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Global Opportunities for Social and Mobile Games | Rex NG

    Social networks and mobile devices have provided many opportunities for game developers to reach a global audience. While Facebook is the most dominant social network reaching millions of users globally, there are also several other key networks that can potentially offer attractive returns. 6waves, the largest publisher of independent social and mobile games, [...]

Game Portfolio Management: Building Your Safe Harbor | Jim YING

    One of the most powerful assets any company in the social (Online or Mobile) arena can have is a portfolio of fun and compelling games. One game alone is afloat in a sea of competitors and threats, without allies or assistance when they start to sink. A portfolio of games, however, can work [...]

6waves Launches WaveX, a Mobile Traffic Exchange, to Help Developers Grow Their Games

SAN FRANCISCO and HONG KONG, July, 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — 6waves, a leading publisher of social and mobile games, today announced that it is launching WaveX, a mobile traffic exchange, to help developers supercharge the growth of their mobile games, completely free of charge. The biggest challenge facing mobile developers is how to expose their [...]

Casual Connect News Digest | Seattle 2012

July 24, 2012–Benoroya Hall, Seattle, WA–Casual Connect Seattle 2012 is here! Many of the video games companies who came to Seattle today brought good news, and we are sharing them with you.     SponsorPay Grows Mobile Platform 300% In Five Months; Launches Innovative Monetization Products Unlock & Tablet Offer Wall SAN FRANCISCO, US (July [...]

Global Social Gaming Opportunities for Asian Developers | Arthur CHOW

The social network has provided a lot of opportunities for gaming developers to reach a global audience. While Facebook is the most dominant social network reaching millions of users globally, there are also a lot of networks that can potentially offer attractive returns. 6L, the largest publisher of independent social games, will share key insights [...]

Casual Connect Asia Highlight: Arthur Chow, 6waves

6waves is the largest publisher of independent social games on Facebook and has moved to also publish on mobile platforms since 2011. It currently has over 7.20 million monthly active players playing its published games and applications. COO Arthur Chow is responsible for overall strategy formulations and execution of the company as a publisher of [...]

Publishers: How to Survive and Thrive in the Social Games Arena | MASOLOVA, RODIONOV, NG

Some predicted that game distribution through social networking sites would bring about the end of game “Publishing”. The argument was that the tools offered by these networks for a game to “promote itself” and very low cost of Customer Acquisition eliminated two critical roles typically played by game publishers – funding & marketing. As the [...]

Below the Tip of the Iceberg: Launch of a Social Game is Just the Beginning | Arthur CHOW

Social games are seen as services than products where constant updates, new features, community support and promotion are necessary to make a game successful. Effort in the development of the game will be wasted if there is not enough planning on how to acquire and engage the users, taking advantage of the social graph and [...]

Casual Games Rule Cross-Platform | Ken MURPHY, Jim YING, Olivier DELFOSSE, Lars JORNOW, AJ GLASSER

Casual games are versatile and adaptable in the demographics it attracts, forms of monetization, ability to leverage for branding and for many other reasons. And, in the era of smartphones and tablets, casual games most importantly rule when it comes to their attraction across all consumer platforms. Games prove constantly to be one of the [...]

Getting Big on Facebook: Growth Strategies and Gameplay Mechanics that Move the Needle | Jim YING

As Facebook gets more crowded with new games, it’s becoming apparent that a game’s success is dependent on both the developer’s ability to build a great game as well as rapidly acquire players. Lots of best practices around mechanics for Facebook games have emerged, and adding some simple features and mechanics can significantly improve a [...]