network, TransGaming, will discuss the developing Smart TV market and what the industry needs to do to be successful.


    11:00 - 11:20

  • Watch videoEmerging Mobile Social Games Platforms
    Ethan FASSETT, SVP Product, GREE
    Ethan Fassett is the SVP of Product for GREE International, the leading mobile social gaming company that is currently developing a global platform with a focus on free-to-play games. Ethan is a 10+ year social and mobile veteran, having launched and managed many large social gaming, mobile and Web2.0 products for companies such as Playdom, Gaia Online and Yahoo! Prior to GREE, Ethan was Executive Producer for Playdom’s San Francisco studio, where he oversaw the launch of two major social game titles. Ethan is co-inventor on several patents in search and social media technology, game interface design and mobile-social applications. Ethan resides in San Francisco with his wife and likes surfing. [Email Fassett]

    This year has marked the emergence of several new mobile social platforms, jumpstarting what we see as the beginning of a whole new social gaming experience for developers and players. With these platforms, mobile social games truly become social and achieve cost-effective acquisition, retention, and engagement rates, along with improved re-engagement possibilities. Join Ethan Fassett, GREE's SVP of Product, to learn about the current state of the platform market, how platforms interact with social games, why social games greatly benefit from platforms, and how game developers can leverage platforms today.

  • Watch videoDogs and Cats, Living Together: Frenimies in Freemium
    Maria ALEGRE, Co-Founder & CEO, Chartboost
    Maria Alegre is co-founder and chief executive officer of Chartboost, a San Francisco based company that offers a platform for mobile game developers to do advertising deals with each other instead of paying a 50-percent fee to an ad network. Chartboost recently closed $2 million Series A funding with SK Telecom, Translink Capital and XG Ventures. Prior to Chartboost, Alegre was one of the early employees at Tapulous, the company behind Tap Tap Revenge, the #1 music game on the iPhone, where she worked on revenue optimization and was responsible for pricing virtual goods, managing ad networks, selling direct advertising campaigns and launching weekly content and new games. After Tapulous was acquired by The Walt Disney Company, Alegre became head of the Tapulous Labs Studio for Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG). In this role, she led the development of two games from conceptualization to launch. Alegre holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in business administration from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and the ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. [Email Maria]

    In the upside-down world of serviced based freemium games, mobile or web, your toughest competitors turn out to be your best partnership opportunities. Successful game companies of the future are learning that even the most dedicated "indie" teams are only able to directly address a tiny, tiny fraction of the potential audience for their products, and medium-sized developer/publishers (devlishers?) are discovering that the positive impact of a "portfolio effect" far exceeds their ability to release and effectively support new products in the market.

    As it turns out it is tremendously beneficial to put aside our well-honed competitive spirit and share hard-won customers for the betterment of everyone involved. Like little MAUs and DAUs of pure love, one shared customer can return 2 or 3 new ones back to your game, while the original faithfully buys your next super-stylish outfit, weaponized plague, or energy pack.

    Next up… World Peace!

  • Watch videoGet-In-The-Game Pitch Competition | 11:00 - 11:50
    Michael CHANG, Senior Director of Corporate Development, Electronic Arts
    Suleman ALI, Cofounder and CEO, TinyCo
    Harry LIU, General Manager, Kabam
    discussion led by Sana N CHOUDARY, CEO & Founder, YetiZen Games Accelerator
    Michael is currently the Senior Director of Corporate Development at Electronic Arts. He works with EA’s executive management and business unit leaders on M&A strategy, opportunity sourcing, and transaction execution. The group (a) identifies growth opportunities and markets for EA (b) sources / evaluates potential acquisitions, investments, divestitures and other initiatives that will assist in capitalizing upon these opportunities and (c) manages the deal negotiations and execution process.[Email Michael]

    Suli is cofounder of TinyCo, which he founded with former high-school classmate Ian Spivey in early 2009. Previously, Suli founded social applications start-up Esgut in 2007, which was acquired by Social Gaming Network in 2008. Esgut created hit social apps like Superlatives and Entourage. Prior to founding Esgut, Suli worked at Microsoft as an engineer in the Windows division and as a PM on the Windows Home Server product for 3.5 years. Suli studied Computer Science at Georgia Tech, graduating in 2003.[Email Suleman]

    Harry Liu is currently heading 3 games at Kabam, generating multiple million dollar revenue per month through virtual currency - The Godfather: Five Families, EdgeWorld, and Final Eden.

    Before joining Kabam, Harry Liu developed and grew online dating site SpeedDate.com from scratch to over 10 Million registered members and dozen million dollar revenue. He was founding engineer at SpeedDate. Two other startups Harry Liu worked at previously, were both acquired by public companies with great term. [Email Harry]

    Sana founded YetiZen in 2010 as a monthly community event series to help games companies of all shapes and sizes learn and improve in the business of games. It has since then expanded to a cornerstone of the social mobile game community with its two arms 1) the San Francisco Game Developer’s Workshops, the largest regularly meeting group of game developers globally 5000+ game developers and speakers like Peter Relan, Perry Tam, and David Helgason and the 2) YetiZen Games Accelerator program, the only games focused accelerator program in existence. The accelerator has 150+ mentors, 50 angels and 10 VCs (like Tim Chang from Mayfield Fund and Baris Aksoy from Intel Capital) who are the leaders of the game space.

    At YetiZen, Sana’s role is to help phenomenal entrepreneurs thrive by developing strong business, marketing, and fundraising strategies, and by building the professional network that would become instrumental in the success of accelerated companies. As a well known thought leader in the games space Sana often shares her essays on the business of games at Tumblr. Reach out to her via twitter @SanaOnGames [Email Sana]

    Do you love innovative gaming startups? Curious to see what the best and brightest in the industry are up to? Do you like watching the best compete? If so, attend the YetiZen Get-in-the-Game Pitch Competition. Come listen to five finalists pitch their businesses for no more than 5 minutes to a panel of esteemed judges from Electronic Arts, TinyCo, and Kabam.

    The most promising startup will be selected based on: innovation, clarity of business model, presentation skills, potential for business success (revenue, installs, and acclaim!) Come attend the most aggressive 50 minute competition you have ever seen in games.

  • 11:30 - 11:50

  • Watch videoOptimizing Games for Kindle Fire
    CJ FROST, Developer Evangelist, Amazon
    CJ Frost is a Senior Technical Evangelist on the Kindle Developer Relations team at Amazon. His primary focus is working with game developers to make their applications amazing on the Kindle Fire platform. In previous lives, CJ has worked as a Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services; and as an Enterprise Software Solutions Architect, Product Manager and Market Segment Manager for IBM Software Group.[Email CJ]

    This session will introduce the Kindle Fire development platform and focus on the application optimization process for games on Kindle Fire tablets.

  • Watch videoThe Smart Way to Make Gaming Pay
    John SZEDER, Platform Evangelist, PlayJam
    John Szeder is a Platform Evangelist for PlayJam. Prior to that, John held roles as the Vice President of Engineering and Operations and Director of Developer Relations and Mobile at hi5 Networks, Inc., a leading international social network for games. John also held many exciting mobile roles over the years including being the cofounder and CEO of Mofactor, a small boutique mobile publisher with many internally developed titles and very efficient porting technology. Mofactor developed and published Duckshot, an AIAS nominated title for game of the year, and many other original and branded mobile titles. John was also an early staff member at RIM and one of the founding staff members of Digital Chocolate. [Email John]

    Will the exponential take-up of Smart TV across the globe spark a revolution in TV gaming? With over a billion connected TV sets estimated to be in circulation by 2015, this platform will make games as accessible as film and music for viewers, presenting a major untapped market for developers. Delivering rich social features such as tournaments and social networking, this session also assesses whether advances in TV technology will heighten the experience to rival that of consoles. Key market opportunities and strategies to generate customer loyalty and pay-to-play conversion are also identified, showing developers how they can enhance, monetize and promote their content on TV.


    12:00 - 12:50

  • Watch videoLunch Session: Take your C++ To the Web with Native Client
    Colt McANLIS, Developer Advocate, Google
    Colt McAnlis is a Developer Advocate at Google focusing on Native Client; Before that, he was a systems & graphics programmer in the games industry working at Blizzard, Ensemble, and Petroglyph. He also spent 4 years as an Adjunct Professor at SMU Guildhall's school for game development, where he taught classes on math, physics, graphics, and concurrent programming. When he's not working with partners, Colt spends his time preparing for an invasion of giant ants from outer space. [Email Colt]

    Native Client is a new technology that allows users to run C++ code on a webpage without a plugin, this opens doors for developers to expand their market reach by putting their games infront of the entire internet! In this talk, we'll cover an overview of Native Client, talk about details involved with porting to it, as well as take a look at the larger Web-games ecosystem as a whole. If you're a C++ developer, who wants to move to the web, this is the talk for you!

  • Watch videoLunch Session: Multiple Screens Present Multiple Opportunities
    Gur ZEEVI, CEO & Co-founder, Weboolu
    Guy BENDOV, CEO, Sidekick Ltd.
    discussion led by Vikas GUPTA, CEO, TransGaming
    Gur Zeevi is the CEO and Co-founder of Weboolu Inc, a new and innovative startup in the casual gaming sector. He has over 10 years experience in the software development industry and specializes in scalable web development and mobile solutions. Before Weboolu, Gur was one of the leading pioneers in Mac and iPhone development, He opened the first iPhone development school and owned one of the leading iPhone development studios in Israel. Gur has a Bachelor degree in computer science from the I.D.C - Herzliya with a speciality in computer & network security.[Email Gur]

    Guy Bendov is co-founder and CEO of Side-kick motion games, a developer of fun games that uses seamless interfaces such as motions, touch and voice commands. In June 2012 Side-kick launched Mini Ninjas Adventures, an Xbox Kinect exclusive, for Square ENIX.

    Guy is an interactive entertainment serial entrepreneur over the last 20 years experience. Prior to Side-kick, Guy Founded Double Fusion, a leader in the in-game advertising space, Cellular Magic and Click! Online, a casual games studio. In 2007 Guy founded GameIS, the Israeli games association. [Email Guy]

    Prior to joining TransGaming, Vikas was the founder and President of InterLogic Systems, a telephony consulting and systems integration firm dedicated to delivering innovative and creative enterprise solutions to Fortune 1000 clients in the areas of Computer Telephony Integration, Interactive Voice Response Systems, and fax processing systems. Under his leadership InterLogic grew to include offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal with a prestigious North American wide client base. In 1998, InterLogic was acquired by Prima Telematic and Vikas served as President of Prima Canada and Executive Vice President of Prima Telematic. During Vikas' tenure, he expanded the client base and doubled company revenues.

    Vikas is a frequent speaker and lecturer at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Business and Ryerson University's Business and Technology program and also advises a number of start-up enterprises. He has served as Chairperson of a not-for-profit corporation where he advised on educational policies and youth program development. Vikas is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, Ontario. [Email Vikas]

    As many consumers are utilizing a second device to access online content while simultaneously watching TV, media companies are evolving to embrace these shifting lifestyles and engage users with new technology. Multi-screen support presents new opportunities for cable operators, game developers, and broadcast networks to deliver content and services that provide a truly engaging experience. This panel will look into the various premium offerings that content providers and distributors can create through a multiscreen platform that allows them to differentiate from competitors, retain existing customers, and attract additional audiences.

  • Watch videoLunch Session: Live Focus Group: Women Gamers
    discussion led by Jong WOO, VP Business Development US, King.com
    [Email Jong]

    The largest demographic of online game players are women over 35. And, this demographic is more social than ever; willing to purchase virtual goods and boosters, while spending more time playing across multiple devices and platforms. But, many questions linger about this group and their habits when it comes to the emergence of new platforms, devices, game-types and forms of monetization.

  • 1:00 - 1:20

  • Watch videoClouds Here, Clouds There, Clouds Everywhere!
    Vijay TOLANI, Solutions Architect, RightScale
    Vijay Tolani is responsible for articulating technology and product positioning to both business and technical users, and has an extensive background in Cloud Computing environments. Prior to RightScale, he was a Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems. [Email Vijay]

    There’s definitely something going on with all of this cloud talk, but what does it mean for you? If you’re involved with a gaming, entertainment or digital company, it could mean the difference of getting your product or idea to market faster without too much capital investment or being able to beat out the traditional players stuck in their old school ways. You’re cutting edge, right? So why not take advantage of cutting edge technology for your business? Josh Fraser will help peel away the layers of how you can use cloud computing, addressing the key differences in types of clouds and how to choose the best cloud computing infrastructure for your company.

    Hear how hundreds of gaming and digital companies such as Zynga, BigFishGames, ShareThis and Tunecore are getting on the cloud and using it to grow their businesses.

  • Watch videoGoogle+ Hangout Games: The Future of Social Games is in Real Time
    Amit FULAY, Product Manager,
    Google+ Hangouts
    Amit Fulay is a Product Manager for Google+ Hangouts. He leads the development of Google's real time communications platform. [Email Amit]

    An introduction to building games in Google+ Hangouts. Create new kinds of social games with 10-way video chat, media effects, and real-time game play. Learn what Hangout Apps are, how they work, and how you can benefit from developing one.

  • Watch videoSelling Up and Selling Out | 1:00 - 1:50
    Jim PERKINS, Digital Media Specialist, The Corum Group
    Entertainment software entrepreneur Jim Perkins is directly responsible for publishing some of the industry’s biggest franchises, including Unreal, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Doom, Hunting Unlimited, and Driver. A well-known senior executive with a 22-year track record of publishing such bestselling hits, he founded and grew two highly successful software publishing companies (FormGen and ARUSH) from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises.

    Jim also launched Radar Group, the first Transmedia Incubation Company to monetize entertainment franchises across all media, including film and television. His success and extensive experience in software production, marketing and public relations, packaging, online and retail distribution and software M&A, uniquely qualify him as an expert in building value and realizing wealth. Jim joined Corum Group, the world’s leading software M&A firm, with a specific focus on educating and helping prospective sellers maximize the value of their digital media companies. [Email Jim]

    Corum Group takes us through a condensed, 60-minute bootcamp on how to prepare your software/internet company for an eventual strategic sale. Jim Perkins will walk us through the 5 vital steps of Preparation, Valuation, Structure, Due Diligence, and Negotiations. The expanded version of this presentation has been running in major cities around the world for over 20 years, helping founders and CEO's create additional value for their companies.

  • 1:30 - 1:50

  • Watch videoEmail Marketing Tactics to Drive Player Engagement and Retention
    Damian BORICHEVSKY, Vice President, Professional Services, PulsePoint
    Wendy YU, Sr. Director of Marketing, Kabam
    In his role as Vice President of Professional Services for PulsePoint’s Technology division, Damian Borichevsky has spent the past six years championing the delivery of services to the company’s world class roster of advertisers, publishers and agency clients. Mr. Borichevsky brings substantial I/T, business consulting, digital marketing and leadership experience to his role directing a professional service team responsible for unparalleled client success. Prior to joining PulsePoint, Mr. Borichevsky spent several years working in a management role in Professional Services with Dell. Prior to Dell, he served in roles at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and several small internet start-ups where his responsibilities ranged from development and service team management to strategic client success and growth initiatives. [Email Damian]

    Wendy oversees lifecycle marketing for Kabam, which includes retention, loyalty, and cross promotion. She joined Kabam in March 2010 as the first dedicated marketing hire, responsible for user acquisition. Wendy successfully doubled the Kingdoms of Camelot user base and drove the launch of Dragons of Atlantis, Glory of Rome, and Global Warfare, while managing a multi-million dollar advertising budget. In 2011, Wendy shifted her focus to lifecycle marketing and has successfully grown these channels to be a significant contribution to player lifetime revenue. Prior to Kabam, Wendy worked at Rosetta, a marketing agency focused on consumer segmentation, for almost 3 years. Prior to Rosetta, Wendy worked at several tech startups in New York, focusing on advertising operations and marketing analytics. Wendy holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BS from MIT.[Email Wendy]

    There are many misconceptions around email that may be standing in between gaming companies and the significant increase in loyalty and player retention that email can provide. This session will dispel some of the myths by highlighting case studies with some of the top gaming companies like Kabam, and then go on to arm attendees with essential email tactics for reducing churn and turning players into payers.

  • Watch videoThe Unvarnished Truth
    Jamil MOLEDINA
    Jamil was the VP BD for Funzio, managing platform and partner strategy. Funzio was acquired by GREE, where he briefly performed a similar role. Jamil now contemplates the future. [Email Jamil]

    While doing business development inside Electronic Arts, Funzio, and GREE, Jamil Moledina pursued various vectors of game trends: taking the AAA console business to digital, bridging multiplatform social games, and fielding a social mobile platform. In this split second of freedom, Jamil shares his real takeaway on the key emerging trends our corporate overlords and must-read blogs would have us believe in.


    2:00 - 2:20

  • Watch videoConnected Home, Intelligent Network Connectivity | 2:00 - 2:50
    Rick LAMBRIGHT, CTO & Co-founder, Motiga
    Michael CUBBAGE, Director Business Development, Networking Business Unit, Qualcomm
    Shelby WILLS, Sr. Producer, Pipeworks Software
    Ben AHRONI, Video Game Producer, PopCap Games
    Dan MacDONALD, Gameplay Lead, U4iA Games
    discussion led by Daniel PELFREY, Editorial Director, Digital Entertainment News
    Rick Lambright is CTO and co-founder of Motiga, an online game development startup in Bellevue, Washington. Prior to Motiga Rick was Chief Architect at Gazillion Entertainment, developer of a variety of MMOs including Marvel Super Hero Squad and LEGO Universe.

    Rick’s game industry experience began at Starwave in 1995 as server architect and lead server programmer on the pioneering MMOCastle Infinity, the first fully released MMO designed for children. After Starwave Rick was Director of Online Technology at Humongous and Cavedog Entertainment where he wrote the networking for Total Annihilation and led the team that created the Boneyards online gaming system for GT Interactive.

    Rick was subsequently VP of Internet Engineering at LithTech and Director of Online Technology at Monolith, where he was also the principal lead engineer on The Matrix Online. In 2005 he joined Secret Lair Studios, which was acquired by Vivendi in 2006 and became Sierra Online Seattle. Rick was Technical Director at Sierra Online, during which time the studio shipped Carcassonne for XBLA. [ Email Rick]

    Michael was one of the original founders of Bigfoot Networks Inc. and served as VP of Sales/Ops/Finance. Since winning the University of Texas business plan competition in 2005 that helped him to start Bigfoot Networks, Michael has raised more than $20 million in Angel and Venture Capital. Bigfoot Networks was acquired by Qualcomm in August of 2011 and Michael currently serves as the Director of Business Development for the networking business unit. Prior to Bigfoot Networks, Michael was with Dell Inc., where he primarily focused on global financial strategy and large corporate sales. Michael holds a B.A. in both finance and marketing from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. [ Email Michael]

    Shelby Wills is a Senior Producer at Pipeworks Software, a video game development studio in Eugene, Oregon. Her shipped titles include the "Devil May Cry HD Collection", online social game "Dancing with the Stars: Keep Dancing", worldwide #1 seller "Zumba Fitness", "Wheel of Fortune", "Jeopardy!", "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian", "Godzilla: Unleashed", Rampage: Total Destruction", plus a number of undisclosed projects. Shelby graduated from the University of Oregon's CIS department in 2002. Shelby enjoys using her technical background and creativity to be involved in all aspects of a project. [ Email Shelby]

    Ben Ahroni is a Producer at PopCap Games in Seattle where he’s worked on such franchises as Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled, Zuma, and Peggle. He most recently completed the production of Zuma’s Revenge for Xbox LIVE Arcade. Prior to joining PopCap in 2008, he worked in the Microsoft Game Studios on games such as Fable II and Project Gotham Racing 4. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in Computer Science and minors in Psychology and Music Technology. Feel free to introduce yourself![ Email Ben]

    Dan is fanatic about clean, elegant and functional code, embracing everything from networking and server-side language to polished gameplay and user interface experiences.[ Email Dan]

    Daniel "monk" Pelfrey has been writing about video games at one website or another for over a decade. In 2003 he started Digital Entertainment News giving him the freedom to cover whatever strikes his fancy. His first video game console was a Sears Pong machine.[ Email Daniel]

    The celestial jukebox. Online gaming. Streaming movies. TV on your mobile phone. The dream of having all the entertainment you want as soon as you want it, has never been so close. There’s only one catch: network connectivity contention. You know it by many forms: A spinning hourglass; a “Buffering” window; a stuttering video; a glitch within a game. Though full of promise, streaming entertainment is still a long way from the seamless, instant response we’ve come to expect from a DVD player or a console gaming system.

    Why the friction in speed? Part of it has to do with delays on the open Internet. But a surprising amount of it has to do with the technology that is embedded in our TVs, home networks and personal computers. The explosion in modern entertainment is stretching our home networking technology to its limits. Every application wants all your bandwidth at the same time and it’s creating a “tragedy of the commons” right in your living room.

    But technology enthusiasts rest assure, help is on the way. In this panel, leading experts on home networking and media distribution will reveal the sometimes surprising causes of streaming media glitches in the home, and technology solutions that could make buffering delays a thing of the past.

  • Watch videoIndia – An Emerging Gaming Market
    Neeraj ROY, Managing Director & CEO, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
    Neeraj Roy is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Under his leadership, Hungama today is South Asia’s largest digital and mobile entertainment company. Neeraj has served as Chairman of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) and is still on its Board. Neeraj was recently voted amongst the ‘Top Ten mobiThinkers’ and ’50 Most influential People in Mobile Entertainment’ globally. Neeraj was also awarded the Sun Microsystems- Economic Times Young Leader award in 2001 and voted as 25 young leaders in the new millennium by Business India. He is also an active speaker at various international forums and on several domestic and international committees advising on the global Mobile& Digital Entertainment economy.

    Neeraj is known as an innovator, and is sought for his vision in the digital and mobile entertainment industry. Neeraj has built a business that is at an inflection point and a team that is highly motivated and believes in his vision. Today Hungama is the largest aggregator, developer and publisher of Bollywood & South Asian entertainment content in the world, Hungama Game Studio too has successfully established its footprint on the 3 screens running India's first Social Gaming website thegamebox.com and Active Games platform in the DTH space. Hungama works directly with over 150 Telecom Carriers and Online Networks in 47 countries across Music, Video, Games and Applications. [Email Neeraj]

    India will have transitioned from 2G to 4G in a matter of a year. With nearly a billion people on mobile and an estimated 600 million Internet users in the next four years, India is one of the most exciting emerging game markets. With over 200 million devices sold annually and over 54 percent of the population below the age of 25, what can gaming companies do to tap into this fascinating opportunity?

  • Watch videoMergers and Acquisitions: Market Overview | 2:00 - 2:50
    Jim PERKINS, Digital Media Specialist, The Corum Group
    Alina SOLTYS, Senior Analyst, The Corum Group
    Entertainment software entrepreneur Jim Perkins is directly responsible for publishing some of the industry’s biggest franchises, including Unreal, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Doom, Hunting Unlimited, and Driver. A well-known senior executive with a 22-year track record of publishing such bestselling hits, he founded and grew two highly successful software publishing companies (FormGen and ARUSH) from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises.

    Jim also launched Radar Group, the first Transmedia Incubation Company to monetize entertainment franchises across all media, including film and television. His success and extensive experience in software production, marketing and public relations, packaging, online and retail distribution and software M&A, uniquely qualify him as an expert in building value and realizing wealth. Jim joined Corum Group, the world’s leading software M&A firm, with a specific focus on educating and helping prospective sellers maximize the value of their digital media companies. [Email Jim]

    Alina Soltys has been with Corum Group for over two years, located out of their Seattle headquarters. In her current role as Senior Analyst, Alina focuses on the financial and valuation environments for software companies. Prior to this, she worked as an Acquisitions Specialist at a real estate development firm specializing in acquiring multi-family properties throughout the Pacific Northwest. She also served as an intern at the Mergers and Acquisitions Group within Colliers International where she contributed in marketing, finance as well as strategic growth and positioning.

    Alina holds a BA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business, majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship. [Email Alina]

    Corum Group presents a 10,000 foot view of the industry's consolidation, trends & drivers, and expectations for the coming few years in-and-around gaming, social, and media.

  • 2:30 - 2:50

  • Watch videoChina Ascendant: Game & Mobile Trends in One of the World's Fastest Growing Economies
    Xiang LIN, VP International Business, Hoolai Games
    Xiang Lin, VP of International Business, oversees international strategy, business development, corporate communications and international operations. Born and raised in Beijing, Xiang holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Tsinghua and a M.S. from Brown. Prior to Hoolai Games, Xiang escorted many products through their full or partial lifecycle from inception, birth, growth and end of life in companies like Microsoft, SanDisk and several silicon valley startups. [Email Xian]

    Xiang Ling, VP of International Business for Hoolai Games, will present current estimated figures on mobile gamers in China, including stats for handheld devices (Android/iPhone) & payment trends between device users. Xiang will also touch upon successful methods of monetizing through Freemium games and the effects of RMB payments in the APP store as well as common themes & categories of games which have become successful in the Chinese market.


    3:00 - 3:20

  • Watch videoFacebook, Web, Mobile and More – An In-depth Look at the World of Platforms
    Davin MIYOSHI, VP of Social Games, GSN
    Davin oversees GSN’s Games application, the leading casual games portal on Facebook with over 7 million monthly active users. Previously, Davin was a Co-Founder and CEO of Mesmo, a leading social game developer that since the launch of the Facebook platform in 2007 has engaged over 25 million unique users on Facebook, MySpace, hi5 and Bebo. In addition, Davin helped build two other Internet start-ups. At Intraware, a pioneer in online digital media distribution, he was integral in helping the company achieve a $2+ billion market cap and $50 million in annual revenues. After Intraware, Davin joined as VP of Business Development and one of the first employees at EQuill, an early social web discovery and annotation company that was acquired by Microsoft. He started his career in Investment Banking at Montgomery Securities (acquired by Banc America Securities) and also led corporate development initiatives at 3Com. Davin serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for Hands On Bay Area, a Bay Area non-profit where he previously served as the Board Chair and Treasurer. He received a Bachelors degree in Economics with honors from the University of California at Berkeley. [Email Davin]

    It's easy to say you should just be everywhere. Facebook, Apple, Android, Amazon and maybe still the web. But every dollar spent on platform customization means you are likely stealing it from production values and sharing your customers is a pricey proposition. How do you decide when to rent your customers and when to make them your own? How do you unlock the value of individual platforms when you can't afford to play on them all? This session will answer the questions lingering on every developer's mind: where's the money?

  • Watch videoA Discussion with PayPal on the Future of Digital Payments
    Mary KU, Director of Product Management, Digital Goods, PayPal
    Mary Ku has been at PayPal for over seven years, managing products in a variety of different areas, including PayPal’s marketplaces business, international business, partnerships, and most recently digital goods. She holds a BA in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford University. [Email Mary]

    The internet has fundamentally changed how we pay and PayPal has played an integral role, pioneering digital payments and enabling widespread online payments across the globe. Today, as new technology blurs the line between offline and online commerce, it’s important for companies of all kinds to understand the evolving payments industry and how they can leverage it to run their business more efficiently, regardless of their monetization model. As consumers adopt increasingly new platforms, it’s important that companies are able to provide a seamless payments experience on any device.

    Mary Ku, Director of Product Management, Digital Goods at PayPal will discuss how PayPal’s infrastructure has been the backbone allowing companies the ability to offer consumers flexibility and security, whether they pay online, on a mobile, in the real or virtual world. She will discuss PayPal’s perspective on the future of internet monetization, and how the integration of PayPal’s payments platform can elevate the gaming experience to a new level.

  • Watch videoM&A Interview with the Buyers | 3:00 - 3:50
    Michael CHANG, Senior Director Corporate Development, Electronic Arts
    Kent WAKEFORD, Executive Vice President, Kabam
    Big Fish Games
    discussion led by Jim PERKINS, Digital Media Specialist, The Corum Group
    Michael Chang joined the Corporate Development team of Electronic Arts in July 2010 and is responsible for executing on acquisitions and investments for EA. Prior to EA, Michael held investment professional roles at several VC / PE firms, including Bertram Capital, Apax Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Michael started his career as a technology M&A banker at Jefferies Broadview. Michael graduated from Stanford University with an MS in Management Science and Engineering and a BS in Electrical Engineering. [Email Michael]

    Kent Wakeford is EVP, Corporate Development & GC for Kabam, the leader in core free-to-play social and mobile games. In this capacity, Kent oversees Kabam's corporate strategy, M&A, investments, and strategic partnerships, including the purchase of Wonderhill, Gravity Bear, Fearless Studios, and Wild Shadow Studios. Prior to Kabam, Kent co-founded an ad technology company called AdSafe Media, and was as SVP, Corporate Development & GC for Clearspring at which he led the acquisition of AddThis booking platform. Prior to Clearspring, Kent spent over five years at AOL as a Vice President facilitating over 250 partnerships across AOL web properties, and oversaw 14 equity investments. He began his career as an attorney at O'Melveny & Myers. [Email Kent ]

    David Stephenson became the CFO of Big Fish Games in 2011. David brings over 20 years of experience growing businesses and building teams. Prior to joining Big Fish Games, David spent over 11 years at Amazon.com, most recently as the VP of Finance for Amazon's $15B North America Retail business. Previously, David held key positions leading finance for Amazon's Merchant Services division, Amazon Web Services and Global Payments, among others. In addition to the core controllership responsibilities for these businesses, Dave played significant roles with the Mom and Student Prime Programs, launching the Marketplace business in China and pricing for Amazon Web Services. Prior to Amazon, David spent 9 years at Procter and Gamble including global strategic planning and new business development within multiple product lines. David holds a B.S. in Industrial and Management Engineering from Montana State University and an M.B.A. from the University of Iowa. [Email David ]

    Entertainment software entrepreneur Jim Perkins is directly responsible for publishing some of the industry’s biggest franchises, including Unreal, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Doom, Hunting Unlimited, and Driver. A well-known senior executive with a 22-year track record of publishing such bestselling hits, he founded and grew two highly successful software publishing companies (FormGen and ARUSH) from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises.

    Jim also launched Radar Group, the first Transmedia Incubation Company to monetize entertainment franchises across all media, including film and television. His success and extensive experience in software production, marketing and public relations, packaging, online and retail distribution and software M&A, uniquely qualify him as an expert in building value and realizing wealth. Jim joined Corum Group, the world’s leading software M&A firm, with a specific focus on educating and helping prospective sellers maximize the value of their digital media companies. [Email Jim]

    This forum will put four of the biggest names in the gaming industry on the stage for a round-robin of Q&A. What are buyers looking for in acquisition targets -- stable founders, creativity, headcount, revenue, profitability, market potential, or all of the above?

  • 3:30 - 3:50

  • Watch videoAnticipating Pain: Keeping Indie Development Agile
    Oliver TECKERT, Senior Production Expert, Hansoft AB
    Oliver Teckert recently joined Hansoft's productivity consulting team as a Senior Production Expert with the primary role of helping game developers around the world leverage their Hansoft usage, taking their productivity to new levels. Oliver has previously been working with large-scale productions within the game development industry. Prior to joining Hansoft, Oliver completed an MBA at Brock University, Canada, and before that he was a Producer at Silicon Knights where he worked on AAA-games, as well as proprietary tool development. Oliver holds a Bachelors of Computer Science and a Masters of Business Administration.[Email Oliver]

    Independent developers don't have time for time-consuming production methodologies. This often leads to production practices taking a back seat to more immediate needs, right up until the inevitable production pains start. Having trouble tracking progress? Trouble prioritizing goals? Losing sight of outsourced assets? You may not have a producer, but someone, somehow, has to play the role of the Overlord. By the time you realize you need help it could already be too late. This session is about anticipating production pains and using Agile methods to produce your game in a controlled fashion, avoiding the costly pains that inevitably come when the production role is neglected.

  • Watch videoGame Changer: Why Real-Money Gambling Is the Future of Game Monetization
    Christopher GRIFFIN, Founder & CEO, Betable
    Christopher Griffin is currently the Founder & CEO of Betable, a revolutionary platform that gives game developers the ability to legally integrate real-money gambling and betting into their games. He is responsible for Betable’s vision, management, execution, and product roadmap. [Email Christopher]

    Freemium game monetization has reached a plateau with existing features. Low ARPU has lead to an industry arms race of game mechanics, viral loops, and monetization methods. Meanwhile, online versions of real-money gambling games monetize at over $300 per paying user. Betable's CEO Christopher Griffin will discuss how real-money gaming will impact the current social gaming landscape and how developers can become part of the first wave of success stories.


    4:00 - 4:20

  • Watch videoStop Ignoring 98 Percent Of Your Audience! Best Practices for Monetizing Non-paying Users
    Damon MARSHALL, Head of Business Development, SupersonicAds
    Damon has over 17 years of experience in consumer technology and connected entertainment. He heads Business Development in North America for SupersonicAds, a leading full-service monetization platform for mobile and online games. Damon has held a number of roles in the video games industry, including having worked for IGN Entertainment, WeGame and Macrovision over the past eight years. His achievements include the successful acquisition of WeGame by Tagged.com in September 2011, managing the launch of IGN's independent games digital distribution channel and spearheading the "Indie Open House" project, a community outreach program providing aspiring game developers resources to help them achieve their goals. A native of Los Angeles, Damon lives in the Bay Area with his wife and two children. [Email Damon]

    Everybody knows that the overwhelming majority of users will never pay for anything in a game; yet, some developers still believe the only way to make money is to ignore these users and cultivate those who do open their wallets. In this vibrant and interactive session, Damon will first explain how micropayments and ad-based monetization strategies can live in harmony. Then, he will guide you through the various ways savvy developers are substantially increasing daily ARPU (not ARPPU!) by paying attention to the audience that matters most, the 98 percent that will never pay with their credit card.

  • Watch videoJump Games, Optimally Amplifying Branded IP’s: The Real Steel Case Study
    Manish AGARWAL, CEO, Reliance Entertainment Digital
    Digitization and Gamification are here to stay… and it is with this conviction that Manish Agarwal heads Reliance Entertainment Digital, in the position of Chief Executive Officer. Manish leads a young team of creative wizards for a cluster of businesses which include Bigflix Pvt. Ltd., Bigadda, Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited, and Jump Games Pvt. Ltd., ensuring he stays ahead of the curve and in sync with the latest in digital … as it happens.

    With over 15 years of work experience, Manish has been part of the gaming industry since its nascent stage and has worked with some of the best brands ranging Infosys, Microsoft, Rediff and UTV New Media before taking on the current mantle at Reliance Entertainment Digital. His expertise in the digital space ranges consumer marketing, product development, developer evangelism and digital monetization, which make for just the right skill sets for a leader for this new-age digital Company. Manish’s strength is his ability to completely get in sync with any current digital trend and mould it towards the betterment of his business. He is a true passionate when it comes to technology and gadgets. A self confessed voracious reader, Manish holds a Bachelors degree from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA).

    An innovator at heart, the infinite innovations in the digital world keeps the inquisitive child in Manish alive. [Email Manish]

    Developing a game around a branded IP today is a win-win situation for both the movie producer and the game developer. An ideal world for any movie production house would be to have prolonged consumer engagement long after the movie has seen its theatrical release. With the kind of massive reach the mobile platform offers today, and with the continuous increase in time that the users spend on their phones, it comes as no surprise that movie studios are placing their bets on mobile games to grab their consumer’s attention for a long duration. It is essential, then, that the game has the right ingredients to keep a consumer hooked and at the same time excite a gamer. The game should contain the right mix of action, depth and innovation. It is this mix that distinguishes a phenomenal ‘IP’ from an average one. In 2010, Jump Games developed a game based on the action peg of the movie “Real Steel” for DreamWorks Production House which created history and is still fresh in consumers’ minds. Join Manish Agarwal, CEO of Reliance Entertainment Digital, for a case study of how Jump Games focused on the boxing and action element of the property while at the same time experimenting on several levels in the form of game innovation, sequels and a lot more, resulting in an extended shelf life for the IP.

  • Watch videoEntrepreneurial Secrets of Repeated Success (Seller’s Panel) | 4:00 - 4:50
    Vishal GONDAL, Founder & CEO, Indiagames Ltd.
    Matt HULETT, SVP and President, Gamehouse
    Daniel BERNSTEIN, Founder,
    Sandlot Games
    Woody LEVIN, Founder & CEO,
    Tyler SIGMAN, Executive Producer, Z2Live Games
    Vishal Gondal is the Founder and CEO of Indiagames.com that develops mobile and computer games in India & is the #1 gaming brand in India. Indiagames.com caters to customers across different platforms like, mobile phones, iPad, social gaming and networking sites. A self taught profession fuelled with immense passion, he developed games by reading books on computer programming. In 1999, Vishal founded Indiagames, then a five member team. Today he leads a global operation with over 300 employees in Mumbai. He is recognized as being instrumental in starting and growing the Gaming Industry in India. Vishal Gondal was part of the Nokia Advisory Council for Games and actively advices Nokia on wireless and gaming technologies and is a much sought after speaker at gaming and wireless technology conferences.Vishal features among the 15 coolest young entrepreneurs in 2011 by The India Today Aspire magazine. Recently Indiagames was acquired 100% by The Walt Disney Company & Vishal now heads the Gaming/Digital Initiatives for Disney in India. [Email Vishal]

    Matt Hulett is the chief gamer of GameHouse, the games division of RealNetworks. He is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built profitable companies from scratch and has a proven track record of growing businesses throughout a variety of stages, including startups and turnarounds from travel, e-commerce, advertising, and gaming sectors. [Email Matt]

    Daniel Bernstein founded Sandlot Games in 2002 and served as its CEO until he sold it to Digital Chocolate in 2011. Sandlot Games was a premier publisher and developer of entertaining casual games across a variety of platforms. Daniel is a veteran of the gaming industry and has over sixteen years of executive management, game, publishing and business development experience having successfully launched hundreds of games with Sandlot, Kesmai Studios, Monolith Productions and WildTangent. Prior to starting Sandlot Games, Daniel held the position of director of product strategy at WildTangent, where he devised and executed its downloadable try before you buy games business. An accomplished composer, Daniel also wrote music for most of the games developed and published by Sandlot Games. Daniel holds a BS in Computer Science and an MA in Music Composition from the University of Virginia. He looks forward to his next adventure. [Email Daniel]

    Woodrow H. Levin is a seasoned entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of BringIt which was acquired in February 2012 by International Gaming Technology (NYSE-IGT). Prior to founding BringIt, Woody was Managing Partner at Riverbank Capital Management, a successful equity options trading firm he started and grew to 75+ employees with offices in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

    Prior to that, in 2001, he founded and was President of InStadium, an advertising company that partnered with NFL and MLB stadiums to provide digital advertising, product sampling, stadium signage, and innovative restroom advertising. Within his 5-year tenure he secured partnerships with 25 MLB and 15 NFL stadiums throughout the top 20 advertising markets in the United States. [Email Woody]

    Tyler Sigman is an experienced game designer, entrepreneur, strategic thinker, systems analyst, and project leader. He is currently an Executive Producer for Z2Live Games Vancouver. Prior to that, he was VP and Design Director for Big Sandwich Games, makers of the award-winning arcade strategy game HOARD. Tyler has designed numerous other games, including the BAFTA-nominated Age of Empires: the Age of Kings DS and the boardgame Crows. He holds a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering with honors from Cal Poly, and is nearing completion of his MBA from Colorado State University with a specialization in entrepreneurship and finance. He loves game theory, poker, flying, and hiking. [Email Tyler]

    An entrepreneur’s first success is rewarding, but can be difficult to duplicate. What does it take to reliably deliver success on a second, third or even fourth venture? What are the keys to navigating the waters after a sale or merger? Find out first hand the secrets to duplicating successful entrepreneurial ventures from four notable entrepreneurs. Hear the good, the bad and the ugly as these founders share their stories.

  • 4:30 - 5:00

  • Watch videoAre People Committed to the Platform or the Game?
    Doug McCRACKEN, VP of Marketing, U4iA Games
    Gabe LEYDON, CEO, Machine Zone
    Jeff HUTT, COO, Jumala Games
    Jeff GOODSILL, VP & GM, Stomp Games
    discussion led by Perrin KAPLAN, Principal, Zebra Partners
    Jeff is a veteran interactive entertainment executive having led some of the most successful game development studios in North America. He was the General Manager at Ensemble Studios, GM and Producer of Papyrus Racing Games and President and Executive Producer of Iron Lore Entertainment. Hit franchises that Jeff has worked on include Age of Empires with over 15 million units sold, NASCAR Racing, Titan Quest and Dawn of War. Jeff’s accomplishments include helping to position Ensemble Studios for a profitable Microsoft buy-out, turning around a negative earnings studio and leading Iron Lore Entertainment to receive the best new studio award by the IGDA. Jeff is the Vice President and General Manager of Stomp Games and is responsible for growing and overseeing this studio and its products. [Email Jeff]

    Times are changing, to be sure. Consumers seem to want their games wherever they are, and whenever they want. Do they buy the hardware because they love that system and then find games to play on it? Or do they crave certain games and don’t care what hardware it plays on? Are dedicated consoles losing their day in the sun? What is driving consumer wants and needs? Come listen to experts in the field talk about this constantly changing marketplace challenge – a challenge causing a big conundrum for many companies.

  • Watch videoThe Importance of the Future: The Case for Predictive Analytics
    Mark ROBINSON, COO, GamesAnalytics
    Lloyd MELNICK, CEO, FiveOneNine Games
    Mark Robinson co-founded GamesAnalytics in 2010 and comes from the data mining industry complimenting his co-founder’s games industry background. He has worked across various sectors of the data mining industry including retail, leisure and financial services. Latterly he led data mining consultancy Marketing Databasics that builds and hosts analytical environments to increase customer value through data-driven insight. As well as being awarded several industry awards for innovative use of data, Robinson contributes to thought leadership in the industry through his membership of the Direct Marketing Association Council. [Email Mark]

    Lloyd co-founded his first company, Merscom, in 1993 and eventually sold it to Playdom in 2010. At Playdom, and then Disney, Lloyd led the efforts to bring their social game portfolio to Europe, Latin America, Russia and India, growing the international business from virtually nothing to over twenty five percent of the company's traffic. Lloyd left Disney in August, 2011, to run FiveOneNine Games, a social gaming joint venture of two major US media companies. [Email Lloyd]

    As the games industry moves from a product based to a service based industry, fantastic opportunities open up to publishers and developers to start being more player-centric. The ability to understand, segment and most importantly listen to players in order to build a relationship with individual gamers is incredibly powerful.

    Analytics is much more than data collection and dashboards. Predictive modeling enables behavioral segmentation that provides actionable insights not only through marketing but also game design to deliver greater player satisfaction.

    COO, of GamesAnalytics Mark Robinson will discuss the potential and techniques of predicting future player behavior and how to drive value from Big Data. The session includes commentary from Lloyd Melnick CEO of social entertainment publisher fiveonenine discussing the merits of integrating predictive analytics technology early in the development cycle of their social and mobile games roadmap. Both companies will present a joint case study on user behaviors identified and the resulting impact on monetization.



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