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Casual Connect Asia Highlight: Sara Santillan, Boomzap Entertainment

Sara Santillan, game designer at Boomzap Entertainment, has had a passion for games since playing Chrono Trigger on an SNES as a child. Working on programming since then, she eventually made it to Boomzap Entertainment.   Virtual Studio Success Santillan believes Boomzap to be one of the few virtual studios and is a successful model [...]

Taking Your Games to the Next Level: Investing in Your IP | Sean Elliot, Derrick Morton, Christopher Natsuume, Juan Gril

As the digital landscape changes, and the pricing model for downloads becomes obscure, with diminishing profit margins for the developer, how can studios maximize revenue from their efforts more effectively and consistently? Many developers are exploring (and profiting from) platforms other than traditional downloads – online, iPhone, Wii, retail – these are some of the [...]

The Casual Adventure: Writing “Awakening: The Dreamless Castle” | Luna Cruz

Casual adventure games are gaining popularity over straight hidden object games. With a strong story, themed puzzles, and interesting characters, the writing behind a good casual adventure deserves more than just an afterthought in the production process. (Yes, it might even require the work of a real writer!) In this session, Boomzap Entertainment’s resident writer/designer [...]

Chris Natsuume, Bjorn Book-Larsson, Craig Brannon – “OUTSOURCING” IS SO 2005 – WE HAVE ENTERED AN AGE OF INTEGRATED VIRTUAL TEAMS

slides & audio(51 MB) Today’s teams exist more and more in the internet ether – and the trend is growing stronger daily. For better or worse, the sun never sets on a virtual international studio, and every studio becomes more virtual every day. Come hear from industry veterans and their experiences with virtual teams. Sections [...]